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Scheme of work 2013/2014 Course: AAA Sociology Subject/Unit: Media & Crime/Deviance Staff: Key Corroboratory Bob Francis 1 session – media 2 sessions – C&D Assignment Schedule: Useful Resources: Session Topic Learning Outcomes Skills for Life Development Resources (Inc Links to Materials) Assignment/ Homework Autumn Term 2013 seep-02: Crime & Deviance – Sociological theories Media – Trends in ownership and control of mass media To understand the different ways sociologists look at society. Functionalists, Marxist Marxist, Pluralist & Neo-Marxist theories of ownership and control Terminology Classification Note taking

Visual sociology: Macro and Micro perspective. Relate to the Top down and bottom up approach PPTP http://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=ambiguity’s=player_embedded Ownership control trends powering Youth short Rupert Morocco short, career Ownership/control trends terminology exercise seep-go: C Definitions Crime and Deviance Social construction of crime Media Definitions and characteristics of new media Understand and apply structural, interactions and conflict perspectives in the social construction of crime Understand who uses the new media Essay analysis and planning Minds Terminology PPTP processes of the CSS

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Handout processes CSS New media handout – mix/match New media PPTP Essay question (planned in class – C) seep-16: C Functionalist – Druthers & Morton Media – generational divide, digital underclass Understand classical functionalist and Morton strain theory Understand and apply concepts: generational divide & digital underclass specific vocabulary Note making Statistical analysis Research independent learning Handout strain theory PPTP Druthers & Classical functionalist http://www. Youth. Com/watchГ?A’assault-icy Subject Handout generational divide Continue research task digital underclass seep-23: C&D Subcultures: Collard & Olin, Cohen

Media – Significance changing relationships between audience & media Understand & apply subcultures theories Understand & apply changing relationships themes Essay analysis & planning PPTP subcultures theories Sociology Review I Volume 8 | 4 April 1999 Handout changing relationships Essay question – new media & changing relationships Essay question planned in class – Media) seep-so: C&D Subcultures Matzo & Miller, revisit strain Media – link between media & behavior Understand & apply subcultures theories Understand and evaluate hypodermic model with active audience approaches Note making Worksheet Matzo Handout Miller

PPTP media hypodermic model issues, Jamie Bulgier case Contemporary issues analysis – media and/or crime cot-07: C&D Labeling theory Media – Methodological problems in researching media effects on audience Understand and apply Sock Young study, link to social construction Evaluate methodological issues in researching media effects Worksheet Sock Young DVD Young the dragsters Worksheet media genres effects Labeling process assignment Methodology flowchart cot-14: C&D Moral panics, deviance amplification Media – Moral panics, news values gatekeepers Understand and evaluate Stan Cohen folk devils & moral panics

Understand & apply moral panics Video Cohen folk devils PPTP moral panics Worksheet moral panics Worksheets moral panics news values Revision exercises octal : C&D Timed assignment & revision Media Revision exercise Conceptual and theoretical revision Glossary use Independent research Revision materials selected as necessary Contemporary issues analysis media and crime Half Term: Monday 28/10/13 – Friday 1/11/13 NOVO-04: Labeling & CSS Realism Media – Gratification model, cultural effects Understand and apply NIL SABA and community crime prevention Understand and apply cultural effects model Essay question analysis & planning PPTP NIL

Worksheet cultural effects model Complete essay on SABA started in class NOVO-II: C&D Traditional Marxism – Cryogenic, Snider Chemicals Media – representations of social class Evaluate traditional Marxist analysis of capitalism and crime Understand & Evaluate the relationship between ownership and social class representation Note making PPTP traditional Marxism Worksheets cryogenic capitalism http://www. Youth. Com/watch? Exercises power relationship and representation of social class Reading Marxism and the ownership of the media Assignment Chemicals Marxism & the law NOVO. 18: C&D Neo-Marxism Media – representations of age

Evaluate Critical criminology, understand Hall Mugging Understand and evaluate the relationship between ownership and age Terminology Worksheet Critical criminology Handout Stuart Hall, Mugging http://www. Youth. Com/watchdog_Damaged_Y&feature=player_embedded PPTP media rep of age Worksheet media rep of age NOVO-25: C&D Right realist approaches Media – Selection & Presentation of the news Understand and apply: broken windows thesis & rational choice theory Understand & apply concepts relating to cultural and political factors in news Note Handout and worksheet Wilson & Keeling Worksheet – zero tolerance http://www. C. Co. UK/news/UK-England-London-16572689 Worksheet on news values Article on Birmingham university CSS unit Assignment on selection & presentation of news Marxism crossword Deck-02: Gender Media – representations of gender, Understand & Be able to evaluate the debates about the treatment of men & women in the criminal Justice system. Understand and evaluate hegemonic masculinity’s & femininity’s, under representations Note making Coherence Brainstorming Worksheet gender & the CSS PPTP Gender issues & crime Barrington study exercise Reading – Adobes & Adobes study, Complete media gender exercise Deck-:go

C&D Postmodernism & crime Media – Postmodernism Understand and apply postmodernist concepts in crime and the media and apply egg night time economy and media reception analysis Terminology Glossary PPTP postmodernism & crime Handout night time economy Worksheet reception analysis Handout postmodernism and the media Revision Deck-16 C&D Timed essay, revision Media timed essay & revision Exam practice and revision for Media and C&D topics Exam analysis and planning Question analysis Revision exercises and exam practice Sociology review articles on Marxism and crime and the media Methodology worksheet Student Review Days:

Monday 17 December to Tuesday 18 December Christmas Break: 23/12/13 – 03/01/14 Spring Term 2014 Jan-07: -rues C&D ethnicity Know the patterns of ethnicity & crystallization as shown by different sources of data. Over representations, stereotypes, power relationships Independent learning Brainstorm Statistics analysis BCC methodology and statistics Worksheet policing and ethnicity PPTP policing Gang culture analysis of representations worksheets Reading sociology review article policing Assignment media representations of retrenching Jan-13: C&D Globalization Media – globalization Understand and apply cybercafé, TNT and crime, Macadamia,

Evaluate globalization and popular culture, Americanization Subject specific terminology Conceptual development Worksheets: cybercafé, green crime, slave labor PPTP Green crime www. Sociology. Net – Americanization worksheet Complete essay question on cybercafé Jan-20: Media – New media global context Understand the relationships between the new information media & crime & social control. ; Globalization, Green & State Crime Development of the range of new media and their importance Effects of new media on society The significance of the changing relationships between audience and the media. BBC news reports on international crime.

Controversial reports on India and China illegal human organ transplant. Http://www. Sociologically. Co. UK/videos/view/20368/ Globalization: green crime, state crime, criminal economy http://www. Sociologically. Co. UK/videos/ TED- Organized crime – Macadamia – very useful globalizes crime – show students this as a courtroom and allocate roles to students. Invite colleague (or 2 to be) “The Jury’. The teams have 40 minutes to prepare their arguments and the Jury will give its verdict. Postmodernism and the media PPTP Postmodernist model Task : Using textbook p 151 construct a collage of images to illustrate each point with brief text

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