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The Ulysses II Is more on transaction Processing. An Incoming freshmen fills up the registration form given by the staff. After which staff encodes the data from the registration form to the computer. The staff gives the student number. Subjects, class schedule and section assignment are given according to the student’s choice. After evaluation, the student pays the tuition fee at the cashier’s window, where official receipt is used. Computerized Enrollment, Grades and Transcript of Records of Claret School PUP Enrollment System

Automated Tutorial and laboratory Enrollment System Central Luzon State university_ Cavity Maritime Institute Patters Technological College_ Environmental Charter Highlights Ohio University Pennsylvania Polyester Polytechnic university-Battings Centre Collar university Martin Community College Arizona State university President Doodads MacDougal High School – The required Information about the enrollee In the system as provided based in the Information that the school basically needed and this Information Is Influenced by the rules and regulations of the school..

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After gathering the Inputs or data of the enrollees to the system, it will be recorded in the main database system which is the one who holds, keep and gather information then to be dispersed to the different year levels as to be organized automatically. The output will be the result of careful analysis and allocation of information about the enrollees. The output can be used now for future uses easily to access and manage. Areola university Lyceum of the Philippine Foreign Literature Maker University (South Africa) The system function, the admission and he registration process.

The database maintained by the system contains personal data Like name and Identification, curricular Interest’s status (enrolled, transferee, application) flag (admissions, classification, matriculated, etc. ) Previous institution, previous degree granted. Major function of Maker University Enrollment System included undergraduate student recruitment, undergraduate application processing, residency determination, registration, scheduling, academic records, veteran’s services, financial aid and maintenance of the computerized student Information system.

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