Speech Video Assignment

Speech Video Assignment Words: 323

Video Critique Assignment When watching both chili pepper videos, right away you could tell the difference between the two. In the first video it was clear as day that the speaker was not well prepared. Although most of his information was accurate, it was either talked about at the wrong time or poorly talked about.

Compared to the first video, the speaker in the second video was very confident, well prepared, and properly dressed. In the first video, the speaker had paused a countless amount of times to flip through his flashcards. Also, the speaker in the first video had a big problem pronouncing words wrong which showed the level of preparation he was at; if he would have taken the time to study and rehearse his speech he would have been able to pronounce certain words like the speaker in the second video.

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In the second video, you could also see how prepared the speaker was due to his power point, It was well presented and clear to read; however, in the first video, the speakers power point wasn’t as well prepared. His power point was unrecognized and not really presentable. When it came to presenting an example the speaker In the second video explained all of his examples with well thought out facts and something to go with it in the power point.

As for the speaker in the first video, his examples were not as subject covering as the speaker in the second video did, his power point did not help him due to poor planning and organization. All In all, the speaker In the first video really Just needs to be better prepared, more organized, dressed appropriate, and most Importantly more confident then what he was. The speaker In the second video had all the right characteristics that the speaker In the first video should have had.

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