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A the overall topic was psychology perspectives and ethics in research. Several things I learned while completing this was that Freud was known as “the father of psychology,” what the PAP was, and counselor’s standards. Learning about the foundations of psychology better helped me think about choosing It as a career path or not. If I do decide to become a psychologist, this module gave me more knowledge about the different types of psychologists there are, and what each of them does on a daily basis.

Module B taught me about research methods and evaluation For tests and quizzes I had to know about mean, median, and mode, binds, and testing groups. Learned that experiments are often preformed on large groups of people, how they are taken, and the different groups they are divided Into. Now believe that I should always answer survey questions if taking one correctly because you may only be one person, but that answer affects data that may need to be known. I should never just go through one too quickly because I do not feel like spending a few extra minutes taking it.

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Module AAA was long and difficult because this was my first learning interaction with neurobiology. Neurobiology Is a study that Involves the brain and Its functions. During this section, I played games that helped teach me where certain parts of the brain are located, their names, and what each of them does or controls. So, I am now informed on why and what part of my brain is controlling when something in my body is happening. I feel a certain way. I do something specific, the way I see something, or the thoughts I have.

I am glad to have this knowledge because now hen I feel, think, or do something I have an idea about what is happening inside of my head. In Module B, biological psychology was the main topic. I learned about nature vs.. Nurture, some prescription drugs, and sleep habits. During one assignment, I had to think about traits that I have resembling members of my family and I realized that I am a lot like them. While reading about nature vs.. Nurture. I learned that taking the side of nature meaner letting people learn on their own while nurture involves helping one out when learning new life concepts.

Referring to this debate, I believe hat I stand in the middle. When I grow older and have kids of my own, I will mostly nurture them throughout their younger years but as they grow, I will start to let them become their own person and find out what they do and do not like in life. In Module AAA: Theories and Cognition learned about Moscow, Pavlov, Skinner, Bandeau, Banishes, and Pigged. All of these men made an enormous impact on psychology and what it is today. For assignments, I had to use their findings to answer questions such as why people Join gangs. I also was able to learn about illusions and how they work.

After completing several activates about illusions and doing an assignment on my results of the games, I am now better at seeing Illusions and knowing what is real or fake. Learning and memory. While reading the B Glossary, I learned about brain stimuli, types of punishment, and problem solving. For the Classical Conditioning II test I had to learn what it was and how it worked. I then realized that I have taken part in classical conditioning on both sides of the spectrum! For example, I have learned that if I ask my mother lots of questions while she is busy, she will get mad at me.

I have also taught my dog tricks by practicing them with him over and over and he now knows them by heart. When I become older and own my own pet, I will continue to use classical conditioning to teach it tricks. Throughout Module AAA: Individuals in society, I read and did activities involving diversity. I learned different vocabulary explaining how and why people and groups of people treat others differently such as: cultural norms, prejudice, discrimination, bystander effect, and social trap. In AAA. 1 Assignment 2, I had to write about my own personal experiences with stereotypes.

When thinking about the stereotypes people have placed me with I became sad, and it made me realize how hurtful it really can be. So from then on, I have tried my best not to put a title to someone I have never gotten the chance to get to know because they might turn out completely different than what I expected. In Module B, I was taught about social interactions. I read about three different famous experiments, learned about obedience, and group popularization. In the 48. 1 Assignment 2, I had to write about a personal experience in my life that related to either Cash, Malaria, or Sombrero’s experiments.

I chose Sash’s and wrote about how I wanted to act like the older kids when I was younger to seem more cool. I realize now that I never needed to do that because everyone should be leader, not a follower. I will forever be my own person and I will not be influenced by others. Module AAA was about Erikson and Piglet’s childhood stages. When doing the AAA. 2 Assignment 2, I wrote about a situation in my life that applied to one of Erikson or Piglet’s set of stages. I wrote about going to get my first dog and how big of a responsibility he was when I had to take care of him. That particular day, I took part in

Erosion’s forth stage, industry vs.. Inferiority. I still own the dog that I wrote about and even though he is aging, he still needs to be cared for on a daily basis. And I do care for him by bathing him, giving him his medicine, and feeding him. He has given me the experience to know how to treat a pet for a lifetime. I have and always will take the responsibility of keeping up with my future animals if I choose to make my home theirs too. In Module B, I learned about adulthood: the second half of the stages from AAA. For the B Post Assessment, I interviewed my mom with five questions.

After recording her answerer, I wrote a summary about her and where she was according to Erosion’s stages. She fell in the category of generatively vs.. Stagnation which was appropriately correct because that stage is supposed to apply to people between the ages of forty and sixty, and she is forty-seven. My mom and I had some different opinions about the times we both grew up in, but I agreed with her that teenagers today take more for granted than they should. After thinking about my life, I noticed I am Just like everyone else and have tried to find the best in every little thing sense.

Module AAA was all about personality. During this section, I took multiple high levels of extroversion and accommodation, a high level of orderliness, moderately low level of emotional stability, and low level of inquisitiveness. I found these all to be true after sitting and thinking about them. I believe that in the future, I should try harder to balance everything and raise my emotional stability and inquisitiveness by becoming more open minded, having better outlooks on situations, and taking less things to heart to better my emotions.

Throughout Module B, I learned about different kinds of disorders and reattempts. I figured out through test, quizzes, and forums what therapy or treatments psychologists should recommend for patience with certain types of disorders. For example, a person who suffers from depression should be treated with behavioral therapy because it could help them look for the better outlooks in situations. Learning about what therapy apply to what disorders is good knowledge for me because as I grow older, I may go through a disorder such as Schizophrenia or becoming bipolar and then I would know what I needed to do for myself.

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