Sexual Coercion Assignment

Sexual Coercion Assignment Words: 336

Markisha Gordon-Hogan Criminal Justice Organization & Administration July 1, 2010 Assignment 1 Sexual coercion is a problem in correctional institutions because there can be inmates intimidated by other inmates. The inmates who suffer from this abuse begin to live in fear. The abusers often prey on those who aren’t as strong, tough or mentally capable of understanding what’s going on. There are also younger victims that are also targets because they are new to the prison system.

Most of the victims of this crime will never say anything out of fear that something worse may occur like death. When the prisoners of crimes such as rapist, child molesters and child abusers are placed in prison some aren’t placed with the normal population. Just because they are targets also; they’re the ones who become victims of sexual coercion because of the crimes they’ve committed.

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Many of the inmates in prison have children who they can’t see, may have been victims of this crime or just hate the fact that this type of event even occurred so they think these inmates should suffer as well. Many of them act out in such a manner in which is also wrong. As you may know there are many different groups within the prisons. Some which use this against on another; like taking one of the inmates from the other group and subjecting them to unnecessary tortures.

This is sort of a way of letting the other group know that certain things will not be tolerated or they think its okay to do what they want. Another reason may be one was owed something or something was done to the other group that was wrong towards there group. Some of these acts are towards the correctional officers also. But for them to be avoided there should never be any favoritism or personal involvement with the inmates. Always stay on a professional level with the inmates. Maintain authority over them and not get confused as of why your there.

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