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Assignment 1-4 Tanglewood Case 1: Staffing Strategy Caseyne Sanford Carol Pitman November 13, 2011 Staffing Levels Acquire or Develop Talent- Since its inception in 1975 Tanglewood has focused on developing its talent rather than acquiring it. At this point it is this analysts opinion that Tanglewood instill this development plan to all its new acquisitions to retain its historical reputation for customized and personalized service from its staff. Lag or Lead System- In order to unify the new acquisitions to the original business strategy and mission of Tanglewood it is suggested that a Lead system be structured.

Under this system, managers would be acquired from outside the company, trained in the core concepts and missions of Tanglewood and be charged with the business of management and operation of all branches. External or Internal Hiring- With the recent expansions and acquisitions, it would be suggested that Tanglewood maintain an Internal Hiring process. This serves two purposes. One is to create career opportunities and enable the company to harvest tangible human capital, the second is to create a loyal and attractive work environment.

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Both these elements hold strong to Tanglewoods traditional mission and commitments. Core or Flexible Workforce- In its attempt to create a cultivatable workforce, Tanglewood would benefit best by creating a core workforce that utilizes both full and part-time employees. At this time Tanglewood would lose a competitive edge to the cost of a the rotated training schedual of a flexible workforce because its products are specialized and its service customized. A key element to Tanglewoods success is its knowledgeable staff and this can be lost in a flexible uncommitted workforce.

Hire or Retain- Again, Tanglewood should seek for retention in its employees because their knowledge is invaluable. National or Global- At this time, Tanglewood is reasonable at a National level. This region is reliable in its interest in product and services. Attract or Relocate- Tanglewood has attracted labor in its buyouts and should continue to do so. In offering camping supplies and such it is more beneficial to have local staff to answer geographical questions i. where to go camping and hunting, where to get a hunting license, what are the costs of camping? Overstaff or Understaff- In staffing full and part-time staff Tanglewood allows room for both over and understaffing. It allows for flexible e-times and never jeopardizes the needs of the customers. Hire or Acquire- Tanglewood has utilized both methods and will continue to do so to be successful. The buyouts have proved to provide both valuable and expendable help and needs to keep the best interests of its customers and mission at hand.

Staffing Quality Person/Job or Person/Organization- Tanglewood is definitely a person/job match. It takes employees with some level of interest and knowledge to sell the camping, fishing and specialty items that are provided by the company. Specific or General KSAOs- Tanglewood should lean towards general KSAOs because it requires a focus on “flexibility and adaptability, ability to learn, written and oral communication skills, and algebra/statistics. ” These are all needed in the broad retail field that Tanglewood encompasses.

Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality- Tanglewoods mission statement directly says, “Tanglewood will be the best department store for customers seeking quality, durability, and value for all aspects of their active lives. ” So it would be true to their mission to retain an acceptable workforce. Active or Passive Diversity- Tanglewood would touch a larger base of customers with a more widely diverse workforce and it reflects a better image to its customers if it is an actively EEOC compliant company.

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