Survival Of The Sickest Assignment

Survival Of The Sickest Assignment Words: 309

For this assignment, several questions will require answers to be a paragraph or n,vow. A typical paragraph consists of 45 sentences. If you do quality work you will probably w rite MORE than two paragraphs for a number of your responses. 5. Be sure to use the spell check function before submitting your assignment. Have someone else proofread your answers to make sure they make sense. 5.

Another key skill you will need is to SE evidence to support what you claim. In science, your opinion holds very little weight, you must provide evidence to support whatever ere claim you make in response to a question. This does not mean copy something from the book wormwood. Whenever you cite specific evidence or facts from the book that you did not already know w, I want you to reference the page number from where you pulled that information in parentheses. EVE RYE answer will require you to make at least one or two citations.

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For example, might make the follow ins claim from the book, thus will reference the page number as follows: In the 1 sass people with humidification’s were more likely to survive and r produce because of their remonstrated macrophages. This means people with the mutation for hem chromatic’s were more likely to pass on the defective gene to their children. So generation after generation, more and more people had the gene for humidification’s and possibly explains why the plague died out by 1350. (p. 5) Notice did not copy this information wormwood, but paraphrased it and p t it into my own words. You have been assigned Chapter 1 of the book Survival of the Sickest. Type your answers under each Of the questions asked below: Chapter 1 Ironing it Out Read pages 122 1 . Define homeomorphism’s and explain what conditions it can lead to. homeomorphism’s.

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