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In Vitro, competitors are very influential in terms of the company putting the pricing and improving the quality of our products. They will give better service if there are threats. The company will do intensive research and development to improve the quality of our product. They will also change staffs that are not productive. In chapter 9, we study the organizational authority and the job design. Authority is the right to command, take action, and make decision to achieve organizational objectives. There are three types of organizational authority.

They are chain of command, line versus staff authority and delegation of authority. Chain of command is the vertical line of authority that clarifies who reports to whom wrought the organization. Line authority is the right to command immediate subordinates in the chain of command, while staff authority is the right to achieve, but not to command, others who are not subordinates in the chain of command. Delegation of authority is the assignment of direct authority and responsibility to a subordinate to complete task for which the manager is normally responsible.

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In job design, it is the number, kind and variety of task that individual workers perform in doing their job. There are three types Of job design, they are, job specialization, job rotation, enlargement and enrichment, and job characteristic modal. In the company that we interview the CEO and marketing director of Vitro, Vitro uses job specialization and divides job among its people according to their department. Job can be done faster that way. However, there might be communication problem between each different department.

Production is delayed to be passed to the sales department. To prearrange this issue, if there is late production, get from other suppliers that have finished goods. Vitro is also more to chain of authority as decisions are mostly made by top management. As for chapter 10, we look into the advantages and disadvantage for work team and how to enhance work team . Work team is a small number of people with complementary skills who hold themselves mutually accountable for pursuing a common purpose, achieving performance goal and improving interdependent work processes.

The advantage of using teams is that there will be customer satisfaction, good product and service quality, fast speed and efficiency in product development and employee job satisfaction. The disadvantage Of using work team is that there is initial high employee remover, social loafing, ineffective meeting group minority domination and lack of accountability. There are few ways to enhance work team effectiveness. The first is setting of team goal and priority and how work teams members are selected, trained and compensated. In setting goals and priorities team goals enhance performance.

The goals will clarify team priorities and challenging team goal help team members to regulate effort. In team training teams are sent for training to improve interpersonal skills, be better at decision making and problem solving , solve conflicts, technical raining and training to be a team leader. As for selecting people for team work, there are three types of team, those who are either individualistic or collectivist, a diversify team or an average level team. Finally in team compensation and recognition, the level of reward must match the level of performance.

In Vitro, the company that our company interview, the marketing department side have small teams that they form to have marketing campaign to improve the sales of the company. The disadvantage is that some people might give good ideas some may give bad ideas. For example, the location to hold the marketing campaign. Some people in the team one a location but a few may think that the location is not strategic. However, the manager always remind them about their goal which is providing wisdom, technologies, and products helpful for our customers, with the motto “Customer Satisfaction and Quality Products. “.

When the marketing campaign is successful, the manager will pay them their commission based on the profit beside the basic salary. In chapter 13, we look into who leaders are and what effective leaders do and visionary leadership. In who adders are and what leaders do, we looks into the leadership traits and leadership behavior . In leadership traits, it is a leadership theory that holds that effective leaders posses a similar set of traits or characteristic. The traits are desire to lead, have a strong drive, have knowledge of the business, have self -confidence, possess intentional stability, are honest and have cognitive ability.

In leadership behavior, there are two types Of behavior, initiating structure and consideration. Initiating structure is the degree to which a leader structures the roles of follower by setting goals, giving direction, eating deadlines and assigning assignments. Consideration is the extent to which a leader is friendly, approachable, and supportive and shows concern for the employees. Visionary leadership is leadership that creates a positive image for the future that motivates organizational members and provides direction for future planning and goal setting.

Vitro CEO, posses gives leadership skills. However, he says that effective communication is very important to him in order for him to get his message across. He also hopes that future managers will be more creative, and have good leadership skills. This assignment has thought us a lot of things. Firstly , it has thought us to better time managers. While it might sound cliche that assignments are suppose to be started early so that we do not have to rush, procrastination and busy student life have thought us to manage our time properly.

Although it might seem that we have lots of time doing this assignments, it seems that we are always running short of time. All three of us have sleepless night trying to finish this assignment and thankfully, we are always there to remind each other to get up our lazy butt and finish the assignment on time. The second wing that we learn is that not all managers will be willing to see us and we have to be more understand that and improve our self to become better mangers next time.

Most of the managers that we wanted to interview are either too afraid to see us because of language barriers or are too busy some are even afraid that they WOUld not be able to answer our question. However we are lucky that a friend of ours are willing to help us and he found us a manager who is his cousin and is the CEO and marketing director of Vitro We would like to thank him for his time and it was interesting to visit a factory leaning with hardware and sandpapering as it is more of a guys thing.

Doing this assignment has also thought us that this assignment has help us to understand better the role of a manger and it would help us in the future if ever we become a manager. There needs to be effective communication, an authority in the company but good listening skills to any complains and suggestion to improve the company. In conclusion, mangers job is not an easy one. Without proper training and experience, a company will fail without proper management. To quote a famous saying managers are born, not made.

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