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We will examine the origins and advancements of rock music by studying the pertinent social, political, cultural, racial, gender, and class issues that pertain o rock music’s history. We will also examine the development of the music business and technology that shaped and distributed it. You will develop listening skills by studying song examples covered in the textbook and in class. We will begin with an introduction to what the study of rock music entails and then focus on listening skills and musical terms to develop a vocabulary with which to discuss and experience selected song examples.

The study of music, especially for the newly initiated may be more difficult than you expect. You will be more successful if you approach it in the same way as oh would a foreign language ? immerse yourself by listening to the song examples repeatedly. Ask questions if you do not fully understand something. The same applies to listening skills – if you are not hearing the musical characteristics discussed during the lectures and in your readings, please ask for help! This course fulfills the CORE Category II: Methods of Inquiry requirement as an Art elective.

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Required Text ; Technology: What’s That Sound? 3rd edition by John Covina. Turning Technologies Responded REF clicker. Both can be purchased at the campus bookstore. Required Audio: There are a number of songs to listen to for this class. Some Of these songs can be found on youth. The Interactive Listening Guide application found in the Blackboard course site has direct links to purchase the music from tunes; most of these song examples are also available on Amazon. Download and use the Interactive Listening Guide application while studying the song examples.

Course Work and Weighted Percentages: Grading Online Exams 1, 2, & 3 (20% each) Criteria 5 Online Quizzes (4% each) 1 0 Written Assignments (1% each) Attendance Participation TRACE Evaluation Lectures (37) Lectures start promptly at 10:30 am and will end at 11 am. Bring your Responded to every class. Attendance and participation with the clicker technology is mandatory. Lectures will include interactive polling and questions to be answered with the clickers, listening to song examples, watching video clips, and live performance demonstrations.

Students are responsible for all announcements made at the beginning and end of each lecture. Additionally, reading assignments are due prior to the Mondays lecture in order to fully comprehend the subjects being discussed in class. Blackboard: Course Material Every week new course material will be made available on Blackboard corresponding to the current week’s lecture schedule outlined below. The content areas for each week are the key to your academic success in this class. Each folder will contain a study guide, reading, listening and writing assignments.

Visit the Blackboard course frequently! Online Quizzes (5) Online quizzes will be available on specified Thursdays between the hours of 1 1 a. M and 11:55 p. M. The questions are based on the current reading assignment as well as lecture content. You must take the online quizzes between these hours in order to receive a score. All quizzes have a time limit of 32 minutes unless otherwise indicated. Retakes will only be offered to students who experience a Blackboard related error while taking the quiz during regular quiz hours. If this happens, email Brian Burgeon (TA) immediately.

Schedule time outside Of class every Thursday to take these quizzes. Browser issues do happen sometimes so please take the following precautions before attempting each online quiz: 1) Restart your computer before taking online quizzes 2) Do NOT run any other programs until you submit your answers 3) Clear your browser’s cache ) Turn off pop-up-window blocking programs while taking the quiz. Finally, if you use an unstable wireless network connection while taking the quiz, you might be kicked out of the blackboard system. Its best to use a wired connection.

If problems persist, take the quiz on a computer in the library. Written Assignments Weekly written assignments will be available in the ‘Weekly Assignments’ content area on blackboard. These are based On the reading assignments and taken directly from the textbook. Choose ONE question to answer from the end of the current chapter being studied. Submissions need to be at least en paragraph (5-7 sentences) in length to receive full credit. These assignments are due every Friday by 1 1 p. M. So highly recommend adding calendar events and reminders.

If you experience issues submitting your assignment within the deadline, email Brian immediately. Online Exams (3) 3 online exams will be offered throughout the semester; the format consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. The questions will cover 4 chapters of material. The time limit is 100 minutes (2 minutes per question) and the exams will be available Thursdays from 1 1 (immediately after class) through Friday at midnight. If a scheduling conflict exists contact professor Landlubber prior to the exam to schedule an alternate test date. Failure to do this will result in a missed exam score.

Exams will be graded on a straight scale with NO curve. Cheating and unauthorized collaborations as defined by the Academic Honesty and Integrity policy (http://www. Oscar. Nee. Dude/) will NOT be tolerated. Students who are found cheating will be prosecuted to the fullest extent! Check Your Academic Progress Regularly Scores for exams, quizzes, and writing assignments can be viewed in the grade book section of blackboard as well as your overall running weighted total. Brian Burgeon will be grading your weekly assignments and monitoring your quiz progress.

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