Spelling Bee and Trait Assignment

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Character counts when building self-esteem Reflection #3 The assignment this week was to watch the movie Cakewalk and The Bee and fill out a character trait chart. Cakewalk was developing her character as the movie progressed. In order to have a strong self-esteem, you must first have a strong character. Showing positive character traits will boost your own self-esteem. The first character trait exhibited in this movie was trustworthiness. Her brother shows this trait by saying if Cakewalk made it to the National Spelling Bee, he would come and watch her. He kept his word and ended up coming to watch her.

He stayed loyal to his family, which can be a key point to trustworthiness. A way I show trustworthiness in my life is by being a honest person. I never try to lie or cheat my way out of things. I don’t lie to my parents or other adults and I make sure to keep a good reputation for my family. The second trait shown in this movie was respect. One-way Cakewalk shows respect is by doing the Bee for her dad. Her dad was a avid speller and always played scrabble with her. She knew he would have wanted her to do it. Another way she shows respect is by trying her hardest to talk in proper English when at her coaches souse.

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She corrects herself right away and makes sure to respect him when she is a guest at his house. A way I show respect in my life would be by using good manners and being considerate of other people’s feelings. I try to make sure everyone is happy and I am not causing anyone any trouble. If I am a guest, I make sure to show proper etiquette and manners at all times. I make sure to show my elders respect as well. The third trait showed was responsibility. Cakewalk takes the time everyday to study new words and watch the taped of past spelling bees.

She wants to win so she sakes on the responsibility to try her hardest to learn words as much as she can. I show responsibility by doing things such as, showing up on time to places, taking time to study and do homework every night, be prepared for the next day, and do my chores everyday. The fourth trait displayed was fairness. Skeletal sister shows fairness when she steps up and says something about the kid and his mom cheating. She doesn’t believe it is right that they would win off of cheating, and that Cakewalk should have qualified. Playing by the rules is something you’re supposed to do.

I show fairness hen I line Judge for the varsity volleyball team. Whenever the ball is Just barely out off of a hit Naples made, I could easily cheat and say it was in, but I choose to be fair The fifth trait illustrated was caring. Cakewalk shows how caring she is when she offers Dylan to come over the night before the Spelling Bee for a little get together they were having in her room. When his dad says no, she hands him a soda to give to Dylan anyways. Another way she shows how caring she is, is when she gets Mr.. Laramie a Christmas gift. A way I show my caring side is by always helping people in need.

Whenever my friends need help with homework, I always take time out of my busy day to attempt to help them the best that I can. I also try to go to as many community events as I can to help out the city of Naples as a whole. The last trait shown was citizenship. Cakewalk shows citizenship by doing the spelling bee for her school. She had the choice to not continue if she wanted to. She kept going though and got her school some much needed positive publicity. A way I show citizenship in my life is by recycling. Whether it is at school or at home, I always recycle anything that is recyclable.

I spread the word of recycling too. I tell people about to throw away their plastic bottle to instead throw it in the big recycling bins around campus. I also pick up any trash that I find on the beach to keep our environment safe. To conclude, the type of person you try to be makes a difference on your self- esteem. Making positive decisions and supporting your self really does matter when a person is building their own self-esteem. Cakewalk in general has high self esteem because her good actions and great character traits got others to “fill her pot” with positive things.

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