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However, certain services that relate to the employees action and customers deed and want will are sometimes outside the control of manager. If a mistake Is done by an employee unintentionally towards the customer, this will lead to service failure and therefore service recovery action must be taken to fix the situation and to ensure that customer will be happy again. In general, service failures mostly occur at critical Incidents In the service encounter between the service employees and the customers. Customer’s satisfaction level depends on the positive and negative critical incidents.

At the same time, critical incidents allow organization to do changes and Improvement in the service delivery recess. Doing correction on every failure point that will affect customers satisfaction in a service encounter is compulsory. Besides that, managers should sustain the positive values in employees that customers adore from the service. However, a service encounter model needs to be develop to examines customer satisfaction through critical incidents that can be used to manage service delivery process, dissatisfaction response and customer loyalty.

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Customer’s satisfactions are normally gained by the service quality given by a service organization. The higher the quality given to customer, the higher the chances that he customer will come back for the service and this will lead to customer’s loyalty to wards the service organization. Vice versa, if the service quality given to customer is below expectation that leads with service failure, customers will eventually choose to purchase services from other competitors and slowly deflects towards them. Therefore. Organization will need to Incur a higher amount of money and service recovery to regain customers confidence towards the service organization. In the business world, social exchange and equity theories are followed since centuries ago. Every business done needs to ensure that exchange relationship would be balanced that resources are traded in exchange of an equivalent amount. Unfortunately, when service failure occurs, the exchange goes out of balance of the customer side. Therefore, service providers are responsible in offering customer a gain of a reasonable amount to cover the loss.

At the same time, the scale of the perceived loss must be equitable with the amount of resources offered In the recovery effort. Go in the future. The main perspective is that service quality of a service are important and service recovery strategies must be emphasize to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to encourage a better improvement in service line, the organization must know how to take responsibility service recovery and regaining customer’s confidence when service failure occurs. (AAA)Describe the services restaurant outlet according to the dimensions of the serviceable and ambient conditions.

Nowadays, a restaurant not only provides foods and drinks, the environment of the restaurant plays part of the role in services too. Many customer does not totally focus on the foods and drinks for the restaurant, customer will also demand for a good environment to enjoy their meal. Therefore, a restaurant ‘s service escape and ambient condition are very important. Service escape is defined as “Totality of the ambiance and physical environment in which a service occurs. Also call service setting. ” (objectifications, 2013) Restaurant Seed ABA was the first Make restaurant that is visited. The restaurant address is No. 9, Clan SASS/19, Dammars Jay, 47400, Fettling Jay, Clangor, Malaysia. The restaurant is located at the corner lot. The area of the restaurant is not big enough and the shape of this restaurant is square seen from the top. There are many car parks around the assistant and less than ten cars are park at those parking lots. The lighting around Restaurant Seed ABA is bright and clear. The restaurant uses white and yellow light which makes the environment comfortable. Sadly, this restaurant is slightly hot at night due to insufficient fan placed. There are only four ceiling fans inside the restaurant and no fan is put outside.

Thus the temperature inside and outside the restaurant is hot and stuffy which makes customers feel hot all times. Furthermore, the tables and chairs inside and outside the restaurant are arranged narrowly. There is not much space to allow customers to move around freely. There are only 8 tables inside the restaurant and only 10 tables outside. Some of table is a bit oily and some of the chairs are not clean. In addition, there is a cigarette cabinet placed behind the cashers counter. On the cashiers counter, plenty of sweets and snacks are placed to be sold. Besides that, the restaurant has a television and three speakers.

However, not customers can enjoy watching the television. This restaurant does not play any music at all. There is a hand washing basin for customers placed right at the corner of the restaurant. This restaurant’s toilet is not clean and dirty. There is no tissue inside the toilet and strong stench smell is can be smell outside the toilet. The toilet has a shabby mirror and the door lock is going broken. Moreover, the employees in the restaurant are not wearing uniform. Lastly, the restaurant is full of cigarette smell. Many cigarette butts can be seen on the floor due to majority of customers here are smokers.

Sitting in the restaurant is comfortable and chilling. It is because the restaurant provides seven stand fans blowing all around the customers and no way customers will feel hot. Besides that, they have a wide space area to place their tables and chairs. But the down point is the restaurant table is too small. There are two row of table and each row is placed with ten tables and there are around 20 tables placed along the alley. Furthermore, clean white painted walls is all along the alley making the restaurant tidy and clean, although the restaurant is at the back alley of two shops.

There are a few flower pots placed beside the back alley to make the surrounding nicer and attractive. This restaurant does not provide television and music to customers. Most of the customers are here to enjoy their food and chit chatting with their friends or family. Besides that, the employees working here do not wear uniform. Sadly, the toilet of the restaurant is not clean and smelly. The toilet flush is broken customers cannot flush after using the toilet. The toilet does not provide tissues and it is dark inside.

Although the toilet is smelly, but the front stage of the restaurant is clean, no dour smells that bring down appetite and also rat-less. Restaurant Choc Eke was the last restaurant that is visited for this group assignment. The address of the Restaurant Choc Eke is No. 63, Clan SASS/11, Dammars Jay, 47400, Fettling Jay, Clangor, Malaysia. This Make assistant is located at the corner of the shop lot. It is an average shop that is combined with Chinese restaurant and Make Restaurant. The lighting in the restaurant is perfect and bright enough for customers to chill in the restaurant.

Some of the fans in the restaurant are not working which make the whole restaurant feeling stuffy and hot. Besides that, those tables and chairs are arranges tidy and neat. There are 15 tables arranged inside the restaurant. Those tables are clean but few drops of curry sauces can be seen on some of the chairs. Furthermore, the wall color of the restaurant is yellow. There is a cashier counter behind the restaurant with a cigarette cabinet set behind. Moreover, the restaurant has provides supplementary service. For example television with Astor.

Although the restaurant provides television for customers to enjoy, but the sound from the television is bad and unacceptable. Besides that, the restaurant has two toilets but the toilets are smelly and dirty. The toilets of the restaurant have not tissues and soap for customers to clean and wipe hands. There is only one mirror inside the toilet and another mirror is placed on the hand washing basin. The employees of the restaurant do not wear uniform. Lastly, the restaurant is near to the public drains. Although the restaurant is acceptably clean, but the smell of the public drains will spoil the overall environment satisfaction level. B)Compare and contrast among the service outlet you have selected. For service marketing assignment, each individual has been assigned equal parts to accomplish. Firstly, the 3 service outlets that been chose are “Seed ABA” also known as “Glutton”. The second service outlet is “Bumming” also known as “Atman Sea Make”. The third service outlet that have those restaurants that have been chose a visit for food tasting and also service laity experiencing. The first restaurant that was visited is Glutton, firstly failed to give any greetings to customers.

The second restaurant is Bumming, acted the same as employees there too failed to undergo proper greetings to customers. As for the second restaurant, greeting was immediately given once customers arrived. As for the tables and chairs, Glutton restaurant’s tables and chairs were arranged in order while Choc Eke restaurant’s tables and chairs was properly arranged but the furniture there are old and rusty. The third restaurant is Bumming, their chairs and tables were too arranged in order and neat. Furthermore, as customers pick a seat and ordered, it took about 30 minutes for all the meals to be served to the customers at Glutton restaurant.

As for Bumming restaurant, it took about 5 minutes for all the meals ordered by the customers to be served. The service is very swift and efficient. For Choc Eke restaurant, all the meals have been served in 22 minutes which was quite a long waiting period for customers. As for the environment, Choc Eke restaurant’s environment seems to shine very bright but Choc Eke restaurant is smelly due to close to public drains. Besides that, he leftover plates, bowls and cups left by leaving customers will tidy by the employees and clean the table immediately for another customer sits down and starts to order.

However, due to the food being so tasty at Choc Eke restaurant, most customers don’t even mind the smell surrounding the restaurant and continue to visit the restaurant but the restaurant doesn’t provide the supplementary such as radio and Wi Ft. As for Glutton restaurant’s environment, tables and chairs were arranged narrowly, but the surroundings were clean and no rats, cockroaches or cats were spotted. Furthermore, leftovers plates, bowls and cups were immediately leaned off as customers paid and left which shows the efficiency of the employees there.

Glutton restaurant also provided supplementary service such as Wi If and the Wi If connection speed was also very fast. Moreover, other supplementary services were noticed such as washrooms, “stay’ hawker stalls, radio, and also LCD televisions. First, regarding the washroom, it is dirty and strong stench smell that is can be smell from outside the washroom, and there didn’t provide any tissue inside the washroom. Next, the “stay’ shop there provides 3 types of meat of customer choosing such as chicken meat, beef meat, and lamb meat.

Next, the radio and television’s volume is set Just right for customers to hear clearly and channels can be changed too under customer’s choosing. Hence, the third restaurant is Bumming. The environment there is very crowded but no very packed as Bumming restaurant is one of the most famous “mammas” in Dammars Jay, not only their food are famous to be tasty, their service are also excellent as they served the meals ordered by customers in 5 to 10 minutes. Next, Bumming restaurant doesn’t provide any supplementary service as the restaurant is located at the behind section of a shop lot.

Next, the surroundings of Bumming restaurant is quite dim thus the surrounding of the restaurant is also hygiene as no rubbish around can be found and although it is located behind shop lots, no cockroaches or rats are spotted, it is worthy to be praised. Bumming, regarding their food quality and taste, Firstly, Choc Eke restaurant provides fried chicken, NASA lemma, fried rice, fried MME and many more and the four that have been chosen to taste are fried chicken, “Indo MME green teller tats “, “root plant” and “Maggie soup” while the drinks that have been chosen are “syrup banding”, “the ice”, “mill ice” and also “the half”.

The food taste there in Choc Eke restaurant was average as most of the foods are precooked and reheated if customers order it. As for the drinks, most of the drinks there are too sweet even after customers pre-informed the waiters to lower the sugar level of the drinks, but if ask for it again, the waiters will quickly exchange a cup for it, so the service and overall is still acceptable. Next is Bumming restaurant, the restaurant doesn’t provide other meals and only sells “NASA lemma Maya”.

Although there is only one choice on the menu, in comparison of the 3 outlets, Bumming restaurant strive to be at the top bevel in terms of customer amount due to tastiness of the “NASA lemma”. As for the drinks, Bumming restaurant provides various types of drinks for example “the ice”, “Mill ice”, “the half” and much more. Bumming restaurant gains its reputation due to the swiftness of their employees as orders from customers might arrived and be served in 5 to 8 minutes time, it is very efficiency and also for its specialty of the “NASA lemma Maya” as no other restaurants manage to form a recipe as good as it.

Next, is the Glutton restaurant, the restaurant too provide and serve many type of foods and rinks due the support of some supplementary service too such as Stay shop and “Sup Gambling” and “Sup Dazing”. Besides the supplementary services, Glutton restaurant too serves their own food types such as “Tom Yam Sup”, “MME sedan”, “cheese nana” and many more. Furthermore, the foods that have been tried are “Maggie curry noodles”, Indonesian MME, “root plant” and “NASA lemma Maya”. All the foods are tasty and Just the way it should be. Besides that, the drinks are good in taste too.

The drinks that have been ordered are ice water, “the ice”, “mill ice”, and “lime Juice”. The drinks came at approximately 5 minutes and taste very good, unfortunately the food is serves too slow, so resulting in the overall performance seems not very well. For the pricing, based on Choc Eke restaurant’s pricing, it is legitimate and cheap, almost all drinks cost from R M 1. 80 to R M 2. 00 and for the foods the price are also not expensive and prices are reasonable too. A bowl of “curry MME” will cost R M 6. 00 and other foods costs about the same too.

As for Glutton restaurant’s pricing, it is more expensive compared to Choc Eke restaurant as the restaurant is bigger and fancier. However, foods and drinks there might be more expensive than Choc Eke assistant but not until the point that it is overpriced. Drinks price at Glutton restaurant costs about from R M 2. 00 to R M 2. 20. As for the food’s price, it costs from about R M 7. 00 to R M 9. 00 and Glutton restaurant too offers cigarette service therefore it eases customers time consumption not needing to drive away to purchase a pack of cigarette.

Furthermore, a packet of cigarette at Glutton restaurant costs R M 10. 50. Lastly is the third service outlet Bumming restaurant. The pricing of Bumming restaurant is the cheapest amongst the 2 service outlets. The drinks pricing are from about R M 1. 0 to R M 1. 50. Next, for the pricing of the foods, it costs from about R M 4. 50 for a plate of “NASA lemma Maya” and if it is “NASA lemma provide any supplementary service such as the restaurant doesn’t provide cigarette selling service, it is because it mainly focuses in food outlet services.

In conclusion, service quality and service environment does play an important role in a service outlet. Furthermore, employee’s service quality and service environment is crucial as it promotes customer revisit intention therefore it should be performed well to strive in the competitive world now and in the future. Hence service outlets image is indeed very important. (C)Analyze the impact of the physical ambient conditions on customer’s satisfaction and employees. Ambient environment is composed of hundreds of design elements and detail that must work together to create desired service environment.

Ambient conditions are perceived both separately and holistically. Ambient environment include lightning and color schemes, size and shape perceptions, sounds, temperature and scents. This few element will affect employees or customers satisfaction. The first restaurant that was visited is Restaurant Seed ABA. The light of Seed ABA restaurant is bright compare to other make restaurants. As the lights are bright, employees of Seed ABA tend to be motivated to work and serve efficient. This is because bright light will make the employees feel energize to works.

Besides that, the bright lights also bring many advantages for the employees. For example, employees can clearly identify whether they have or have not served the customers. Thus, the bright light will cause the customer more comfortable while enjoying the food. The light of Seed ABA provided a bright environment for customers would not eel sleepy and customer will intend to stay around longer. According to wanting(2002) “people who were led to table with bright lightning ate faster than the people who were led to table with dim lightings. This statement shows that the bright light can make the food more delicious and fresh so it might increase the appetite of customers. In additional, according to Bear(2013) “color white represent clean”. The wall of Seed ABA is white which makes customer and employee gives a hygiene feel to the environment The space of Seed ABA restaurant is not very big and the shape of restaurant is square. So the restaurant chair and table are arranged narrowly. This will cause the employees cannot services the customers smooth and the customer will feel not comfortable while sitting closely to each other.

Seed ABA restaurant provide a television for customers therefore the only sound and voices that can be heard are sound of the television and voices of various customers chatting. Employees will feel irritating and stressed while work in a noisy environment. Mistakes or orders maybe happen due to the noisy environment. Beside, employees might be affecting by the sound of the television and cause them Anton focus in their works. On the other hand, customer also affect by the noisy environment. For example, customers might not be able to hear clearly during a phone call.

Some of the customer would rather seek for a more peaceful and quiet environment to dine rather than suffering in a noise place. But not all customers is one of the make cultures. The temperature of Seed ABA restaurant is quite warm because the among of fan is not enough. It will because the employees cannot concentrate and keep sweating during the working time. So it would reduce the efficient of employees while working in hot workplace. Thus, customers prefer enjoying their meal in a comfortable temperature. Hence, temperature does matter in a services outlet in term of customer satisfaction and services quality.

Furthermore, scent also impact the customer and employees. The scent of Seed ABA is full of cigarette smell due to ventilation system is bad. It will affect the employees work performance or mood if who do not like the cigarette smell. In the same way, if customers do not like the cigarette smell too who will feel suffer during enjoy their meal. The second restaurants that was visited is Restaurant Bumming. The light system of the restaurant above is dark and dim because the lights in the restaurant are insufficient.

The light bulbs in the restaurant are too few which do not lip enough light to lighten the entire restaurant. Usually this will cause the employees to feel sleepy and fatigue when the light system of the working place is not very bright. As the light system is weak and dark, employees of restaurant Bumming cannot work efficiently and always repeat and cause mistakes when serving the customers. For example, employees may deliver wrong food orders to the customer because they Anton clearly identify customers in dark environment.

According to Keller(2006), “the workers’ mood was at its lowest when the lighting was experienced as much too dark”. The dark light might affect employees’ mood and reduce their working performance. Furthermore , customers of Restaurant Bumming might find it hard to view the menu therefore will cause food menu deciding to be slower than in bright surroundings . This will slow down the process and also vastly affect the customer’s satisfaction. The wall of the restaurant Bumming is white in color and some flower pots and vases can be spotted as decoration purpose.

According to Bourn(2011) “the color white can represent a successful beginning. ” The color white promotes hygiene and the color white makes employees feel motivated and energize to work. Besides that, the color white also represents clean and neat. The white wall will make the restaurant look clean and customer will dine happily and would not feel that place is unclean. Thus, the size of restaurant is big and which is located at back ally of a shop lot therefore the shape of the restaurant is a rectangle.

The restaurant arranged the tables and chairs with wide space area for customers to dine. The tables or chairs would not block the employees when serving the customers or deliver the food and it also will increase the work force of employees and efficiency of employees. In addition, customers also feel comfortable when having their meals. This will increase the satisfaction of customer and promote the return of customers to the restaurant again. Thus, restaurant bumble does not provide any supplementary service such as music or television for customer.

So the voices of customers are full at the restaurant. But restaurant bumming is quite big so this matter won’t serious affect the employees or the customers. Beside, Some of the customer like to have meals at crowded places because they love the lively sounds of customers instead of dining at lonely places where no sounds of customers can be Restaurant Bumming is set up the fans every corner so that the customers can enjoy their food in refreshing environment. Employees also will work harder when the temperature is comfortable.

This is because the temperature would not make the employees sweat easily so that employees workforce can be strengthen and improved. According to ‘sacks (2013) “a report put together by the military and published by the Institute of Medicine shows that heat lowers our appetites”. That mean customers increase their appetites when having meal in comfortable temperature environment. Usually Restaurant bumming provide hot food for customers so if the temperature very hot which may affect appetites or satisfaction of customer. Although restaurant Bumming is located at back ally of shop.

But restaurant Bumming does a very good Job in terms of cleaning up the restaurant’s surrounding and environment therefore no dour can be smelled. So the dour would not affect the employees and customers. The third restaurant that was visit is Restaurant Choc Eke. The light of restaurant Choc Eke is bright. As the light are bright, employees can clearly view if there’s any customer that requires assistance or need help. Beside, according to Loftier(2011) “lighting plays a key factor in determining our mood”. So lightning is a important element to affect customers mood and satisfaction.

In bright environment, customers can see the dishes clearly and having meal with good mood. The wall of restaurant Choc Eke is yellow. According to Bourn (2011Wellow the color of Joyful and energy. ” The color yellow will affect employees to be more energize in term of working and getting their Job done efficiently. Customers will visit the restaurant more often due to the color yellow attracts customer and provide a Joyful feeling to them. The size of the restaurant Choc Eke is regular and shape of Choc Eke is square.

The size of Choc Eke not very big but everything is arranged in order and neatly. As everything is arranged in order, whenever employees need to search or seek for something or and equipment it is less time consuming. Therefore it increases the process of serving the customers and employees workforce. Customer’s mood will be affected as the place is neat and tidy therefore will find the place clean and hygiene. Choc Eke restaurant is full of people’s voice therefore employees might not be able to clearly hear if there are any customers asking for services.

As for the customer’s, certain customers might enjoy the lively environment but for some customers find it irritating and mood spoiling. Thus, will effect customer satisfaction. Temperature of Choc Eke restaurant is warm. This will cause the employees to sweat due to warm environment. As the employees serve the customers their meals in a sweating tuition, customers will find it unappealing and not clean. As the restaurant surroundings are all close to public drains, it is unavoidable that the drain odder might come past customer’s nose.

The employees of Choc Eke will feel not comfortable when they work in smelly environment. It might decrease the efficient and productivity and employees will feel suffer when they are working in smelly environment. In addition, the smell also will affect customers. For example, it will decrease customer appetites and make they do not stay longer in the restaurant. Google news(2002) Available at:http://news. Google. Com/newspapers? [Accessed 26th June 2013] Desktop Publishing(2013) Available at:http://desktop. About. Com/CSS/collections/p/white. Tm [Accessed 26th June 2013] pumped (2006) Available at:http://www. Incubi. Ml. NIH. Gob/pumped/17050390 [Accessed 27th June 2013] Bourn creative((2010) Available at:http://www. Overactive. Com/meaning-of-the-color-white [Accessed 27th June 2013] Monetary(2013) Available at:http://www. Intermediary. Com/does-hot-weather-or-hot-food-affect- appetites-it. HTML [Accessed 27th June 2013] Home and Graded(2011) Available at:http://www. Snowshoes. Mom/home-and-gardening/articles/830727/how- lighting-can-affect-your-mood [Accessed eh June 2013] Bourn creative(2011) Available at:http://www. Remunerative. Com/meaning-of-the-color-yellow [Accessed eh June 2013] (3)Evaluate and suggest some of the “service improvements”you would recommend for each of the services outlets to enhance their service environment and service quality. In this service marketing assignment, a compilation of three different Make stalls that are quite famous and normally packed in the night with customers enjoying supper such as noodles, coconut rice and many other food and drinks was visited to heck out the environment and food for comparison and to experience service provided from different Make stalls.

Besides, service improvement are meant by actions taken by the service provider to improve service level based on environment, services and other aspect. For an instant, improvement made would provide higher chances in attracting customers in the competitive market and at the same time keeping customer’s loyalty. Therefore, service improvement planning is compulsory in order to keep up standards with other competitors. The first Make stall that was visited is Seed ABA Make which is located in that bring down service quality. Firstly, some of the tables and chairs are not clean.

Besides, the waiter do not initiate on taking customers order unless customers ask. Some customers might find it rude where they Just sit down there waiting and may cause down service experience. On the other hand, the toilet was nasty and not taken care. Therefore, employees and managers for this restaurant shall be responsible to do service improvement. They shall ensure that each tables and chairs must be wiped to ensure customers comfort when they visit the restaurant. Secondly, all waiters shall be initiative in taking customers order when customers have settled own.

Lastly, ensuring toilets cleanliness is a must to ensure customers will not lose their appetite after passing motions and continue eating their food. The second Make stall visited was Bumming which is also known as Atman Sea Make. The restaurant is located at the back alley in between 2 buildings. Although the environment is cooling and is acceptable clean, there are still few negative pinpoints that bring downs service quality. There are insufficient waiters here to serve and take order from customers. The customer crowds are overwhelming but there are only a few waiters taking orders and serving food.

Besides that, the toilet is very dirty because the toilet flush was not fixed. The tables here are mostly enough but preferably changing to a bigger and increase the amount of table would improve service satisfaction towards customers. This Make stall shall increase the number of workers here to improve service given to customers and at the same time simplifying Jobs for other old workers. The toilet must be fixed in order to give convenient to customer to use the toilet properly and need not to find another toilet around the area. Lastly, Restaurant Choc Eke which is also known as DC make is visited. This

Make restaurant was located in a busy area where many people can be seen around midnight. The environment there is acceptably clean but hot. The waiters there are efficient where customers sit they would approach their customer and take their order. Food is served fast. But there are a few bad issues that bring down service experience and need to be improvised. The tables there are not always clean sometimes. Cleaning and clearing tables and chairs dirt must be done after customers leave the table after finishing their food. They should also put more fans around to cool down the temperature of the environment which is hot.

The smell from the public drain shall be taken care of by asking the government to clean and the workers there shall ensure no dumps are thrown into the drain. In conclusion, service improvement plan and service quality plays an important role to maintain company’s image and at the same time bringing up customer’s satisfaction level. Improving service environment would give big impact on attracting more customers and at the same time service quality given out must be above expectation. Therefore, each company shall always think and improve service given time to time.

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