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Introduction This is a 2,000 word individual assignment which covers the following learning outcomes: • Apply knowledge and skills in relation to the key aspects of the strategic management process. • Compare different theories and perspectives of strategic management and use and appraise them appropriately. Content |Page | |Introduction |1 | |Instructions for the Assignment |2 | |Assignment Guidelines |3 | |Assignment Structure |4 | |Performance Criteria |5 | To complete this assignment, you are required to select one of the articles listed below. The titles of the articles are as follows: Kwaku Ahenkora, Ofosuhene Peasah (2011). “Crafting Strategies that measure up”. International journal of Business Management, 2011 Le Merle M (2011). “How to prepare for a Black Swan” Strategy-Business August 2011 Kandybin, Genevo (2011), Big Pharma’s Uncertain future, Strategy-Business November 2011 Instructions for the assignment This is an individual assignment whereby your task is to prepare a comprehensive academic essay based on the article chosen: a) Evaluate the nature of the strategic issue – 20% ) Evaluate using published models and frameworks the article you have chosen—that is, what specific conditions enabled or encouraged it or any other strategic issues you want to discuss– 40% c) Recommend steps or conclude based on your evaluation. – 40% Attention will be paid to: • Critical evaluation and discussion. Issues will be dealt with deeper and on an analytical plane, based on good research – with industry examples, data projections and commentaries. • Balanced researched materials. Appropriate and different sources which must include sufficient academic research, not just secondary research from URLs or Wikipedia. • Proper referencing and citation. Harvard Referencing is a must. Citation must include, apart from the normal details, the page number of the where issue for discussion has been taken from. Assignment guidelines

For words in excess of 2,000 words the penalties are as follows: The penalties will be as follows: Up to 10% excess words:no penalty 11-20% excess words:- 5% penalty 21-30% excess words:-10% penalty 31% plus excess words: cannot achieve more than a pass grade (50%). Guidelines: A written essay must be compiled in a suitable format that must incorporate the following: • A clear and concise outline of the practical strategic management issues; • Generation of conclusions that draw upon both theoretical and practical aspects; • Use of appropriate terminology that will indicate a thorough understanding of strategic management concepts; • Suitable eferencing of the materials used to support arguments put forward that will indicate competence in the academic issues discussed; • Evidence to suggest a more in-depth understanding of the marketing concepts being reviewed and their practical applications; • Written content and structure that will demonstrate practical benefits being derived from the module, reading lists and research required for the assignment; • A wide range of contemporary sources used and cited (a minimum of 5 and not before 1999 onwards). Mark Distribution for assignment The mark allocation for the assignment will be as follows: ? 40% of the mark will be allocated for familiarity with subject/material and evidence of original thinking. 40% of the marks will be allocated for Quality of argument/reasoning; the depth of analysis; expansion of ideas/argument and recognition of wider context/complexity of topic ? 20% will be allocated for the use of supporting evidence; acknowledgement of sources: references, quotes, statistics and range and relevance of bibliography Assignment Structure When completing the assignment it should have the following general structure: • Title page. • Executive summary, abstract or synopsis. • Contents page(s). • Analysis – may be a number of sections. • Conclusions. • Reference/Bibliography. • Appendix. Please pay particular attention to the following: The executive summary should be no more than one page, but it should excite interest for a reader, other than the assessor, to read the whole. • Ensure that the contents page precisely reflects the whole content of the report including the executive summary and appendices. • Page numbering: Ensure that the contents page accurately reflects the position of the contents. Page numbers prior to the ‘introduction’ should be roman numerals. From the introduction onwards page numbering should be Arabic. • Bibliography/references should be listed according to the Harvard convention with the authors listed in alphabetical order. Each reference should have the following format:

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Authors last name, initials, [year of publication], title of publication, publication details. e. g. Porter, M. E. [2001] ‘Strategy and the Internet’ Harvard Business Review, March-April pp. 63-78 • Authors should be accurately referenced within the report according to the Harvard convention. Other information: • The word count should be entered on the title page. • Do not incorporate ‘clip art’ or any computer generated art/icons in the report. • Do not use ‘fancy’ covers or bindings. • Font: Use Times New Roman or something similar with a font size of 12 except for section headings. Performance Criteria The criteria below detail the areas which will be taken into account when the assignment is marked. 1.

To address the subject satisfactorily the assignment length should be 2,500 words [excluding diagrams and appendices]. A typed format is mandatory. Note: the word count is a guide: only students who grossly exceed the word count because of ‘padding’ will be penalised. 2. Pass assignments are expected to be legible, tidy, well organised and written in clear understandable English. The report should include an executive summary or abstract at the beginning and end with clear conclusions and recommendations. If you have any problems with report formats please do not hesitate to contact me. 3. High grades [70%, 75%, +80%] need to demonstrate sustained coherent analytical ability.

A systematic approach to analysis and evaluation is required for grades 60% to 70% – for grades at the higher end of the scale, integration and synthesis is a requirement. The quality of the arguments used to develop and support prescriptions/recommendations are, the essential test of integration. 4. Evidence of reading and some understanding of models and concepts is needed to achieve a pass grade [40%]. Integration of theory and practice is expected for any grade above 50%. 5. You are expected to clearly state any assumptions you make, and support statements and theories by referencing to appropriate sources. [This is essential for higher grades but does not necessarily prejudice a pass mark [40%] if it is missing]. [pic]

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