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In week three of the creative minds and critical thinking class, given through University of Phoenix, I completed an assignment that addressed solving a problem using creative thinking skills. During the assignment, I concluded that “knowing when to inform my employer that I have reached my work limitations,” and “understand when have reached a point that requires external medical assistance” are solutions to my original issue of “why am stressed? (James Knight, 2012, up. 1-4).

After careful review of both solutions, I chose the first mentioned as the best solution based on which of the wow solutions that I directly could effect and address immediately. The next step is to evaluate the solution by asking directing questions designed to make the argument more precise. The first question is how to apply the solution? The solutions application should be direct and concise. The next what difficulties could arise with the solutions implementation and how to overcome them? A difficulty that could arise is my employer’s frustration at my rejection of an increased workload.

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A solution for my employer’s frustration would be to direct the extra work to less burdened employees. A third question that should be addressed is Why may Others resist the solution and What modifications could be added to mitigate the resistance? Coworkers might resist my solution based on the possibility Of their workloads increasing because Of my workload lightening. A way to alleviate coworkers resistance is to suggest the creation of a task outline that evenly disperses work to employees. Another question would be who needs persuasion to support the solution?

My direct supervisor is the person who needs persuasion, and the best means to address his issue is direct interaction. By asking directing questions about the issue, could revise my argument into a more effective product. The revised argument is to clearly expressing, to my employer that have reached my work limitations, and present my employer with a plan for equal distribution of the office workload for all the employees (Ruggeri, 2009), * Refinement begins upon completion to the revision processes.

Argument refinement is defining how to implement the solution, checking for imperfections, comparing solutions, considering the changes cause by the elution, and the effects the solution will have on people (Ruggeri, 2009). Refining the solutions implementation begins by outlining the steps in the process. The steps for implementing the solution are create a draft plan to distribute equally all office tasks to every employee, create an effective presentation Of the plan and argument, schedule time With my employer for the presentation, and be clear and concise while briefing.

The next step in refinement is to check for imperfections by looking at the solutions clarity, safety, convince, efficiency, economy, simplicity, comfort, durability, beauty, and immutability (Ruggeri, 2009). The solution that have formulated is clear. The solution does not pose any danger for anyone involved with the implementation. The solution may cause inconvenience by adjusting my employer’s expectations. At first, the implementation may take some time for others to adjust to, but the solution will create greater efficiency in the office.

The solution will only require available resources to implement and will not require any further expenses, The plan is simple and to the point. Initially, the plan may cause some discomfort to allow employees, The solution manifests in the form of a thought and cannot physically break. My fellow employees will understand the necessity for the plan. The plans compatibility is reliant on all employees understanding the plans origin, and accepting the decision from my employer.

The third step in solution in the refinement process is to compare solutions (Ruggeri, 2009), As stated in the first paragraph have chosen my first solution, which involves me solving the problem and not relying on others to present solutions, as would be the case if I elf referred to a medical professional. Another refinement step is to consider the changes that my solution will cause (Ruggeri, 2009). My solution will force my coworkers to increase their workloads. The last refinement step is to visualize the effects Of my solution on Other people (Ruggeri, 2009).

The effect on Others Will be an increase workload as stated in the last step and will cause my employer to build confidence in the Other employees. -k using refinement to adjust the solution created in a previous assignment is the final process in creative problem solving. The Steps outlined above, assist the creative thinker with adjusting solutions into a more efficient argument. I have found that solutions are not required to be simple one sentence, direct resolutions.

In fact, many problems require multiple levels of solutions. Before the refinement steps my solution was “clearly expressing, to my employer, that have reached my work limitations, and present my employer with a plan for equal distribution of the office workload for all the employees. ” After refining the plan for implementation, realized that I needed to create a draft plan, evolve an effective presentation of the plan, schedule time with my employer to present the plan, and he clear and concise while briefing.

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