Strategic design, political, and cultural Assignment

Strategic design, political, and cultural Assignment Words: 404

Notes module 2 3 blind men n the elephant Our own schema – ongoing with experience, outdated or resistant to change Strategic design- look at how the flow of task or information is designed, how people r sorted into roles, mm-10 -looking at and understanding the organization (mm-13) Political- power and influences divided Cultural-how history has shaped the assumptions and meaning of people Dynamics- always had a functional structure but now experiencing problem -strategic design perspective on organization Strategic grouping, linking, and alignment After reading the Strategic Lens and the Dynamics case, please come to class prepared to discuss the following questions: 1. If you were on the Dynamics task force, what would be your first choice for an alternative design? What would be your second choice? 2. Which of the problems of the current design would your chosen design address? What problems (if any) would it not address? Are there new problems to which it might lead? 3. What linking and alignment mechanisms would you propose to make the “grouping” of your first choice of design more effective?

After reading the Political Lens, prepare answers to the following questions: 1 . Think about the organizations in which you have worked. Who were the most powerful individuals and groups, and why? Come to class prepared to discuss this issue. 2. Think about your own class. Who are the individuals or groups that have the strongest influence, and why? What are the key indicators of influence? Come to class prepared to play the role you have received in the previous class. You will be asked to try to reach a decision on the proposed Executive Information System in your task force. The handouts give you directions for how to complete this assignment. Eek 5 Content Pre-class assignment: Cultural lens After becoming familiar with the cultural lens on organizations as discussed in module 2 and Edgar Chine’s article on organizational culture, make up a brief list of mom of the “artifacts” you are familiar with at [insert relevant organization]. These should be artifacts that you consider particularly telling or revealing of the [organization’s] culture. Bring one or two of the artifacts to class if possible and be prepared to present them to the class along with your interpretation of their significance. What meanings do you attach to your artifacts? Consider also a few values held in common by all members of the [organization]? Are they honored and practiced by all?

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