Similar and different of Malaysia Assignment

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KEA website they provide cookie in both U. K. And Malaysia website. Base on this system KEA Company can easily statistic which group of customers have heavy user for their product so they can reward their loyalty customers. There also have some differences between this both website. Such as product offer, website design and so on. KEA Company success on using characteristics affecting consumer behavior concept. Both KEA website they provide same service of gift card the objective to have this service is help customers solve their problem when buying a right things to their friend.

They also provide a planning tools on both website the concept of provide this services is different consumer have different personality, so customers can deigns and find ideas for creating a functional and comfortable space that’s ideal for sharing with their family by themselves. Due to different nations have different cultural behavior, there are many products looks similar but they show in different style due to the colors and materials used. Since Western nation is prefer classic, thus, in U. K. Website, they prefer to use dark color such as grey, brown, dark blue as he background.

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Besides, they prefer to use some material which can show its original state of the material such as pinewood. With a design that embraces the natural look and feel of solid pinewood which features traditional crafted details and is made to last practically forever. For the Malaysia website, the use white and simple color as the background to since Malaysian prefer simple life. KEA U. K. Website have categorize in more specific department than Malaysia website such as living room, bed room, bathroom, kitchen, storage, dining, home office and so on.

On the there hands, KEA Malaysia website has only categorized the products in common way which does not have detailed such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, children, and kitchen. From both website KEA Company apply the product attributes. They sell almost same product in both website, the objective of KEA is provide high quality product and can use in very long period of time. They used simple concept and style to design their products. They provide same pattern and color of quilt of over set, they also provide ergonomic design product on both website for example pillow, hair and table.

However, the products provided might be some different between these two countries although they are selling the same type of product. The product function may have without any extras but the size will difference between this two countries. From this two website they promote different new product by seasonal. Similar and different BTW KEA U. K and KEA Malaysia By vilify customization. KEA standardize their website on using white color background and blue color content and they provide clearly and easy to understand guideline customers can easy start buy their online product for every KEA website around the world.

Every KEA web page also have same layout which start form KEA logo at top on left hand side browsing data at the middle and customer services at the right hand side and so on. They standardize their website for western and also eastern country. For example, if u login to KEA website everywhere within Taiwan, the language used is Chinese; while in U. K. Website they are using their common language which is English. Every KEA website they provide the same services for heir customer for example if their customers purchase above the certain amount they can enjoy 0% installment interest.

Besides, there are also many helpful guidelines provided at the bottom of the page to provide more information to customers such as catalogue and brochures, customer relations, FAQ and so on. KEA also design their website on using customization concept. In U. K. Website, we can see that they categorized their product accordingly to their use in detail. For example, they have dining, storage, textiles and rugs, home office and also Christmas apartment. This is because different nation have different behavior based on their culture.

From Malaysia website they also have storage department but they differentiated under bedroom, living room and also kitchen department. Malaysia customers like differentiated in different department compare to mix them on one department because they can easily find the product that suitable that particular part. Each website they advertise different new product, for U. K. Website they already sell the Christmas product, but Malaysia website they haven’t advertise it they advertise more about the Divalent product.

KEA also customize their website into different characteristics due to their cookie system and also the planning tools. When user login to their KEA account KEA will have recommended product to their member. It will help their customers save more time on searching a product that they like. After doing this assignment I get more ideas for how KEA standardize and customize their website around the world. For understand this two concept KEA got their advantage, because they satisfy their customers need and want.

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