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Types of risk associated with international business law. How to resolve international business disputes. Learn national and international trade regulations. Diverse aspects of domestic (U. S. And E) and international purchasing law including when a contract should be created under the CICS How to approach issues stemming from international contracts SUMMARY OF COURSE CONTENT (Please also see the outline below) The course will cover the range of legal issues that businesses face in international trade law in their everyday dealings as global corporations.

The course will look to the American and European legal system, in light of their influence in the development of commercial law around the world, but it also views this system from a global perspective. International cases and discussion of current issues will bring to life the law’s various analytic frameworks. The course is highly INTERACTIVE and participative therefore it is mandatory that students do the pre-class homework. DESCRIPTION OF READINGS AND CASE MATERIALS All readings, in the form of case materials and articles, will be posted on the Connect website or available on the Internet through links in this syllabus.

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Some readings are ‘pre-seminar quiz’ readings which must be completed for Daly quiz. GRADING Grades will be based on a quiz administered on the morning of the first day of the seminar, 20% on class participation, and 60% on the final assignment. Class participation will be evaluated on the basis of (1) the quality and (2) the frequency of your contributions to the analysis of cases or other subjects of discussion. The final assignment will call for you to examine several detailed, fact patterns to identify and resolve potential legal issues based on the subjects covered in the course.

ISM requires the final assignment to be a minimum of 3,500 words. It will be due 30 days from the end of the seminar. PRE-SEMINAR QUIZ READINGS The quiz will be based on questions regarding the Day 1 course topics. Specifically: students should be prepared to answer questions on the main issues presented in following case study: Chateau des Charmer Wines Ltd. V. As bate ChateaudescharmeswjnesLtd. V. As . 28th(thick . 2003). Http://cassis. Law. Pace. Due/cases/030505u 1 . HTML http://Hebraic. Coelenterate’s. Com/ search ? Q=cache:Ck7ZHZ40mFEJ:www. Presume. Mom/ Attached des charmer windowsill’s. Doc+Chateau+des+Charmer+Wines+L Optional TEXT BOOK for the course Folsom, Gordon and Spangle’s International Business Transactions in a Nutshell, 9th edition ISBN: 9780314284358 PLAGIARISM POLICY (per ISM Faculty Handbook) ISM considers plagiarism to be an unacceptable practice under any circumstances. To promote and protect academic integrity, ISM’S policy against plagiarism must be unconditionally respected. Students found to commit acts of plagiarism will face academic sanctions to be determined by the professor involved as well as ISM administration.

Any students found to engage in cheating of any other form will face similar sanctions. FINAL ASSIGNMENT The mandatory final assignment counts for 60% Of this seminar valuation. The students are required to choose one of the novo cases provided, and write a 3500 words academic quality paper. The paper has to show: ability to understand the international law issue(s) discussed during the class; critical thinking; academic-style research by citing appropriate case law, applicable treaties, and other relevant studies. The students’ ability to follow instructions will be part of the grading.

The final assignment is due 30 days from the last day of the course. HELPFUL UNITS ON HOW TO SLICE-DE THIS COURSE Be Responsible for your Own Learning. As Adult learners you are responsible or punctuality, participation and respectful attitude. Do not hesitate to ask questions, clarifications and/or help so that you achieve best results and your time and effort are productive. Be Prepared for each day 1 and 2 class. Read the appropriate material to being able to participate to the class. Participate in class discussion and activities.

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