Statistics: Problem Solving Assignment

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Your Name: __________________________ Due to Moodle by the end of the hour on your exam day. No late assignments THE WAY WE’LL WORK Summarize – High Tech, High Touch, High Growth How does this impact you? Explain what the statistic mean? Summarize – Training Managers To Behave How does this impact you? Explain what the statistic mean? Summarize – The Search For The Next Perk How does this impact you? Explain what the statistic mean? Summarize – We’re Getting off the Ladder How does this impact you? Explain what the statistic mean? Summarize – Why Boomers Can’t Quit

Economists predict that the unemployment rate will surpass 10% because the normal retirement cycle has been disrupted. How does this impact you? Explain what the statistic mean? Summarize – Women Will Rule Business? Growing evidence has showed that the female management style is different but also essential. Women are less competitive, consensus builders, and collaborators. Female managers are being used to create a friendly working environment which is needed. How does this impact you? Being women it is giving me a better opportunity to become a manager of a company, but also showing a need to prove myself in order to excel as a woman.

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Explain what the statistic mean? That the growth of women in the workforce is going to increase a large amount over the next ten years compared to men. Summarize – It will Pay to Save the Planet The environment problems that are currently taken place will create more and more jobs for society. The climate change is shifting the real jobs like industrial to ones that will help that could reverse the effects. How does this impact you? That the problems with the environment are creating Green-Jobs which will allow the job figures to increase. Explain what the statistic mean?

In the next few years the environment will continue to be harmed so there will be a need for the creation of jobs to help fix the problem. Summarize – When Gen X Runs the Show That GEN Xers will have altered most in the workforce. Putting long years into one company will not have the same impact as it used to have. In order to get a promotion now you have to pay your dues, move up slowly, and get the corner office? That will be all gone. How does this impact you? That seniority matters less as time goes on because it is coming less important than it used to be.

Companies want short term independent employees because it is cheaper which would make it harder to find a job. Explain what the statistic mean? People will start be working part-time as coaches and other part time jobs because many opportunities will be gone due to the cost and efficiency. Summarize – Yes, We’ll Make Stuff The Manufacturing workforce has been greatly exaggerated. Even though the United States is the second largest manufacturer it does not mean jobs. The manufacturing employment rate has sunk, but technology has been doubling the productivity. How does this impact you?

Even though our production is booming it does not exactly mean that there are enough jobs for everyone. In coming years there will be more jobs for manufacturers. Explain what the statistic means? Even if manufacturing products are not all made in the United States, there would still be plenty of products that are owned by other countries but Americans would be able to work for them. Summarize – The last Days of Cubicle Life Employees no longer need to pay to go to work. The job of the future will have little to do with processing words or numbers. How does this impact you?

The fact that new jobs of the future will have little to do with words or numbers so more jobs available will be with computers. Explain what the statistic means? That more and more businesses are starting to telecommute full time their whole business, so more and more people will be aloud to work from home. Final Essay: Based upon the readings above, write a five (5) paragraph essay on THE WAY WE’LL WORK will impact you, the environment, our community, society, the world, etc. Include your thoughts, statistics given in the articles. Include your opinion on how you view THE WAY WE’LL WORK?

Is it different that the perception in the article? Give examples, be specific! The essay The Way We’ll Work could impact everyone’s life in many different ways such as our community, society, and the world. The article made many points on how a job can have so many effects on our lives. Reading this could change your views on your job and how it will be in the future. The article made good points about the future. In the future due to the negative effects that has been produced in our environment will most likely cause there to be a widespread of new jobs. These jobs could make better opportunities for people that are seeking jobs.

These jobs could impact our environment in a positive way while also making a better economy. Our society is also another thing that was said to be affected in the future. With the position you work in, the occupation, and the position of your work they are all affected with the views in society. By 2012 it will be much harder to become promoted to another position due to the cost and efficiency. It is much cheaper for you to not be promoted than to be. Also, benefits will be cut due to the cost and so will seniority. The world will always be impacted due to the work field.

The will be no getting around it but it will not only be impacted in a negative way but also a positive way. New jobs will be the main priority for the world to continue to work to a positive economy. People will help maintain a good economy as long as there is a way to make money and become more conservative. The Way We’ll Work will impact our views on everyday life because of the changes and the new systems. No matter what it will always be something to consider when you are looking for something to help our economy. These changes will make life a more efficient way to live.

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