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If you use headings within your paper you will need to follow PAP for that. If you only use one level of headings, you ill follow the following format. Tips The PAP manual, 6th edition, should be purchased and followed for every paper. If you use more than one level of heading, see page 62. If you use serrations, see pages 63-64 for rules on billeted and numbered lists. There are rules for numbers? when to spell out and when not to spell out. Punctuation rules, capitalization rules, hyphenation rules, and most everything else can be found.

Do not forget to follow format for citations, pages 169-179, and reference page, pages 37, 49-51, and 180-192. On the reference page, do not forget that hanging indents should be used, bubble-spacing continued, and references must be listed in alphabetical order. In addition, please note the differences between books, Journals, papers, web addresses, and other resources referenced. Finally all works cited must be found on the reference page, and all references must have a citation in the body of the paper.

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Plagiarism is inappropriate and is in direct violation of the honor code of The George Washington University. Please follow quoting and paraphrasing rules found on pages 170-171. If citing a direct quote, “the citation must have author name, publication ear, and page number(s)” Judge, 2011, p. 343). Please take note of the placement of the period after the citation. Also, if the quote is 40 words or more, follow the rules for block quotes. When paraphrasing, only cite the author and publication date Judge, 2011).

Be sure when paraphrasing, that you are actually paraphrasing and not mostly quoting; this would be considered plagiarism if caught. Next Heading Continue paper. Particularly in short papers, headings are not usually required. If purchase the PAP 6th edition manual and you follow these simple PAP rules, you will always earn full PAP points on assignments requiring PAP, write better, and completely impress your professors, maybe even enough to earn an A because your classmates probably didn’t follow PAP.

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