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BMW 2044 Promotional Marketing (Assignment 2)Fogging Shank Malaysia TRIMESTER 1, 2013/2014 SESSION BOMBARD Promotional Marketing Assignment 2 Lecturer’s Name: Mr..

In addition, we will also cover the objectives of promotional objectives. Moreover, we have included the market strategy that should be used by Fogging Shank. Last but not least, we would like to propose Fogging Shank a promotional strategy or plan to promote Fogging Shank to the society. We have to comparers about the advertising budget for our promotional plan as well as the action plan. Lastly, we believe that our promotional plan for Fogging Shank Malaysia would be a success. Page | 3 Background of Fogging Shank Malaysia Fogging Shank Malaysia was introduced by Master Hissing Yum in 1983.

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This is because in 1963 he came to Malaysia along with the “Republic of China Buddhist delegation”, and he feels that Taiwan Buddhist community had alms too frequently from Malaysia and Singapore. So he vows that, when next time he comes Malaysia, is to “give” instead of “take” for the people in this land. Finally twenty years later, Master Hissing Yum step into Malaysia which is year 1983. This time Master Hissing Yum is to realize the concept of “give” wish that he vowed last time. After that, Fogging Shank (FPS) in Malaysia actively promote education activity and voluntary work.

Today, FPS has become one of the main Buddhist society in Malaysia, it has implement localization, promote the Buddhist world, all of these had is Just like the seeds planted by the Master and it takes time waited it to grow bigger and stronger. Uphold the “give” spirit by the Master, FIGS Malaysia improve hardware and software facility, widely establish convenient, through culture, art, charity, to attract citizen to Buddhism. The philosophy of FIGS, good deed and entire structure are developing a new turning point of Buddhist development.

As the master said previously, he says that Malaysia’s has a strong education and high religious sentiment. From the year 2000, FPS had the slogan “Buddhism depends on me” and they knew that Buddhist not the main stream of the country, but Buddha who was able to continue develop thinking and they can able to make contribution to the country and also the organization. Even though not the pioneer player role in this field, FPS Malaysia is willing to sacrificed for Buddhism development to accomplish own value to the society. Malaysia is a multicultural country and created broad public mind, there is a big challenge in developing

Buddhism career. Besides that, SSH Malaysia will had varies benefit activities. Such as, blood donation, recycle event, visit and help the low income family. Through the positive way spread philosophy of Buddha spirit will make our world peace and harmony. Page | 4 people at any age and promote principle of humanistic Buddhism. To achieve the objectives, Master Hissings had done a lot of effort by sponsor culture event, giving educational opportunity, engage community service and also teaching about Buddhist way of knowledge. There are 4 founding principle to promote humanistic Buddhism: 1) Promote Buddhist through cultural activities.

Many events had been carrying out by FIG. Such as, weak day they had parade and Buddha bathing. 2)Educate talent through education. There are many tuition classes held by FIG Malaysia. Such as, custom class, yoga class, etiquette training and many more. 3) Benefit society through charity activities. FPS will have charity event to motivate donation to help the poor family and make their life easier. 4)Purify people mind and heart through Buddhist practice. Buddhism promotes peace and harmony philosophy. So, the master will give the right advice to the people and solve their problem. Page | 5 (iii) Current Marketing Situation a.

Competitor Analysis Uniform Group SST John, Scout, Salvation Army, Red Crescent and many more, those are the uniform group association have threatened Fogging. Teenager have the greatest power and energy then other, they will make good commitment and bring benefit to their association. As we know, they can find anybody in order to get the donation. Beside that, they can get it easily by their uniform present, which have good brand awareness. Other religion association People who come to Fogging majority are Buddhist, it is hard to attract other religion people to donate especially Muslim, Christian, Indus.

Mostly people will choose their belong church or mosque to donate more than other organization, so this have threatened Focusing donation. B. SOOT Analysis Strengths Fogging has some strength that commercial companies don’t have. First, Fogging usually is tax exempt. They can sell the products at a discount since they don’t have to pay the taxes, and sometimes they can sell the products to customers who pay no sales tax on the purchase. Font Guan often have a volunteer staff in many roles, such as business man, artist, lawyers, doctor and so on.

Those different higher income class and professional person will bring great inept to Font Guan, especially the donation. Font Guan have brand image among Malaysia, more of the Chinese people knew about it especially Buddhist. In Fogging, they also providing education service to public especially the Buddhist, in order to Buddhist more familiar in their culture, belief and moral value that build their attitude. Sometimes, there will have special service to public by invited speaker from other countries, it could help and motive the person in their life. Weaknesses Fogging may face the problem in cover their expenses with revenue.

Since the income is come from donation and sponsor, so this issue affected Fogging cover their expense efficiency. Since Focusing goal is not to operation and earn profit, so there are hard to differentiate who take the responsibility on it. Beside that, the poor website can’t perform effectively due to the poor design and lack of clearly information. It is also hard to do advertise their event due to the limited budget, therefore almost people can’t recognize the event going. Opportunities New grant available for Fogging, it consider as the opportunity. A grant may be from a government or private agency or group.

There are many grants being offered even during a recession. Finding them and applying for them is a inconsiderable task. Beside that, Fogging have potential to have a influential connection to other famous charity based organization, such as Touch, Seek Aka NNE, WFM,. So Fogging have the opportunity cooperate with them when starting an event and help Fogging to gain and increase their brand awareness. Threats Fogging will be easily affected by economic crises. Unfortunately, charitable giving is one of the first cash outflows that consumer cut bank on when money is tight.

Public charities are held to a higher standard than for-profits. Since they depend on contributions, nonprofits need to avoid the perception of impropriety. Even a small scandal can be damaging. Page | 7 (iv) Objective of Promotional Plan The objectives of Fogging Shank are to promote the principles of Humanistic Buddhism and to foster peace and harmony among all peoples of the world. So, derive from the organization objective, the main objective of our promotional plan is to persuade the target public to Join our activities by increasing the public awareness and positive word-of-mouth.

Our target audience is Chinese adults among 25 years old and above. We think that people who are older than 25 years old have a more mature thinking and when there is a parent; they may insider to send their child to learn from FPS so the children may accept our education since they are young. Fogging Shank is existing in Malaysia for 30 years since 1983, but it does not widely recognized by public compare with another similar non-profit organization- Thus Chi. From the information from FPS official website, they are actually providing many activities and educational courses for the public.

We would like to promote our existing program so people can learn the doctrine in different ways, such as yoga class, tea art, health care, tuition class and so on. They cake people aware that organization existing helps to drive traffic to sponsorship created, the organization is able to attract more detonators to support the organization’s operation. With those donations, FPS will able to do more promotion on their activities and reach the organization’s goals. This is also why we target on those adults with economic ability.

Furthermore, we hope to create a long term relationship with the people who Join in and let them to spread the organization information around (positive word-of-mouth). Moreover,this is not restricting to only Buddhist to Join the programmed but also non Buddhism, FPS is welcome every public to Join the activities together and learning from each other. Other than the traditional advertising, we will also try to use mobile and social media tool to create the brand awareness. Page | 8 (v) Marketing Strategy a. Service Positioning Strategy Fogging Shank, as a religion organization, it can well differentiate itself from other organization.

As we know, there is less quantity of Buddhist association in Malaysia, so Fogging Shank should increase their brand reputation. As a service provider, they must tell what is their different with competitors, especially in term of their service. Promote their lessons or courses o public frequently are a big must. B. Four As 0 Product The product of Fogging Shank is about service. They provide service like education, pray activities, and talks to share the knowledge with public. Fogging Shank will held some classes for public especially Buddhist, in term of teaching the morality, etiquette, history of Buddhism.

Besides, Fogging Shank also will provide praying activities especially in Weak period. “Buddha Bathing” (as shown in the picture below) is one of the praying activities they provide. “Buddha Bathing” shown in Figure 1 is a ritual that helps people to reduce their pressure, worry, and unhappiness. Figure 1 Page | 9 0 Place Their current place strategy is operating their branches in those dominant Buddhist areas, or the area with Chinese majority in the population, like Koala Lump, Choreographer, Pula Penman and Bathmat. However, when they organize an event, they might conduct in shopping malls.

Due to the limited space in their branches, and also limited of capital to promote their activities, conduct the activities in such high traffic area can make and catch more customer attention. 0 Price Fogging Shank, as a non-profit organization, they are not charging anything, except the register fees for some events or courses. They will encourage people to 0 Promotion Again, as a non-profit organization, the capital or fund that Fogging Shank own are very limited. Thus the advertisement or promotion they can made for every event is very finite unless someone help them to promote without any benefits purpose.

Moreover, they will only do more advertisements and promotion if they gain a lot of donation. Page | 10 (v’) Promotional Strategy a. Promotional Plan’s outline 1 . Basic problem or issue the advertising must address. 0 0 To increase the awareness of public about the Fogging Shank Malaysia. To encourage the target audience Join the activities organized by Fogging Shank Malaysia. 2. Advertising and communications objectives. To promote the principles of Humanistic Buddhism and to foster peace and harmony among all peoples of the world. 3. Target audience. In this promotional plan, our target audience is Senior citizens Family with kids Young generation 4. Major selling idea or key benefits to communicate 0 0 0 Senior citizens = Spend their free time with friends during the activities organized by Fogging Shank. Family with kids= Improve the parents-child relationship. Young generation= Improve their communication skill, knowledge, and learn about the moral behavior. . Creative strategy statement (campaign theme, appeal, execution technique). Campaign theme: 0 Doing good deeds while educating 6. Supporting information and requirements.

Page | 11 Season: Promote during summer to attract fall visitors Promote during winter to attract spring visitors Winter visitors will tend to come without too much promotion b. The Promotion Strategy/ Tool That We Proposed As an organization which establish in Malaysia at year 1983, Fogging Shank had fail to earn more in their brand awareness within these 30 years. Fogging Shank, a lovely and good international to gain well in their brand reputation. Brand awareness is very important to both profits organization and non-profits organization and it will affect hugely in money term.

A clear and effective promotion mix enabling Fogging Shank to tackle the problems and challenges they face and build lasting relationships with public. Money influence for profits organization is simply and can be Justify clearly, which is in term of their profits. However, it is different for a non-profits organization. Non- profits organization will only gain more money donation from public if their brand reputation is very high. High brand reputation can also produce and gain the customer’s trust. Then only people will only consider or make preference to donate their money to Fogging Shank rather than other charity groups.

Since the brand reputation will make very big influence to an organization, so help them in term of promoting their brand is necessary. However, there are various types of promotional tools can be use, but which one is more suit for Fogging Shank? Promotion strategy in ups is the communications that a marketer may use in the marketplace. Promotion strategies include advertising, sales promotion, public relation, personal selling, direct marketing and others. Traditional media, digital technology, public relation and creating events are the examples we can use in our promotion.

Traditional medias which is under adverting is a printed advertisement based including magazines, newspapers, television networks and radio stations, where digital technology are related to internet, like online and email marketing, social medias and blob websites. Creating events is a promotional tool that might be very costly. Rent and decorate the venue are page | 12 the examples. Since there are so many tools can be use, so we have to identify which kind of promotional tools is the most suitable for them. Our decision was made after we linked our purpose with one of their organization’s goal, get money donation for the people indeed.

As a non-profits organization, how Fogging Shank gets the donation and who is their target markets? First, they can act as a middle channel to donate money after they get or collect the money from the public or detonators, and these detonators are normally Job holders or senior people. Another way they get the donation is they control their own expenses in order to save more for donation purpose later. Thus, print advertisement is our decision, but why we choose print advertisement? We will explain the reasons in next part. C. Why We Choose Print Advertisement?

Print advertisement is a very well-known and most popular type of promotion tools. Print advertisement can be pasted in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and so on. It can save a lot of design cost because we can apply the same advertisement in all these media. As religion and charity organization,Fogging Shank tells us that they seek of donation to help people, either in term of monetary or volunteer stuffs. Most of the time they even control their own expenses in order to get more money for charity purpose. Thus, print advertisement has helped us to easier to reach Fogging Shank’s target market.

People who are working are one of their target markets, which normally they will spend more time in reading newspaper and magazine. Thus, advertisement printed in these mass media can easier to reach them and keep remind them about Fogging Shank brand. By using this strategy, Fogging Shank can make their brand name feels more familiar to people or even produce the loyalty level from the customer. Moreover, the education provided by Fogging Shank is more focus for children, in term of teaches them the traditional culture, the history of Buddhist and the morality.

However, children are less decision rower, parents decide everything for their kids normally. So family with children is also one of the target markets of Fogging Shank. As Page | 13 we know, parents are more rely on printed information provider like newspaper rather than digital products, so advertisement pasted in newspaper can always tell them about the activities and the brand name of Fogging Shank. In addition, information contained in an advertisement is also playing an important role. A good advertisement will provide the info in details.

Print advertisement can be pasted in everywhere, and it will contain the info like official website and contact number armorial. So let’s compare a print advertisement to a radio advertisement. People may not aware and remember about the information involve in a radio advertisement after they listening. However, people can take few minutes to read and go through the information from a printed advertisement. They can direct copy down the official website and contact number if they are interested. So we believe print advertisement will be more effective and it will be a better choice as a promotional tool. D.

Means-End Chain Means-End Theory Mean-end chain suggests that an advertisement should contain a message that leads the customer to a desired end Tate. In other words, when the customers see the ad, they may have a strong feeling or belief that they can achieve at least a personal value by consuming that particular product. People may identify the product feature; link it to a benefit that fulfills a personal valued-end state. To study our advertisement, starts from our sub headline ‘Join our activities now… ‘ the first picture showing that a process of making an earthenware, it reflects the ceramics class that provided by FPS.

The second picture is showing some ladies who are playing zither while it reflects the zither learning program provided by FPS. The third picture is about some students who are receiving academic awards and who are the students attended Fag’s tuition class. So, from these 3 pictures, we are trying to promote Fess’s activities which can benefit the audience. People may learn a skill, getting knowledge, achieving self-fulfillment from Fess’s activities. FPS is also providing the Page | 14 complete instruments and neat environment for their activity.

Furthermore those there are much more benefits that an audience can understands through our advertisement. Those underlying values can be the key motivating factors in a consumer purchase. Figure 1 FIGS ACTIVITIES’ AMA Creative Brief The objective of our advertisement is to persuade the target public to join our activities by increasing the public awareness and positive word-of-mouth. Our target audience is Chinese adults among 25 years old and above. We are also targeting in senior citizen, family with kids and some young generation.

We want to promote Fess’s activities which can benefit the audience. People may learn a skill, getting knowledge, achieving sulfanilamide from Fess’s activities. By using the rational appeal, people can easily understand and absorb the information. Support takes the form of facts that substantiate the message theme. We do not put any physical support in this advertisement but the Buddha photo may be can encountered as a support for our underlying values. People may believe that if they Join FPS activities, they can learn something and getting knowledge in the sense of belonging with new friends.

We also included the Fess’s official logo and a slogan that we think that it is suitable for FPS. The term ‘Love is free’ is trying to advocate and instill people the mind set of everyone should be loved and giving a love to others is chanted. Page I 15 Leverage Point A leverage point moves the consumer from understanding a product’s benefits to linking those benefits with personal values. In our advertisement, the leverage point is the picture of those women with their palm together with a serenity face. The picture presents the desire for seeking an inner peace and the sincere prayer.

Making the decision to Join FPS activities to get better knowledge connects to the personal values of wisdom. Appeals To meet with our promotional objective and the selected media, we are more prefer to use the rational appeal compare with there. Because our main target audience is the senior citizen and adults older than 25 years old, we are trying to deliver a fact rather than an emotional feeling. We want our audience to receive a real image about what benefits they can derive from our activities, lead them to a stronger conviction so they may take a real buying action.

Furthermore, the rational appeal is more suitable be used in print advertisement. It allows people to take time to think about our content and fully absorb information. Other than that, we are also using some emotional appeals. The picture in the middle f the advertisement is showing some women with different expression. Those expressions are showing a great emotional message to the audience. The woman with the anxiety expression shows her desire to seek for inner peace so she Joins FPS activity.

Besides that, the other women with calm face are showing their strong belief and sincerity to the society and Buddha. Audience to Join our activities to achieve the organization’s goal, we try to implement the hierarchy of effects model in our print advertisement. From most of the references show that there are 6 steps to move through when a buyer is convinced Page | 16 to make a purchase decision. So, our print ad is going to attain the very first step which is arising buyers’ awareness. We set up a very clear headline in a big size font with a term of ‘Doing good deeds while learning.

When people glance through our advertisement, they will attract by those big words and start conduct a cognitive thinking that how does the things works. We predict that our target audience will raise curiosity due to the benefits they may derive from our activities. So there is a possibility that they may contact us for more information. One of the reasons for us o understand this model is to help us have a better prediction on the consumers’ behavior. Figure 2 Hierarchy of Effects Model Verbal and Visual Images Our ad is using more visual image to capture our target audience insight.

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