Team Analysis Assignment

Team Analysis Assignment Words: 428

We want your Individual observations based on two parameters. 1. Your TeamS feedback 2. Your personal evaluation of the team member’s effort Please answer the next questions in simple words, and giving examples whenever possible. Please comment on the feedback you received and about what you have learned as a Team Leader In this assignment. How far does the team’s appraisal coincide with your own self-appraisal, and if there is any difference why do you think that difference has happened?

My self-appraisal is pretty much the same as I was able to derive from the two situational analysis reports; one from ***** and the other from *****. I kept the discussion open as long as possible to hopefully get more Input. If I had known earlier I would be the team leader would also start communicating earlier. Who were the team members who contributed the most? Vance continued with excellent performance. **** and ****** also had contributed to the Power Point, though I would have liked to have seen more slides.

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Given they doth have personal obstacles they both tried to chip-Len as much as possible. Vive not seen any Input from cornel which Is disappointing. Made It very clear through the discussion threads that I would continue to keep the slides open for late contributions. Great contributions: Which were the two best contributions from the team members? Vance had again created the PPTP shell for the slide presentation, which allows team members to basically enter their slides and information. We had pretty much a tie between ***** and who both had great contributions.

What did you do in order to motivate your team’s contribution? Since the team had not had a volunteer for a Team Leader, I decided to help the threads and hope we would have some input. What would you try again? I would keep up the communication and encourage all to participate. I tried to add some flavor to the threads by adding what we had covered in the normal glasswork. I challenged everyone to compare our team to the group- think concept. What would you never try again? There’s nothing I don’t think I would never try again.

Everyone had a great attitude, even with diversions of life’s workings. Based on your experience, what general comments (recommendations) do you have for other Team Leaders? Listen to your peers and team members’, they’re your front line. Be positive and objective even when the path is unclear. General comments (recommendations) about your team’s performance in this assignment.

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