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Application of Schools of Thought to Social Challenges/lessees Individuals not reaching their full potential: Humanist school of thought wants to find ways to empower individuals in race eve ray, therapy, or learning processes to reach full potential. And humanist psychology gist research to understand their client as a whole. Humanist psychologist Abraham Moscow h as brought up an idea of Hierarchy of Needs, which explains that basic needs must be fulfilled b before highlighter needs become important.

And acclimatization, which can be defined as one achieving one’s full potential, is the highest level of it. So in order to help one reach his/ her full potential, lowered needs such as esteem needs, belongingness and love needs, safety needs and physiological needs should be meet first. Also, another humanist psychologist Carl Rogers has brought up the glycerinated model, which believes in the clients can understand and themselves better if they are in a entertaining environment.

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Because they play an active e role during that process, so that they are not only gain greater insight but also gain coalface’s once. This can also help one to reach his/ re full potential if they know themselves more clearly. Behaviorism can also help with this issue. Behaviorism studies the predict on and control of behavior, behaviorism psychologists use evidence gained through experiments to understand and change behaviors.

They use classical conditioning method o r operant conditioning method through their experiments. In order to help one to reach his/her full potential, behaviorism psychologists can use operant conditioning, they can s et a reward to stimulate the clients(positive reinforcement), so the clients are more likely to r each their full attention since they are motivated. Also, because operant conditioning is USA Ill voluntary, the client play an active role in the process, that could also push the process foam radar.

Behaviorism HASSLE Psychology Assignment psychologist can study the clients, and understanding their behaviors, then develop some solution based on it, they have the ability to change the behaviors, that cool d also help clients to reach their full potential. Part C: What takes to do new things at work, overnight. A) Humanism Humanism wants to find ways to empower individuals in learning processes to reach their full potential. It focuses on creating a positive environment to explore thinking, lee raring and creativity. In the article, Atlantics has created a Feeds Day to encourage its e employees to innovate new ideas.

Because they only have 24 hours of time, that force the e abandon hesitation and produce fearlessly. Under that condition, the employ sees are more likely to reach their potential. One of the Feeds Day source code is “open up space”, the slack space that Atlantics provides to their employees allows them to think of something entirely new to hem. As a result of 18 Feeds Day, the company has shipped 550 projects and created 47 features or products. Also, humanism believes that individual has ownership and responsibility regarding learning and personal growth.

In humanism, clients play an active r ole in discovery process, and they gain greater insight and kleptomaniacs through the process s. During Feeds Days, employees of Atlantics are free to create whatever they want, and they also can abandon their project and join others’ if they find more exciting about it. In this process , employees play n active role, and that’s how they taking responsibility over their personal gar oath. And it can lead to real changes in behavior to conform new understandings. And because SE Feeds Day is not entirely a competition, even one doesn’t win the first prize, they always find as distraction in their own way.

If we think of Measles Hierarchy of Needs, one can only seek selfless utilization if he/ she meets esteem needs and lowered needs. Feeds Day actually allows the m to meet their esteem needs, so that they are able to reach sulfanilamide needs. In addition, the glycerinated del in humanism points out that as clients explore their attitudes and memo actions on an issuer they will discover the underlying motivations for those attitudes, and ways of thinking that were not available to the conscious mind become unearthed.

I think that is how TTL Asian use Feeds Days to stimulates their employees’ potentials. B) This article talks about how an Australian soft;are company Atlantics uses Feeds Day to unleash its people, stimulating its employees’ creativity by giving them “slack t mime”. The Feeds Day is usually from Ip. M. On Thursday till up. M. On Friday, during the time per odd, employees are asked to work on something they interested and must not relate to their daily work. By the end, they are going to share their ideas to the whole company. The new way o f innovation provides the firm with great success.

The company grown to $100 million in s ale without salespeople, and in 18 Feeds Days, 550 projects has been shipped and 47 feat rues or products has been delivered to the worldwide customers. Also, due to Feeds Days hug e success, nearly 1 50 organizations(range from Fortune 1 0 companies to started firms were competed to win two days stay with a “Pederasts” team. ) We should always have the courage to try something new, because there WI II always have two outcome. One is that thing we tried actually work, and the other one is that w e failed.

But no matter what outcome we get, we can always gain some experiences through t hat tryout. And the key point of the tryout is that it should be comfortable for the people who is e engage with it, and it works better when they play an active role and willing to do it. Like the Atlases an, they want innovation like other company, but unlike the other, they attach”slack Tim?’ WI the a different meaning. They provide their employees with the opportunities to create the p reduce they want, and let us to present that in front of the whole company.

When people find the eye are valued, they are more likely to put effort in. I think in most of the time, social challenges AR e caused by the inequality between people, and humanism can help with that since that is clip entered and people gain satisfaction and they feel they are valued through the process. Part C: We’re Wired to Connect a) Neuroscience Neuroscience studies the brains and want to find a pattern inside the brain which can affects our lives. This article talks about how brain itself is socializing and how one pee arson’s inner state affects others.

Also, it talks about how positive and negative interaction can a effect ourselves. In neuropsychiatry, psychologists believe that everything we do changes our brain I-IS. In the article, it says that others are able to change our personalities. For instance, Magnetron e people can be calmness if they spend time with mellower individuals. Elderly can get younger r if they staying with young generations. Explain in neuroscience way, that is because a thing c led mirror neurons.

And social interaction helps neurosurgeons, the brain rises to the coco Asian the more you challenge it. Our brains are forming a brainstorming bridges Ottawa traffic sys stem all the time, and that’s how we interact and influence others. The closer the relations hip between two people are, the greater impact they will have on each other. B)This article explains how our brains interact with other, how others emotion n affects us. In the article, our brain has been described as Wife, and we are picking up messages which we are not ware of at any moments.

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