Quiz on Human Pathophysiology Assignment

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This assignment is worth 40 points. Please make sure you have answered all questions prior to submitting. Once you click the submit button, you will not be able to return. Question 1 of A 9-year-old patient Is admitted to a pediatric unit with Dutchmen muscular dystrophy. Which of the following traits was this condition Inherited from? Sex-linked dominant Excellences Sex-limited Sex-linked recessive 2 of 40 A 70-year-old male with chronic renal failure presents with edema. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this condition? Increased capillary nonionic pressure

Decreased interstitial nonionic pressure Increased capillary hydrostatic pressure Increased interstitial hydrostatic pressure 3 of 40 Which of the following can cause swollen feet to develop? Increased ATOP Chloride movement out of the cell An+ movement into the cell Decreased nonionic pressure 4 Of 40 What Is the role of cytokines In cell reproduction? Provide growth factor for tissue growth and development Block progress of cell reproduction through the cell cycle Restrain cell growth and development Provide nutrients for cell growth and development Sodium and water accumulation in an injured cell are a direct result of which of the allowing?

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Decreased ATOP production Sororities Ribosome detachment Dehydration 6 of 40 A cell that does not contain a multiple of 23 chromosomes is called a diploid upload unplanned haploid 7 of 40 cell. Which of the following molecules is likely to accumulate in dead or dying tissues? Calcium Protein Uric acid Melanin 8 of 40 A condition in which a single chromosome is missing in each cell is called a haploid condition. An autos. A monsoons. Down Syndrome. 9 of 40 A child is born with blue eyes (b). The child’s mother has blue eyes, and the father has brown eyes. Which of the following represents the father?

Bibb Ebb 10 of 40 RNA directs the synthesis of protein through which process? Transcription Translation Translation 11 of 40 Which of the following problems results in increased capillary hydrostatic pressure and the formation of edema? Renal failure Hemorrhaging Liver failure All of the above 12 of 40 The Eukaryotic cell consists of which of the following three components? The plasma membrane, the cytoplasm, and intracellular organelles The plasma membrane, the extracurricular membrane, and lagan’s Cell Junctions, the extracurricular membranes, and proteins Water, proteins, and receptors 13 of 40

The process by which cells program themselves to die is called corollary’s. Optimism. Opinions. Necrosis. 31 of 40 Steven has Dutchmen muscular dystrophy. He inherited this condition from his mother only. Father only. Mother and father. Mother or father. The outward manifestation of a disease, which is often influenced by both genes and environment, is called the disease genotype. Allele. Phenotype. Dominance. 33 of 40 An increase in antipathetic hormone (DAD) secretion will result in which of the following changes? Increased serum sodium concentrations Decreased serum sodium concentrations Increased serum potassium concentrations

Decreased serum potassium concentrations 34 of 40 Which phase of catabolic produces the most ATOP? Digestion Glycoside Oxidation Citric acid cycle 35 of 40 Mutations can result in abnormal DNA. RNA. Proteins. DNA, RNA, and proteins. 36 of 40 Mutations that do not change the amino acid sequence and thus have no consequence are termed mutations. Frameset spontaneous silent misses 37 of 40 CT scan reveals that the patient is suffering from cerebral edema. This type of edema is referred to as localized edema. Generalized edema. Pitting edema. Lymphoma. 38 of 40 Which of the following is not an accepted theory of aging?

Cellular aging results from wear and tear over the course of a lifetime. The degeneration of extracurricular materials such as collagen contributes to aging. The process of transcription during protein synthesis becomes more error-prone as a cell ages. The genetic mechanisms of aging are programmed into a cell’s DNA. Question 39 of 40 Cellular atrophy involves an increase in cell size. A decrease in cell size. An increase in the number of cells. A decrease in the number of cells. 40 of 40 Which of the following electrolytes is found in the highest concentrations in the intracellular fluid (ICE)? Sodium Magnesium Potassium

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