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Acknowledgement 3. Introduction 4. 5. Narrative Report 6. Reaction Paper Financial Statement 7. Assignment and Responsibilities 8. Directory of Members 9. 10. Appendices First if all we would like to give a big thanks to our CATS class for letting us to participate in the Coastal Cleaning of Manila Bay. And to thank our CATS Professor Ma’am Janet David for gilding us altogether the outreach Program. We highly appreciate it.

We would also like to thank our clear Parents for being supportive through financial support, moral support, we like to highly acknowledgement our agreements or being attentive , active & responsible enough to Join the outreach program lastly , we would like to thank our dear God for keeping us safe and always being on our side each everyday of our life. Every year the Civic Welfare Training Service(CATS) of the Technological Institute of the Philippines conducts different outreach programs such as Coastal Cleaving , Tree Planting , Visiting different Barings and many move.

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The CATS class is divided into several groups that will choose one of the different outreach program that they will Join. Our group have decided to perform the Coastal Cleaning that will be held in Manila Bay on the 17th of November in the year of 2013. At around 5:mama the APPC “Dream Team” members meet in the United Nation ALERT Station. After we complete ourselves, we ready our equipments and materials that we will going to use in the side Postal Clean-up. We arrived at the U. S Embassy at around 5:mama When we already arrived to the community outreach we attended the flag ceremony and the orientation for the community outreach project.

And after that we darted to Join and help to the Postal Clean-up. At Exactly 10:mama the program was ended and after we receive the finals remarks we go to Ma’am David to have our attendance checking and each of the member went home. Individual Reactions Lapping, First Eve been conscious in what we win doing dodo in that Postal Clean-up project. The thing Comes in my mind is all about cleaning and I feel quite shock when we I already know the location. At the Manila bay, I never thought that there are other Colleges and Universities flat are Joining an I know that only our group will going to lean the Manila Bay.

I find it interesting and enjoyable when we already cleaning the Manila Bay. Tallest group w/ the other schools have the opportunity to be with each other. My reflection to our Coastal Cleaning is Very Awesome and it feels good to my self because you know? Manila Bay is very dirty and so many living things and non- living things in that area its so KODIAK !! Eye but it feels good because after that the manila bay is like Diamond shine bright like Manila Bay so that’s why Im very overwhelmed that we help on that program. Cabala,

I had fun in Coastal Clean-up and I amaze about what happened because they are not “emirate” to pick-up garbage in the seaside all groups participate there and different schools after clean-up the seaside are very clean like before. Carol, I woke up early intro morning feeling glad that I will Join the outreach program of our CATS class which in the Coastal Cleaning Cleaning I am the are who’s been assigned to bring the tarpaulin of our deal school. I saw menu kinds of garbage and smell I smell I don’t know to explain because of the bad odor in the bay. Lopez,

By the time we arrived at the Manila Bay I was shocked to see the garbage in seashore of the bay. I felt ashamed for myself because sometimes I throw my own garbage in the river so I came up with an idea to do my work seriously and don’t be disgust by the unpleasant environment. I picked every garbage that I see. I’m happy for what I am doing because I know it is for the greater good of the Manila Bay and I’m Just hoping that our people will learn to throw or dispose their garbage more properly next time. This Community Outreach Project is not only to help the bay but o nurture as a part of maturity.

The Outreach ended and its glad to see that the seashore of Manila Bay is now clean. Egrets My surrogates and I spend a really good time doing the Coastal Cleaning. We’ve had a lot of fun, we help each other and we are not disgusted in the garbage. I really wish to participate on another Cleaning Program. Garcia It was great, fun and fulfilling experience. This is my first time to Join this kind of Activity and I am very thankful because I become part of this kind of activity that alps to clean our environment especially seaside.

Mannequin seaside with my friends and I learned that whatever you do with the nature, it will came back upon greater, than what you do. Cruz That day was fun, because I enjoyed cleaning and helping the environment to improve its status. Almost all of the garbage was remove in Manila Bay. We are not disgusted because sometimes we do throw garbage in that place so we have no reason to be disgusted. Last, this project also help the people to learn and not throwing garbage anywhere.

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