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Attitude, Awareness Level towards Sex Education in India. This survey questionnaire is being undertaken to find the Attitude & Awareness Level towards Sex Education for Men and Women in the age group of 18-24. Instructions 1. Use a tick mark or a circle to select the appropriate answer. 2. Certain questions have multiple answers. The word ‘Multiple’ next to the question signifies the same.

The answers of the questions will be kept discreet from others and your privacy will be best maintained. 4. Please answer the questions with utmost honesty. Your Profile Age – Sex – Occupation – Marital Status – Your Background 1. When was Sex Education first imparted to you? 9th/10th Standard 11th/12th Standard Junior/Senior College Never 2. How do/did you clarify your doubts on Sex Education? (Multiple) Friends Siblings Parents Internet Teachers or Professors in school/college Professional Campaigns/Workshops . How often do you or make your partner use protection for sex? Always Frequently Rarely Never 4. Which form of protection is most likely used by you or by your partner? (Multiple) Birth control pills Condoms Female Contraceptives Don’t use any 5. What compels you to have safe sex? (Multiple) Unwanted Pregnancy Fear of STDFear of HIV/AIDS Request/Authority of the opposite partner Do not practice safe sex 6. How many sexual partners have you had? None1-34-67-9 10 & above Your Awareness 7.

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Expand the abbreviation AIDS. – Additional Illness during sex – Affected Immune Disability Syndrome – Acute Intercourse Disease System – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 8. What does HIV stand for? – High Immune Virus – Human Immunodeficiency Virus – Human Intersexual Virus – Human Immune Virus 9. How does the HIV Virus spread? (Multiple) – Unsafe Sex – Sharing household items such as utensils, towels – From an infected mother to her unborn child – Kissing or French Kiss – Sharing facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, toilets – Sharing needles with an infected person 0. Is HIV synonym (another word) for AIDS? YES NO 11. Can a person become HIV+ or acquire AIDS without any sexual activity? YES NO Don’t know 12. Commonly, how soon can the HIV virus be detected? 6-12 weeks 13-20 weeks 21-27 weeks 28 weeks and above 13. What is the full form of STD? – Sex with Deficient Immunity – Sex Transferred Deficiency – Sexually Transmitted Disease – Socially Transferred Sexual Disease 14. What do you understand by the term monogamy/polygamy? – Different form of Sexual Diseases Single and Multiple sexual partners at any particular time – Sexual organs of men and women – Terms given to rapists, molesters and other sexual offenders Your Attitude 15. What is the most suitable age to impart Sex Education? 10-12years13-15years17-19years20-22years 16. What do you think is the best medium to impart sexual education to today’s youth? (Multiple) Open discussions Print/Books Visual Let them decide 17. Are you comfortable in clarifying Sexual issues/doubts to your friends and/or siblings of the same sex? Comfortable in dealing with friends and siblings – Comfortable in dealing with friends only – Comfortable in dealing with siblings only – Uncomfortable in dealing with both. 18. Do you approve of: – Homosexuality (Attraction or Sexual Behavior with same gender) And Bisexuality (Attraction or Sexual Behavior with people of both genders)? – Approve both – Approve Homosexuality but disapprove Bisexuality – Approve Bisexuality but disapprove Homosexuality – Disapprove both 19. What are the biggest barriers to impart Sex Education in our Society? Multiple) Conservative Society Lack of Public/Private Initiative Sponsorship Issues Lack of Role Models Others (please specify) . 20. India ranks 3rd in AIDS population. Do you think enough is being done to counter AIDS and spread awareness? – Enough is being done and you’re satisfied with the efforts – A lot is being done, yet more measures and awareness is required – Awareness and measures undertaken are less/ negligible.

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