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Americans Disabilities Act (DAD): If you have a disability that qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act and you require special assistance or accommodations, you should contact the designated coordinator for your campus for Information on appropriate guidelines and procedures: Polarities Campus, Tania Moody at 601-403-1060 or [email protected] Du; Forrest County Center, Deborah Hewitt at 601-554-5503 or [email protected] Du; Hancock Center, Raymond Barnes at 228-252-7000 or [email protected] Du. Distance Learning Students who require special assistance. Accommodations, and/or need for alternate format should contact Tania Moody at [email protected] Du. Course Description: This Is an introductory course designed to give a general overview of the perspectives, concepts, and methodology of sociology. Students will be encouraged to think critically about social life. Three semester hours credit. Course Goals and Objectives: The course goals and objectives will be met if, upon completion, the student Is conversant with the following Important aspects of Sociology: the Sociological Perspective, Culture, Colonization, Social Structure and

Social Interaction, Social Groups and Formal Organizations, Deviance and Social Control, Global Stratification, Social Class in the United States, Inequities of Race and Ethnicity, Inequalities of Gender and Age, Politics and the Economy, Marriage and Family Issues, Education and Religion, Population and arbitration, and the Impact of Technology on Social Change. Outcome Competencies: upon completion of the course, students will be able to: Communicate both the scientific rigor and personal relevance of Sociology. Clearly explain the Sociological concepts and how they are linked.

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Summarize the important issues in Sociology that impact their own worldview. Discuss controversial topics in I OFF set the stage for today’s research. Personalize historical figures in Sociology with interesting details about their lives and contributions to the discipline. Relate what they have learned about Sociology to their personal lives and to their relationships with others. Required Text: Heinlein, James M. (2012). Essentials of Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach. 10th deed. Boston: Pearson. ISBN: 978+205-89847-3 Weekly Schedule: The school week for this course will run from Monday to Sunday.

You are expected to maintain pace with the course schedule, which includes weekly readings, discussion board participation, assignments, and occasional quizzes. You are also expected to check Canvas weekly for announcements, potential changes to the course calendar, and occasional bonus point assignments. All assignments will be posted on Monday under the “modules” tab on the course website. These assignments are due Sunday evening at 1 1 pm. Attendance and Absences: This is not a self-paced, independent study course. This course has specific assignments that must be completed at the end of each week.

Students that do not complete at least ‘one assignment’ during the week will be marked absent. Absences will be tabulated the Monday morning at 8:ma’am following the week in which assignments are made available on Canvas. For example, most weeks you are assigned a discussion assignment and a quiz. If you don’t complete any of these assignments, you will be marked absent. If you complete at least one assignment you will be marked present. However, in order to be successful in this class, it is recommended that you must complete all of your assignments.

You will receive a warning notice after each absence. Once you have reached your third absence, you will be removed from this course and receive a “W. Even though you may be marked absent from failing to submit assignments by Monday morning at am, you can still submit assignments the following week with a late penalty. Excused Absences: The only university excused absences are those that are a result of a school sponsored activity. Because you have a week to complete all assignments, it is expected that you try and work around these school functions.

For example, a football game on a Thursday does not excuse you from completing assignments for that week since you have six other days to complete them. In some rare circumstances will you be officially excused for school trips. In that event, the appropriate school sponsor will notify me. For all other extenuating circumstances (illness, family death, etc. ) please notify me ahead of time and I will work with you to extend deadlines. NOTE: A “broken” computer or “no internet” does not constitute an excused absence or legitimate reason to extend assignments.

You should always be prepared with a back up plan in the event of these circumstances. You always have the option to go to the local library or school campus to complete work. Board forum. The purpose of this forum is to build class community and to encourage dialogue amongst your peers. Some of these topics are controversial by nature. It is expected that you keep all postings objective, respectful, and academic in nature. Those that are offensive will be removed and will not be given any credit. Furthermore, students who continue to post offensive dialogue despite instructor intervention may be removed from the course.

Weekly Quizzes: Every few weeks you will be required to complete a quiz. These quizzes will help prepare you for the content covered in the midterm and final exam. The quizzes will be multiple-choice questions, fill in the blank, short answer, and will be timed. Proctored Exams: You are required to schedule your final exam through a proctoring center. You are required to schedule exams early so that you can find a time that meets your schedule. I do not accept the excuse of “proctoring centers are full” or “l oldest come at any times they had available”.

You are required to take your exam by the required due date (see course home page for dates). You can schedule an exam on the learning website. Keep in mind that during the summer, proctoring centers are closed on Fridays. Course Requirements/Grading: Your course grade is calculated out of one proctored final exam, weekly discussion boards, and quizzes. There will also be opportunities throughout the semester to gain bonus points. These opportunities will be posted on the “Announcements” page and will each have specific deadlines.

A breakdown of points for the class is as follows: Quizzes: 40% Discussion Board & other weekly assignments: 35% Final Examination (cumulative): 25% Academic Honesty: Plagiarism is a serious offense and will not be tolerated in any written work, including reaction papers or blob posts. If your papers are popularized, they will be graded accordingly. Options include, but are not limited to, failing the assignment, failing the course, and/or expulsion from school. Students can expect their writing submissions to be monitored by computer software designed to expose and document plagiarism.

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