Social Loafing Assignment

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Dour group thinks that the level of motivation can be the first condition that promotes ;social loafing. Individual representing his attitude is more likely to involve in his }roof and prefer to undertake every workload. This situation results in the other members have less motivation to make effort on their work and to do social loafing. Ethers might have the perception that the one who works hard and does better Job :Han me so I do not need to contribute to group work and our group still can achieve goal.

For example, one of my volleyball team members has really good talent to Sterilize strategies and skills to get points. Even though all of members realize every ;ingle one was responsible to get points, we always relied on that girl to win the }name. Others did not put their all effort on the game. Also, the thought existed in our mind that if we cannot catch the ball, the girl will support us. This causes a vicious :yes that ends at the point where only the minimum amount of work is accomplished.

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In addition, when people perceive that they are performing above the air share level of the group’s work, they will want to balance the Justice by lowering :heir effort. It is called sucker effect. (Pigeon & Donaldson, 2005) For example, В±employees have a certain number of days off. They will use all of days off whether :hey are actually need to absence because they may think that they share overload Norm if they do not run out of days off. The second condition is less cohesive ? Environment in the group. If the group members cannot establish strong sense of rope identity, they are more inclined to engage in social loafing. Pigeon & malison, 2005) Because the group does not have common set of value, individual :Anton feel belonging in the group and find their social identity. They will not do :erect member behavior and do not consider about expectation of others. According 😮 the “ZAP” department N, we can find that no matter supervisors or employees do not concern about improving, sharing feeling, and taking more work. Their group Joes not structure belongingness and cause of social loafing. The third condition is jack of evaluation. Social loafing will appear when we do not have any pressure on there evaluate our performance. Price & Harrison, 2006) If the group gives В±valuation for members, members will be more aware of their behavior. When they :rye to do social loafing, they will get negative feedback from peers and get a failure reader. Everyone wants to become free riders. They do not contribute a lot in their Norm and he can get a good grade because their contribution will not identify in the rope tasks. It meaner they can hide themselves in the group and still can get the ;name result with others who really spend their time doing their work. For example, roofless assigned you to work on a group assignment with other students.

If you did :his assignment by yourself, you would have started work right away and attempted do your best. Since you are part of a group member, you might assume that one of :he other group members will take care of the tasks. The social loafing tendency makes it likely that you would reduce their effort into the assignment. Social loafing nay be caused by members selecting different goals that are less ambitious. With rower goals, you expect less effort. For example, two girls in the same group, but they eave different goal to achieve it.

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