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When a student is unable to hand in his assignment, he can say that he was suffering from a bad headache and promise to hand in the next morning. Secondly, reality shows displays freedom and free speech. As reality shows basically reflects our actions in our daily lives. This will help the viewers to gain the confidence in voicing out their opinions. In other words, democracy can be seen in this situation. Whereby, the people have an equal opportunity o express their opinion on the laws and the actions of their country.

Thus, reality shows are popular as it helps to bring out the voices of the people. However, there are also cons to reality shows. From the young to adults and from schools to workplaces, people are discussing about the reality shows they have watched. The reality shows have become a common topic for the people that separates the different topic for different age range. From this, disadvantages can be observed because this causes a line to be drawn between the young and the adult. Parents and children will not be able to communicate properly and conflicts may rise.

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Children will think that their parents do not understand them and thus growing apart from each other, affecting their relationship. Lastly, reality shows normally target the adolescence. As part of the media strategy, the reality shows timings are set at night and will affect the student’s studies greatly. Instead of studying at home, the students will watch the television programmer. As a result, not only affecting their study grades but also affect their future career prospects.

In conclusion, reality shows are popular as it helps the audience to escape awkward situations by reiterating the actors words and also help to build up confidence in individuals. Though there are bad effects of reality shows, for example, students not studying and instead watching the programmer. This shows why reality shows are so popular. Lol okay sorry Jingo. I think this essay very crappy x_x you’d probably have vomited like 2 or 3 buckets of blood by the time you reach the end of the composition.

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