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Self Dissapointment Assignment Words: 300

On my honor, I pledge that I have given nor received any unacknowledged aid on this assignment” Signature It’s Just Self Disappointment It’s Just Self Disappointment ” “In pad We Trust” by Daniel Lyons (Newsweek (2010) FL 55: pop) Lyons states 2 “Whatever disappointment we might have felt [In Apple’s Pad] says more about us than Apple”. Lyons is stating that we as ourselves overripe all things Apple and always expect the next cancer-killer or world problem solver. If we are disappointed, we set ourselves up for It.

By opening the newarticle14 with a negative intent you wonder what Lyons’ motives are. ” Lyons opens advising that Apple’s Pad Is not a magical device and begs the question of what it really is. I question this tactic. I think the pad is whatever a possible user/purchaser wants It to be. Who Is he to decide what Is magical and what Isn’t. While I find his research to be first hand at Apple’s keynote address It’s more reactionary that Journalism. He was able to spend a little time with a pre-production unit on the show floor but has yet to see what the finished product will do and how it ill perform. Lyons also only presented his opinion of the matter, not real research. In his defense it’s because there was little to no research to be done, opening the question, was this newarticle14 a little premature? In my research, which was limited to www. Apple. Com I found that the Pad will be a device that fills many gaps In the mobile computing arena. It will be the small email and internet appliance that isn’t as big as a laptop yet bigger than an pod Touch. ” This newarticle14 also offers little contribution to the Journalistic area of technology.

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