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Nowadays, there are many successful business leaders in this world. For me, I like Steve Jobs most. In the first assignment, leader book analysis, I choose “Steve Jobs” as my book. Not only because Steve Jobs is a successful business leader, but also because I like his unique style of management. Steve Jobs was born on February 24th in 1955. In 1997, he became Time magazine the cover person. In the same year he was awarded “the most successful managers of great eminence” as “computer maniac”. Fortune magazine called him is most powerful businessman in 2007.

In 2009, the Fortune magazine voted him as 10 years America’s best chief executive, in the same year he was elected by Time magazine as one of the person of the year. Steve Jobs died on October 5th in 2011. Barack Obama who is the president of the United State said the world has lost a visionary. Steve Jobs had his unique style of management. For example, the management idea “fully authorized” means the leader in the assigned tasks, allowing subordinates to decide the program of action, and creative work.

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But in Apple, it is not. Steve Jobs advocated that “One leader, One decision”. Steve Jobs will do the major decisions for most Apple products. In my opinion, I think this idea made of today’s unique Apple, this idea made of unique Steve Jobs. But I do not totally agree with this “One leader, One decision” idea. I think this idea has huge risk for company. It will be just having two results. One will be have a great succeed like Apple. The other one will be failed. I believe that fail will be the major number of probability.

However, Steve Jobs did it, he is successful. I must admit that he is a genius and he is a visionary. Another example is about transparent management, it implies openness, communication and accountability. But everyone knows that Apple likes keep secrets. There are some rumors that the Apple leadership level will intentionally give different countries’ marketing director wrong information, misleading them for future product ideas. After I read the “Steve Jobs” I found that Steve Jobs never trust anyone, he just trust their talents.

I like this “Keep Secrets” management idea. It is not because transparent management worse. I think keep future product secret can put plenty of temptation for customer purchase. The customer will have much more imagination for the Apple future products. The last example is Steve Jobs paid great attention to the talents. He said “a good talent can top 50 mediocre employees. ” This is Jobs rule. Jobs used quarter of working time for personnel recruitment. He always visit recruitment site and participate in recruitment.

Apple was also under his leadership, swung into a period of rapid growth. This is all thanks for his talent strategy. This is why I appreciate him. I think a successful leader cannot exist without some talented followers. The human resource will measure that if this company will be successful or not. Steve Jobs who is one of the most successful leader in this world. He has his unique style of management. He is a talent; he is a genius, he is a visionary in this world.

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