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Assignment Punishing a person In public humiliation can be cruel, unfair, and lead to harmful actions. A punishment for a crime Is a correct action, but only to the person committing the crime. A shaming punishment could be that it never is officially done, it could be ineffective depending on the type of person you are, and it can affect the family and friends of the criminal. On the opposing side, some might disagree. The people that agree with shaming biblically would think the idea would be cheaper. It would cut down the costs, and loud let people learn their lesson by extreme measures.

The side that agrees would think shaming biblically would embarrass a person so much that they would learn their lesson. There is a major difference in a shaming punishment and a sentence in Jail. When is a shaming punishment actually over? You can live the rest of your life in humiliation for a crime, rather than Just have a sentence in Jail or service. What if you are not guilty? You live your whole life in shame and living with humiliation every day, and you are Innocent. If a person just serves time then you don’t live the rest of your fife in a horrible feeling, or treated badly.

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Public shaming can be taken to an extreme, just look at the scarlet letter. The public humiliation is never officially over. A shaming punishment is the wrong way to punish a person. Every person is different which can mean there will be different outcomes from this type of punishment. One person could feel the shame and learn their wrong doings, while someone else could think It was the easy way out. If a person does not get embarrassed easily or feel ashamed easily then It would have less of an effect then being In Jail. In the article “A Modern

Day Scarlet Letter, the story of a wife-beater is forced to stand on the courthouse steps and apologize with cameras rolling to his victim. This punishment is not what a wife-beater deserves. It would not have the same effect as prison and a fine would. It is severely wrong to beat a person, and public humiliation is not the right punishment to handle It. The punishment could straighten a certain number of people out, but some might feel that If they only have to apologize then It Is okay to do again. Justice is not served here and the person needs to learn from their mistake.

All punishments depend on the type of person, and the type of crime committed. A fight at Erwin High School had many students involved and arrested. If their punishment is public humiliation, that will not do the Justice needed. Public humiliation will not stop them from fighting again. If a person has a shaming punishment, not only could It hurt their reputation, but their fairness reputation. A person can learn their lesson by simply paying a fine or sentencing time rather than having an impact on their family. It is cruel to give a person a punishment that effects their family and friends.

The person that omitted the crime should be the only person affected by the punishments. In the article “A Modern Day Scarlet Letter, it tells how a shaming punishment for a criminal affected the criminals’ grandmother. When it affects people other than the person committing the crime It Is wrong. Be cruel, not effective, not do Justice, and can affect the family and friends of the criminal. People should take into consideration all the possibilities of the positive and negative affects this type of punishment can have. If taken to extreme measures, one might severely regret the choice of punishment made.

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