Research: Indian Retail Industry Assignment

Research: Indian Retail Industry Assignment Words: 708

Summary of Learning Outcomes To achieve pass learners must demonstrate the ability to deal with each of the allowing outcomes: understand how to formulate a research specification Be able to Implement the research project within agreed procedures and to specification Be able to evaluate the research outcomes Be able to present the research outcomes. Scenario For the assignment, you will be required to select Research project Into an area of commercial business practice that Interests you.

The study should use both primary and secondary sources of Information, and analysis should be done by using appropriate methods and present the findings with regard to initial proposal. Or The Indian Retail Industry is the largest among all the industries, accounting for over 10 per cent of the country’s GAP and around 8 per cent of the employment. The Retail Industry in India has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market.

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But all of them have not yet tasted success because of the heavy initial Investments that are required to break even with other companies and compete with them. The Indian Retail Industry is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next boom industry. Despite of exponential growth, the retail industry in India facing enormous challenges. Your research should dwell upon challenges in Indian retail industry. Major Retailers in India Pantaloon: Pantaloon is one of the biggest retailers in India with more than 450 stores across the country.

Headquartered in Iambi, it has more than 5 million sq. Ft retail space located across the country. It’s growing at an enviable pace and is expected to reach 30 million sq. Ft by the year 2010. In 2001, Pantaloon launched country’s first hypermarket ‘Big Bazaar’. It has the following retail segments: Home Solutions: Hometown, Furniture Bazaar, Collection-I Consumer Electronics: e-zone Shoes: Shoe Factory Books, Music ; Gifts: Depot Health ; Beauty Care: Star, Sitars E-tailing: Afterburner. Com Entertainment: Bowling Co.

Data Group Data group is another major player in Indian retail industry with its subsidiary Trend, which operates Westwards and Star India Bazaar. Established in 1998, it also acquired the largest book and music retailer in India ‘Landmark in 2005. Trend owns over 4 lake sq. Ft retail space across the country. RPG Group RPG Group is one of the earlier entrants in the Indian retail market, when it came into food & grocery retailing in 1996 with its retail Afterworld stores. Later it also opened the pharmacy and beauty care outlets ‘Health ; GloW.

Reliance Reliance is one of the biggest players in Indian retail industry. More than 300 Reliance Fresh stores and Reliance Mart are quite popular in the Indian retail market. It’s expecting its sales to reach RSI. 90,OHO scores by 2010. VA Barilla Group VA Barilla Group has a strong presence in Indian apparel retailing. The brands like Louis Phillips, Allen Solely, Van Houses, Peter England are quite popular. It’s also investing in other segments of retail. It will invest RSI. 8000-9000 cores by 2010. Retail formats in India Hyper marts/supermarkets: large self-servicing outlets offering products from a variety of categories.

Mom-and-pop stores: they are family owned business catering to small sections; they are individually handled retail outlets and have a personal touch. Departmental stores: are general retail merchandisers offering quality products and services. Convenience stores: are located in residential areas with slightly higher prices goods due to the convenience offered. Shopping malls: the biggest form of retail in India, malls offers customers a mix of all types of products ND services including entertainment and food under a single roof. E-trailers: are retailers providing online buying and selling of products and services.

Discount stores: these are factory outlets that give discount on the MR.. Vending: it is a relatively new entry, in the retail sector. Here beverages, snacks and other small items can be bought via vending machine. Category killers: small specialty stores that offer a variety of categories. They are known as category killers as they focus on Multi Brand Outlets or Mob’s. Specialty stores: are retail chains dealing in specific categories and provide deep assortment. Mamba’s Crossword Book Store and Rap’s Music World are a couple of examples.

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