Rimmael: One of the World’s Oldest Cosmetic Brands Assignment

Rimmael: One of the World’s Oldest Cosmetic Brands Assignment Words: 682

In 1820, a respected French perfumer who had been trained by the famous Lubin, perfumer to Empress Josephine, the wife of Napoleon I, accepted an invitation to manage a perfumery in London’s prestigious Bond Street. By 1834, the move to London had proved so successful that, together with his son and apprentice Eugene Rimmel, then aged just 14, he opened a perfumery of his own. The House of Rimmel was established. As the business flourished, so too did the talents of Eugene Rimmel.

By the age of 24, he had become, not only an expert perfumer, but also a cosmetics visionary, experimenting with fragrance and colour, and travelling the world in search of exotic ingredients and new ideas. A pioneer of personal hygiene, he developed some truly innovative products, including 1. mouth rinses, 2. 2. fragranced pomades and 3. 3. an ingenious scented steam vaporizer. While high society flocked to his flagship perfumery in Regent Street to purchase an extensive range of exquisitely packaged perfumes, soaps and bath essences, many of them bearing royal warrants.

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Even at this early stage, Eugene Rimmel sensed the potential of advertising to bring his products to a wider public, and began to publish lavishly illustrated mail order catalogues and to place advertisements in theatre programmes. When he died in 1887, his two sons inherited his beauty empire, building on their father’s success internationally by developing an extensive colour line with a special focus on eye-enhancing products, in particular Rimmel’s revolutionary mascaras. So popular did they become that “rimmel” is to this day the word for mascara in several languages.

After the Second World War, Rimmel was acquired by Robert and Rose Caplin, the owners of a London advertising agency. As a new mood of optimism swept through Britain, and Hollywood heroines became beauty icons for millions of women, the Caplins – with intuition worthy of Eugene Rimmel himself – anticipated the resulting cosmetics boom by expanding Rimmel’s colour range, modernising its packaging and launching the first ever self-selection dispenser. During the 1970s and 1980s, the company changed hands several times before it was finally acquired by Coty Inc. n 1996. Rimmel has since gone from strength to strength, bringing its unique London look to more than 40 countries worldwide and establishing itself as Britain’s best-selling cosmetics brand. Founded in London, Rimmel has kept its finger on the pulse of this most eclectic of capitals, and taken inspiration from the city’s unique street style to create a brand of beauty that’s quite different from anything to emerge from Milan, Paris or New York. [pic] MARKETING MIX OF RIMMEL The marketing mix of Rimmel are the 4 P’s which are 1. Product 2.

Price 3. Place 4. Promotion 1. PRODUCTS The products Rimmel sells are women cosmetics. The have a variety of products ranging from things for lips, face, clansers to eyes. We will individually name all the products. LIPS: 1. Lip gloss [pic] 2. Lip liner 3. Lip plumper 4. Lipstick [pic] FACE: 1. Concealer 2. Foundation 3. Face powder 4. Rouge 5. Bindi 6. Thanaka 7. Tilaka [pic] CLEANSERS: 1. Toner 2. Moisturizer EYES: 1. Eye liner 2. Eye shadows [pic] 3.

Kohl [pic] 4. Mascara NAILS: 1. French manicure 2. nail polish 3. nail pencils [pic] [pic] 2. PRICE The prices of a few of Rimmel products: Rimmel cool matte $8. 59 Soft kohel $2. 99 [pic] Natural bronzer $5. 49 Mono powder blush $3 Spin lit up gloss $7 [pic]

Volume flash instant thickening mascara $7 Lasting finish nail polis in Ash Rose $3 [pic] Lash bling $7. 19 Light beam lip gloss $10. 99 Eye shadow quad $5. 50 [pic] Kiss off lipgloss $6. 79 Dare to bare face and body luminizer $ 7. 49 Cool matte mousse foundation $6. 99 Vinyl lip gloss $5. 50 [pic] Stir it up cream eyeshadow $6. 99 [pic] Play fast quick dry nailpolish $3. 69 3. PLACE Rimmel products are now available in a variety of countires.

Its is available all over UK and now it is distributed in foreign counties such as : 1. China 2. Asia 3. US In Pakistan, it is available in stores such as Wadud sons, Jans Arcade, Imperial , Cross roads etc. 4. PROMOTION Rimmel promotes their new products through, 1. ADVERTISEMENTS: • They advertise through television adds, they normally use famous stars to promote their products. • They also advertise through magazines. • They post posters. 2. FREE SAMPLES: They normally give free samples to the cutomers 3. They provide tester items along with all the products of Rimmel. [pic] ***THE END***

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