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Predict success In achieving your goals based on your past positive experiences, your Individual personality (as determined by the trait approach discussed In chapter six), and your major field of study. This assignment must be approximately four pages in length (not Including the title and reference pages), double spaced, written in Times New Roman 12-point font, and submitted as a Microsoft Word document using the Assignment Submission button. For additional help, please see Sample Week Four Paper. Support your work with citations from two scholarly sources.

One can be from Adult Development and Learning; however, the other source must be from the Gifford university Library. The video, Finding Scholarly Sources, is a helpful guide to locating appropriate sources from the library. The paper must be properly formatted according to PAP style as outlined in the Gifford Writing Center and include a separate title and reference page. The Gifford Writing Center (CAW) has two kinds of tutoring available to you. I have often thought of my dream Job and what I would like to do as a career or job if I could solely focus on what would make me happy instead of would would make me he most money.

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Physical setting and environment in which you would like to spend your working hours. In regards to my dream Job and where I would like for it to take place. My dream Job would be owner of my own party planning company. The great part of being a party planner is that my physical setting would change providing me a change of scenery should I need It. I would have the option of working from home when need It. A office space to meet with clients and the enjoyment of meeting clients at different venues on the actual day of the events and In the different phases of planning.

Types of activities and responsibilities you would Like to spend your time performing I love helping people and planning parties and events it’s something that allows me to be creative. My responsibilities would include meeting with clients and making sure that I make sure that there special occasion request are fulfilled in addition I will spend time traveling to different venues and networking with people who are in efficiently. Kinds of people like you like working with. I have spend the last 20 years working in customer service. I have met people from all walks of life. I am truly a people person.

I love working with all people. One of the reasons that I chose being a party planner as my dream Job is due to the fact that I like working with people and being a party planner will give me the chance to meet and help a lot of people that I probably other wise would not get a chance to know. Personal goals an accomplishment you would like to achieve as part of your work. I like helping people in addition it has always been my goal to own run and operate a successful company. Nothing is more rewarding than helping people while doing something you enjoy and of course making money at the same time.

As long as I use the skills that I have learned so far in this course in regards to accomplishing short term and long term goals I am confident that I can one day own and operate my own business. 1 . What steps does your textbooks author recommend for achieving your short term goals? The author has a lot of good advice in regard to achieving your short term goals. But the two steps that he has to get you to your goal are. To identify the appropriate goals and then devise an effective plan and strategy to achieve your goals.

The author then goes into detail on how to do this such as identifying your worth term goals and then ranking them in order and then selecting what is most important or urgent. 2. What steps does your textbooks author recommend for achieving your long term goals? The author explains that setting long term goals can be a bit complex and long term goals can often change as you change or grow older. The author also explains that you need to identify the most appropriate long term goal for yourself in addition you need to have an understanding of yourself and find things that interest your or bring you satisfaction. . Describe an important decision n your academic or personal life that you will have to make in the near future. In the near future I will have a very important decision to make that will effect my academic as well as my personal life. I am thinking long and hard about relocating to a different state. If I do that will mean a new school as well as relocating my son and moving him away from friends and family. It will be hard but when I look at the pros and cons I believe that the move will be hard but in the best interest of me and my son in the long term. 4.

Explain the reasons for your decision and conclude with your est. possible choice (reference the five step decision making approach described in Chapter 1, pages 21 – 24) A decision to move to another state cannot be taken lightly especially when you have others who will be effected by your decision In using the method for decision making as described in the text book I have clearly thought out by thoughts about moving to another state, what I would do when I got there could I achieve my goals without moving and if indeed moving is the right thing to do at this time. In mapping it out it is clear that I need to put a lot more thought and

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