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Acme Home Improvement de Mexico, SA de CV Expansion Project Plan Project Masters, LLC Tyler M. Falcone Chanda M. Morris Sean P. Riley Michael S. Wenthold AMBA640, Section 9244 Professor Williams April 24, 2010 Table of Contents Executive Summary1 Introduction3 Existing Knowledge3 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)5 Dependencies7 Construction Analysis9 Required Resources11 Pre-Construction:11 Construction:12 Project Completion and Final Inspection:12 Delivery of Inventory:13 Staffing and Training:13 Project Dashboard15 Conclusion17 References19

Appendix A: Project Charter & Organizational Chart21 Appendix B: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Dictionary27 Appendix C: Dependency Summary Table33 Appendix D: Construction Cost Estimation37 Executive Summary In order to stay competitive with other home improvement chain stores, Acme Home Improvement decided that it would be a wise investment to open their first international store in Mexico. Opening new retail facilities is not a new process for Acme. Since the company began in 1982, Acme Home Improvement has built 125 stores throughout the United States.

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The new location in Mexico is to follow Acme’s typical 100,000 square foot size, with a 10,000 square foot outdoor garden sales area, as well as a two story parking garage are what is outlined to be constructed. Work on this project is scheduled to begin January 3, 2011, with a budget of $18 million. Project Masters, general contractor for Acme Home Improvement, have developed this project management plan for your review. Project Masters will supervise the new Acme location in Mexico from planning to store opening. There will be seven project milestones used to track the progress of this project.

These milestones are the document review phase, grading and permits phase, site work and construction phase, construction closeout phase, delivery and stocking of inventory, staffing and training phase, and finally, grand opening. In order to stay on track, Project Masters has developed a work breakdown structure (WBS) and performance dashboard. This being Acme’s first International location, the increased uncertainty makes these tools particularly important. The project management plan allows for this by adding “float” to the turnaround time of most tasks (Schwalbe, 2010, p. 52). By leveraging the international experience of Project Masters, past experience opening U. S. locations, and knowledge of existing competitors in Mexico, Acme will be in a position to complete its Mexico City location within the desired twelve-months. Introduction Acme Home Improvement has been successful domestically since its first location opened in 1982. In order to grow and remain competitive, Acme has decided to expand to the international market. To this end, they have decided to start a division in Mexico.

The following plan will provide an overview of Acme’s domestic success, a strategy to successfully accomplish this project, a discussion of resource allocation, and a method to evaluate project success. With successful implementation of this plan, a unit can be operational in Mexico within one year, as Acme requires. Existing Knowledge As the company’s first expansion into a foreign market, Acme realizes there will be challenges unique to this project. Having built 125 stores since its start in 1982, Acme will be able to draw from past experiences during the expansion.

Acme has a proven template for expansion success. Acme has learned from past experience that it is necessary to allow “slack” along the “critical path” of a project (Schwalbe, 2010, p. 152). As Acme’s first international project, the company has intentionally allowed for more slack than it normally would due to the increased uncertainty associated with an international project. Through Acme’s preliminary research the company has discovered the turnaround time for permits and inspections in Mexico is typically longer than the United States (Doing Business, 2010). Project chedule due dates have been extended accordingly. Many home improvement products are universal regardless of market. Acme will be able to leverage this existing product knowledge for its Mexico City location. Acme will also be able to learn from competitor Home Depot who has already entered the home improvement market in Mexico. By touring several Home Depot locations in the Mexico City area, Acme will be able to see which store layout, merchandising, and promotional ideas seem the most effective. Acme will need to consider the tax implications of an international project.

The project in Mexico City has been established under a S. A. structure and as such will have to “pay U. S. Federal taxes on any dividend income [brought] into the U. S. , on top of and after paying Mexican business taxes” (Stevens-Huffman, 2008, Jan). Acme will have to compete with Home Depot, the largest retailer of home improvement products in both Mexico and the U. S. (Home Depot, 2010). Acme will however have two distinct advantages over the competition. The Acme store size of 100,000 square feet and 40,000 are both considerably larger than Home Depot’s 66,000 square feet and 20,000 products.

The larger variety of products should draw customers to the new location. While not in yet in Mexico City, Lowe’s recently opened two locations in Mexico and may be a future competitor (Marketwatch, 2010, Feb 5). Acme will also have the advantage of building its first location exactly to desired specifications, allowing Acme greater flexibility than purchasing a local retailer and retrofitting the existing location, as Home Depot did when entering the market in 2001 (Home Depot, 2010). Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Below is the Work Breakdown Structure for the Acme Home Improvement de Mexico project.

A description of each item and a Gantt Chart are provided in Appendix B and the accompanying Microsoft Project file respectively. The Gantt chart “provide[s] a standard format for displaying project schedule information by listing activities and their corresponding start and finish dates in a calendar format” (Schwalbe, 2010, p. 151). 1. Document Review Phase 1. 1. Review plans with subcontractors 1. 2. Review specifications 1. 3. Review & finalize drawings 1. 4. Print construction drawings 1. 5. Approve revisions 2. Grading & Permits Phase 2. 1. Stake lot 2. 2. File grading permit 2. 3. File building permit . 4. Inspections 2. 5. Walk thru with owner 2. 6. Grading permit issued 2. 7. Building permit approved 2. 8. Pay building permit fee 2. 9. Building permit issued 3. Site work/Construction Phase 3. 1. Clear lot 3. 2. Strip topsoil 3. 3. Stake lot for excavation 3. 4. Excavate foundation 3. 5. Dig footings & install reinforcing 3. 6. Footing inspection 3. 7. Pour foundation 3. 8. Pin footings 3. 9. Mortar and sand 3. 10. Build foundation 11. Foundation certification 12. Steel delivery 13. Lumber delivery 14. Set steel 15. Framing 16. Set roof trusses 17. Install roof 18. Install windows & doors 9. MEP rough-in 20. Electrical & framing inspection 21. Drywall 22. Floor 23. Paint 24. Garage preparation 25. Pour garage slab 26. Build garage 27. Exterior landscaping 28. Sidewalks 29. Final building inspection 30. Use & occupancy certificate 3. Construction Closeout Phase 4. 1. Punch out walk-thru list 4. 2. Touch ups 4. 3. Move in 4. Deliver & stock Inventory 5. Staff & Training Phase 6. 1. Hire managers 6. 2. Hire staff 6. 3. Train all employees 6. Open Store Dependencies Acme has included dependencies in our work breakdown structure to ensure that particular events happen sequentially.

A few events, such as digging footings and installing reinforcements, cannot occur without the foundation in place. This is a mandatory dependency. Other dependencies such as delivery of lumber or steel are external dependencies because they are resources acquired from outside sources (Schwalbe, 2010, p. 143). Activities are sequenced in the order that best keeps the project on track for opening day, December 30, 2011. Knowing the nature of an international project, Acme has included some lag time (also known as slack or float) between each summary task.

This time ranges from one week to a month and allows for any disruptions during each phase. Given the extra time provided for unscheduled occurrences each phase should start on time (Schwalbe, 2010, p. 152). A table summarizing tasks and their associated dependencies has been provided in Appendix C. Construction Analysis Before breaking ground for Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, the pre-construction phase must first be completed. The pre-construction phase includes obtaining zoning approval, as well as building and construction permits.

Final approval of building and site development plans for the 100,000 square foot structure, 10,000 square foot garden center and the two story parking garage must be obtained prior to start of construction. Project Masters is has been hired to assume responsibility as the general contractor for the said Acme Home Improvement de Mexico startup. Following blueprint approval and permitting process, Project Masters will then solicit bids from local subcontractors. Once the bidding period is complete, Project Masters will review subcontractor credentials and make their decision based on previous work quality, safety and craftsmanship.

After subcontractors have been hired the pre-construction phase is complete and construction may begin. Within the construction phase, our desired end result is to have a 100,000 square foot shell with working electric, running water, and proper fire and safety systems in place. Excavation will take place first, including the incorporation of plumbing and electrical systems. Concrete foundations will be poured followed by the erection of steel framing and initial layout. Once proper building supports and framing are complete, concrete blocks will be laid constructing the outer and internal walls of the Acme Store.

Once the roof has been established and the finishing of the outer walls, the internal plumbing, electrical and HVAC work can start to take place. We also must insure specified windows and doors are installed and they are kept locked during the non-working hours. It is important to have a secure facility before internal work is started, this will help lessen the risk of theft as well as lessen the risk of having electrical components, plumbing and HVAC equipment being exposed to mother nature’s elements. As electrical and plumbing phases are complete, the finishing of internal walls can start.

After the external and internal cosmetic finishing has occurred, we will then be ready for merchandizing. Simultaneously throughout the retail facility’s construction, the construction and development of the parking garage will also follow the same sequence of events to insure its timely completion. Required Resources The budget for Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, SA de CV is $18 million USD (Marketwatch, 2010, Feb 5). This budget includes pre-construction, construction, finishing and stocking of inventory of the retail store outfit as well as the two-story parking garage. Pre-Construction:

During the pre-construction phase a small portion of the budget will be used on the building permits, licenses, legal fees, and actual design and construction of the blueprints that are necessary to be completed before we can break ground. After the blueprints are approved, bidding for subcontractors can begin. As mentioned previously, subcontractors were selected based on cost, previous successes and attention to detail. The subcontractors include: • Excavation • Concrete and Steel Assembly • Wiring and Electrical • Plumbing and HVAC • Roofing • Landscaping • Asphalt Construction:

Estimated Costs have been determined by analyzing other major construction projects in Mexico and it is estimated that the construction alone will be about $5. 5 million dollars for the retail facility and $2. 5 million for the parking garage (Appendix D). • $5. 5 million / (100,000 sq ft retail +10,000 sq ft garden center) = $50. 00 per square foot. • $2. 5 million / $50. 00 per sq ft = 50,000 square foot parking garage *However only estimated to occupy 25,000 square feet of land. (25,000 sq feet per level) Both estimates include the cost of excavation, building materials, labor, and the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC system.

Project Completion and Final Inspection: All contractual elements must be examined and accepted before prospective employees can access Acme Home Improvements and the adjacent parking garage. This is to insure that the buildings are sound and safe to occupy. The cost of inspection is deemed to be $. 25 per square foot ($27,500 for the retail facility and $12,500 for the parking garage). Once approved, the staffing phase and delivery of inventory may begin. Delivery of Inventory: All necessary inventories will be setup and merchandised by Acme Home Improvement’s internal merchandising division.

The time frame to fully stock a store is four weeks. This merchandising effort is being coordinated through Acme and Project Masters. Merchandising is set to occur during the month of November 2011. The estimated cost to merchandise the store is $145,280. Number of Employees: 24 Average Hourly Wage:$17. 00 Hours per Work Week: 40 Number of Weeks: 4 ======= Total Labor Cost:$65,280 Housing and Travel:$80,000 At the beginning of December when Acme Home Improvements de Mexico has been fully stocked with inventory we will then begin our staffing and training phase.

Staffing and Training: Human Resources Director will work directly with local staffing agency in Mexico to help handpick qualified individuals for employment in the new retail facility. There will be a two-week training period (10 days for 8 hours a day) for those individuals selected. The training will cover in store safety, processes and procedures for running a retail business, as well as individualized training relating to the specific area of the store the individual will work. Training is also set to cover specific product knowledge training on an as needed basis.

According to Migration News (1998), the average wage in the higher paid or key cities in Mexico is 30 pesos per day or equivalent to $4 USD per day (para. 4). Of course this statistic is twelve years old, and in order to adjust accordingly, we will increase the pay of our workers by 57% or 5% a year, which equates to $7. 07 USD or 89. 11 MXN. Giving such a large increase in pay will also give Acme Home Improvements de Mexico the competitive advantage to hire quality, responsible workers while maintaining our discretionary expense budget. All noted conversions have been provided by XE – Universal Currency Convertor available for public use at http://www. xe. com/ucc There are five key product groups, each of which will have four associates and one manager. Ten cashiers will be employed initially and their shifts will be based on store traffic. The store will also require three security guards, one general manager, and two assistant managers. After the staff training has been completed Acme Home Improvements de Mexico should be ready to open its doors to customers. The total cost to train the store employees is $16,098. 70. Total Employees: 41

Salary Cost per Day:$7. 07 US Training Days: 10 Total Salary:$2898. 70 Number of trainers: 3 Cost per training hour:$30. 00 Training Hours: 80 Total Training Salary:$7,200 Hotel / Flight Cost:$6,000 Total Training Cost:$13,200 Project Dashboard The ACME project has several steps involved to complete the building of the facility. There must be a way to manage the status of each milestone to see if the overall project stays on schedule. The best method to do this would be the project dashboard. A project dashboard “is a graphic screen summarizing the progress of each of the key project metrics” (Schwalbe, 2010, p. 325).

The dashboard will measure to see if the project is being completed within the scope, cost, time, and quality of deliverables for each milestone of the project defined in the project charter. If needed the dashboard will also offer suggestions to get the project back on schedule. There will be five degrees of status measurement. Significantly ahead of schedule suggests that procedures for that specific milestone are going very well. Resources have been allocated efficiently so that the project as a whole is ahead of schedule. At this stage, there is a possibility that resources could be allocated so other stages of the project can be started.

Slightly ahead of schedule suggests that the project is still ahead of schedule. Resources are still allocated in an efficient manner but it is not recommended that reallocation of resources occur. On schedule notifies us that the metric is on schedule and within the projects specifications. Resources are allocated so that the milestone is completed on the scheduled date. Slightly off schedule suggests that there may be a problem and a minor change to the procedure will have to be done to get the project on the whole back on schedule. Significantly off schedule requires immediate attention from the project manager.

At this stage, the project as a whole is in danger of going over budget or not being completed in time. Serious reallocation of resources, time, or money must be considered to complete the job within the specifications agreed upon in the contract. Figure 1 will provide an overview of the metrics measured in the dashboard for each milestone. A project dashboard can be a very useful tool. It offers an overview of the projects progress and when certain aspects of the project are going astray. With this information, managers can make quick decisions to either get or keep the project running on schedule.

Figure 1. Sample Dashboard for one milestone |Metric |Description |Status |How to be Measured |Explanation | |Scope |Is the project being completed |On Schedule |Actual vs. Planned Work |On Target | | |according to scope? | | | | |Cost |Is the project within the |On Schedule |Budgeted vs. Actual Costs |On Target | | |budgetary constraints? | | | |Time |Is the project on schedule to |On Schedule |Budgeted vs. Actual Time |On Target | | |be completed within the | | | | | |12-month timeline? | | | | |Deliverables |Is the final product at each |On Schedule |Actual vs.

Desired |On Target | | |milestone to the client’s | |Deliverable | | | |specifications? | | | | Conclusion Acme wanted to compete in the global market. By exploring how successful this venture will be, they decided to build a unit in the neighboring country of Mexico. They have decided to build a unit in a year. The preceding plan provided a detailed overview of how a unit can be built and perational within a year. Each step of the project has been considered and allowances were made for unforeseen events. When the project is complete, the Acme Company can then start to grow within the global marketplace. This page is intentionally blank. References Custom House Construction Project Plan (n. d. ). Retrieved April 20, 2010, from www. guyssoftware. com/House_Construction. htm. Doing Business. (2010). Dealing with construction permits in Mexico. Retrieved April 23, 2010 from http://www. doingbusiness. org/ExploreTopics/ DealingLicenses/Details. aspx? economyid=127 Home Depot. (2010).

Online press kit. Retrieved April 20, 2010 from http:// corporate. homedepot. com/en_US/Corporate/Public_Relations/Online_Press_Kit/Docs/ TD_International. pdf Market Watch. (2010, February 5). Lowe’s opens first stores in Mexico [Press release]. Retrieved April 20, 2010 from http://www. marketwatch. com/story/lowes-opens-first-stores-in-mexico-2010-02-05 Merriam-Webster Online. Retrieved April 23, 2010, from http://www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/ Migration News (1998, February). Mexico: Wages, Maquiladoras, NAFTA. Retrieved April 23, 2010 from http://migration. ucdavis. edu/mn/more. hp? id=1451_0_2_0 Schwalbe, K. (2010). An introduction to project management (3rd ed). Newton Square, PA: Kathy Schwalbe, LLC. Stevens-Huffman. (2008, Jan). Legal Affairs: Doing business in Mexico [Electronic version]. Retrieved April 20, 2010 from http://www. sbnonline. com/Local/ Article/ 13845/ 186/95/ Doing_business_ in_Mexico. aspx UMUC. (2009). Acme de Mexico continuing case [case study]. Retrieved April 17, 2010 from http://polaris. umuc. edu/~jstewart/Amba604/Assignments_ AMC_TPS_ 081609. htm XE The Worlds Favorite Currency and Conversion Site. (n. d. ). Universal

Currency Converter. Retrieved March 23, 2010 from http://www. xe. com/ucc Appendix A: Project Charter & Organizational Chart PROJECT CHARTER Courtesy of Project Masters, LLC. Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, SA de CV |VERSION: 3 |REVISION DATE: 21 APR 2010 | Approval of the Project Charter indicates an understanding of the purpose and content described in this deliverable. By signing this deliverable, each individual agrees work should be initiated on this project and necessary resources should be committed as described herein. Approver Name |Title |Signature |Date | |Tyler Falcone |Director of Finance | |04/21/2010 | |Chanda Morris |Project Manager | |04/21/2010 | |Sean Riley |Build Coordinator | |04/21/2010 | |Michael Wenthold |Director of Human Resources | |04/21/2010 | Section 1. Project Overview 1. 1Problem Statement • Weakened US economy • Highly competitive domestic market • Looking to increase profit potential by expanding to Mexico, as other competitors are already in that market 1. 2Project Description Acme Home Improvements, Inc. has determined that in order to compete with major competitors they will open a location in Mexico City.

Through a joint venture, Acme Home Improvements has purchased a building site. This location will follow Acme’s standard 100,000 square foot floor plan and consists of the following five groups: plumbing/electrical, building materials, hardware/tools, seasonal/garden, paint/floor/wall coverings. The site will feature a 10,000 square feet outside garden center and adjacent two-story parking structure. 1. 3Project Goals and Objectives The goal of this project is to increase profits and insulate against a depressed US economy. Key competitors such as Home Depot have already entered the marketplace in Mexico. To remain competitive this project has a target completion date of no more than twelve months. 1. 4 Project Scope Project Includes | |Design and build store of 100,000 square feet with 10,000 garden center | |Two story parking deck adjacent to building | |Stock inventory with 40,000 items from the five key product groups identified previously | |Train Employees | |Project Excludes | |Determine product pricing and target profit margin for store inventory | |Choosing site location and purchase of land, as this has been completed previously by Acme | |The project management team will not be responsible for management of store after store has opened to public. | 1. 5Critical Success Factors • Hire liaison to help with language barrier. • Obtain required licenses and permits. • Prepare the site and lay the foundation. • Build the walls, floor and roof of the structure. Install electrical and plumbing fixtures. • Finish interior and stock inventory. • Build the garage. • Complete all paving and landscaping. • Hire and train employees. 1. 6Assumptions Project Masters LLC makes the following assumptions regarding this project: • Language barrier will be successfully addressed • Necessary permits will be acquired • Environmental and soil conditions suitable for this project • Acme will provide personnel and site security • Project milestones completed by targeted delivery date • Local workers have compatible work ethic, efficiency and productivity to Project Masters LLC 1. 7Constraints • Site work can not be started until permits are acquired Site work can not be started until equipment and security are in place • Unable to complete electrical and plumbing until exterior construction complete • Unable to stock inventory until interior completed • Infrastructure limitations regard telecom and information technology Section 2. Project Authority and Milestones 2. 1Funding Authority Little information has been provided with regard to financing Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, SA de CV. At this point it is fair to assume that the initial funding for the land as well as the construction will be funded using equity from Acme Home Improvements, based out of Raleigh NC as well as local investors.

After initial funding efforts to purchase the land and construct the business it can be expected that the new location in Mexico will yield enough net income within a few years to cover its initial funding as well as generate a net profit back to Acme Home Improvements, Inc and the local Mexican investors especially Anonima de Capital Variable. 2. 2Project Oversight Authority There seems to be two parties that will manage and control the building of the Acme store. One being the North Carolina based Acme Home Improvements, Inc. and second being Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable, which is noted as a Mexican Corporate holding. 2. 3Major Project Milestones |Milestone/Deliverable Planned Completion Date | |Obtain required licenses and permits |2 month (Mar 1st 2011) | |Prepare the site and lay the foundations |2 month (May 1, 2011) | |Build walls, floors, and roof of the structure |2 months (July 01, 2011) | |Install electrical and plumbing fixtures. |2 months (Sept 01, 2011) | |Finish interior and stock inventory |2 month (Nov 01, 2011) | |Build the garage |2 months (Nov 01, 2011) | |Complete all paving and landscaping |1 month (Dec 01, 2011) | |Hire and train employees. |1 month (Jan 1, 2012) | Section 3. Project Organization 3. 1Project Structure [pic] 3. 3. 2Roles and Responsibilities Role | | |Project Sponsor |Will provide Project Masters, LLC with funding & direction to complete the project. | |Project Champion |Senior management representative at Project Masters, LLC, and will represent and provide key | | |support from upper management. | |Project Steering Committee |Gina DiMaggio will provide additional advice to project team as needed. | |Project Manager |Chanda Morris will work with the sponsor, team members and other stakeholder to facilitate | | |the process of completing the project. To be accomplished while adhering to scope, time, | | |cost and quality requirements. |HR/Staffing |Michael Wenthold will hire administrative personnel to provide support in scheduling | | |meetings, processing invoices, and the general tasks associated with running the project | | |office. | |Build Coordinator/procurement |Sean Riley will work with procurement and suppliers to acquire materials necessary for | | |construction. All supplies are to be delivered on schedule to adhere to time constraints. | |Finance/Project controls |Tyler Falcone will in this role will on estimating and costs for the project, and will be | | |responsible for tracking costs against budget during the different phases of the project. | 3. 3Project Facilities and Resources Resource Requirement |Responsibility | |On-site security |Acme Home Improvements | |On-site office space |Acme Home Improvements | |Temporary housing for project team|Acme Home Improvements | |Telecom / IT |Project Masters, LLC | |Construction equipment |Project Masters, LLC | Section 4. Points of Contact Primary Contact |Name/Title/Organization |Phone |Email | |Chanda Morris |Project Manager |301-485-8089 |tunedig20@aol. com | | |Project Masters, LLC | | | |Secondary Contact |Name/Title/Organization |Phone |Email | |Sean Riley |Build Coordinator / Quality Controls / |410-952-3680 |spriley@gmail. com | | |Procurement Manager | | | Section 5. Revision History Version |Date |Name |Description | |1 |04/12/10 |Tyler Falcone |Original draft of individual contributions | |2 |04/14/10 |Michael Wenthold |After read-through by team. Minor formatting changes | |3 |04/21/10 |Michael Wenthold |Corrected Table of Contents | Appendix B: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Dictionary Item number/name: 1. Document Review Phase Description: This WBS pertains to the time and input required for reviewing plans with subcontractors and getting final approval on specifications and prints. Item number/name: 1. 1. Review plan with subcontractors

Description: This WBS pertains to reviewing documents with stakeholders and also with subcontractors to ensure complete understanding of the project. Item number/name: 1. 2. Review specification Description: This WBS finalizes the scope of the project. Item number/name: 1. 3. Review & finalize drawings Description: This WBS involves all stakeholders and subcontractors, and finalizes the design specifications for the project. Item number/name: 1. 4. Print construction drawings Description: This WBS pertains to printing construction drawings for final approval. Item number/name: 1. 5. Approve revisions Description: This WBS pertains to the final approval by Acme. Item number/name: 2. 0. Grading & Permits Phase

Description: This WBS pertains to ensuring the correct level base for construction. Item number/name: 2. 1. Stake lot Description: This WBS pertains to properly labeling and marking off the construction area. Item number/name: 2. 2 File grading permit Description: This WBS pertains to attaining proper legal documents for construction site prior to site work. Item number/name: 2. 3. File building permit Description: This WBS pertains to filing for permission to build the new construction. Item number/name: 2. 4. Inspections Description: This WBS pertains to scheduling inspections necessary to attain permits. Item number/name: 2. 5. Walk thru with owner

Description: This WBS pertains to walking the construction site with ACME. Item number/name: 2. 6. Grading permit issued Description: This WBS pertains to approval to start grading the site. Item number/name: 2. 7. Building permit approved Description: This WBS pertains to approval to build on site. Item number/name: 2. 8. Pay building permit fee Description: This WBS pertains to paying fees to secure permit. Item number/name: 2. 9. Building permit issued Description: This WBS pertains to having document on-site as proof of approval to build the new construction. Item number/name: 3. 0. Site work/Construction Phase Description: This WBS pertains to clearing the site and building on site.

Item number/name: 3. 1. Clear lot Description: This WBS pertains to clearing the site of trees, debris, etc. Item number/name: 3. 2. Strip topsoil Description: This WBS pertains to removing soil usually used for growing plants. Item number/name: 3. 3. Stake lot for excavation Description: This WBS pertains to preparing site for excavation. Item number/name: 3. 4. Excavate foundation Description: This WBS pertains to creating a depression in the land where the foundation will be laid. Item number/name: 3. 5. Dig footings & install reinforcing Description: This WBS pertains to installing columns to distribute the load. Item number/name: 3. 6. Footing inspection

Description: This WBS pertains to inspections of load distributing columns in the foundation. Item number/name: 3. 7. Pour foundation Description: This WBS pertains to pouring the concrete that will form the base. Item number/name: 3. 8. Pin footings Description: This WBS pertains to fastening the foundations columns. Item number/name: 3. 9. Mortar and sand Description: This WBS pertains to masonry. Item number/name: 3. 10. Build foundation Description: This WBS pertains to applying the base for the structure. Item number/name: 3. 11. Foundation certification Description: This WBS pertains to an inspection that certifies the solidity of foundation. Item number/name: 3. 12. Steel delivery

Description: This WBS pertains to outside supplier delivering steel for support. Item number/name: 3. 13. Lumber delivery Description: This WBS pertains to outside supplier delivering lumber for framing. Item number/name: 3. 14. Set steel Description: This WBS pertains to setting the steel beam columns. Item number/name: 3. 15. Framing Description: This WBS pertains to constructing the structural frame of the building. Item number/name: 3. 16. Set roof trusses Description: This WBS pertains to constructing the support for the roof. Item number/name: 3. 17. Install roof Description: This WBS pertains to laying the roof material on the trusses. Item number/name: 3. 18.

Install windows & doors Description: This WBS pertains to inserting windows & doors into the framing. Item number/name: 3. 19. MEP rough-in Description: This WBS pertains to installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing components of the building. Item number/name: 3. 20. Electrical & framing inspection Description: This WBS pertains to inspection of electrical and framing work. Item number/name: 3. 21. Drywall Description: This WBS pertains to covering up framing and insulation with fiberboard that will be plastered and sanded. Item number/name: 3. 22. Floor Description: This WBS pertains to installing flooring tiles. Item number/name: 3. 23. Paint

Description: This WBS pertains to applying paint to drywall. Item number/name: 3. 24. Garage preparation Description: This WBS pertains to using all the steps applied in construction of the ACME building, and applying those steps to the construction of the two-story garage. Item number/name: 3. 25. Pour garage slab Description: This WBS pertains to creating the foundation for the garage. Item number/name: 3. 26. Build garage Description: This WBS pertains to all aspects of erecting a garage to complete the two-story parking facility. Item number/name: 3. 27. Exterior landscaping Description: This WBS pertains to utilizing plant life in the buildings surrounding area.

Item number/name: 3. 28. Sidewalks Description: This WBS pertains to laying down concrete to create pedestrian walkways. Item number/name: 3. 29. Final building inspection Description: This WBS pertains to the inspection necessary to ensure that building is complete and safe for occupancy. Item number/name: 3. 30. Use & occupancy certificate Description: This WBS pertains to the legal right to use and occupy this building. Item number/name: 4. 0. Construction Closeout Phase Description: This WBS pertains to reviewing with ACME any remaining requirements necessary to finish the construction phase of this project. Item number/name: 4. 1. Punch-out walk-thru list

Description: This WBS pertains to reviewing with ACME the list of items for completion. Item number/name: 4. 2. Touch ups Description: This WBS pertains to minor cosmetic items to be finished before move-in. Item number/name: 4. 3. Move-in Description: This WBS pertains to building being ready for ACME to occupy. Item number/name: 5. 0. Deliver & Stock Inventory Phase Description: This WBS pertains to use of a merchandise stocking company to delivery and stock ACME warehouse shelves with ACME merchandise. Item number/name: 6. 0. Staff & Training Phase Description: This WBS pertains to hiring managers and staff and training them for their roles and responsibilities at ACME. Item number/name: 6. 1. Hire managers

Description: This WBS pertains to the two weeks necessary to hire the required management staff. Item number/name: 6. 2. Hire staff Description: This WBS pertains to the two weeks necessary to hire the required floor, sales, and customer service staff. Item number/name: 6. 3. Train all employees Description: This WBS pertains to the two weeks necessary to train all staff for their roles and responsibilities with ACME. Item number/name: 7. 0. Open Store Description: This WBS pertains to the successful completion all six phases of the ACME project. The successful completion of those phases should lead to opening day being on time and on schedule. some dictionary words were found using Merriam-Webster Online. Appendix C: Dependency Summary Table |Task Name |Predecessor(s) | |1. 3 Review & Finalize Drawings |1. 2 Review Specifications | | |1. 1 Review Plans with subcontractors | |1. 4 Print Construction Drawings |1. 3 Review & Finalize Drawings | |1. 5 Approve revisions |1. Print construction drawings | |2. 1 Stake lot |1. 5 Approve revisions | |2. 4 Inspections |2. 2 File grading permit | | |2. 1 Stake lot | |2. 6 Grading permit issued |2. 4 Inspection | |2. 7 Building permit approved |2. Grading permit issued | |2. 8 Pay building permit fee |2. 7 Building permit approved | |2. 9 Building permit issued |2. 8 Pay building permit | |3. 2 Strip topsoil |3. 1 Clear lot | | |2. 9 Building permit issued | |3. 3 Stake lot for excavation |3. Clear lot | | |3. 2 Strip topsoil | |3. 4 Excavate foundation |2. 7 Building permit approved | | |3. 3 Stake lot for excavation | | |3. 1 Clear lot | |3. 5 Dig footings and install reinforcing |3. 4 Excavate foundation | |3. Footing inspection |3. 5 Dig footings and install reinforcing | |3. 7 Pour foundation |3. 6 Footing inspection | |3. 8 Pin footings |3. 7 pour foundation | |3. 9 Mortar & Sand |3. 8 Pin footings | |3. 10 Build foundation |3. 8 Pin footings | | |3. Mortar & Sand | | |3. 5 Dig footings and install reinforcing | |3. 11 Foundation certification |3. 10 Build foundation | |3. 14 Set steel |3. 12 Steel delivery | | |3. 13 Lumber delivery | |3. 15 Framing |3. 3 Lumber delivery | | |3. 14 Set steel | |3. 16 Set roof trusses |3. 15 Framing | |3. 17 Install roof |3. 16 Set roof trusses | |3. 18 Install windows & doors |3. 17 Install roof | |3. 19 MEP rough-in |3. 5 Framing | | |3. 18 Install windows & doors | |3. 20 Electrical & framing inspection |3. 19 MEP rough-in | |3. 21 Drywall |3. 19 MEP rough-in | | |3. 20 Electrical & framing inspection | |3. 22 Floor |3. 21 Drywall | |3. 3 Paint |3. 21 Drywall | |3. 25 Pour garage slab |3. 24 Garage preparation | |3. 26 Build garage |3. 25 Pour garage slab | |3. 27 Exterior landscaping |3. 26 Build garage | |3. 28 Sidewalks |3. 27 Exterior landscaping | |3. 29 Final building inspection |3. 7 Install roof | | |3. 19 MEP rough-in | | |3. 22 Floor | | |3. 26 Build garage | |3. 30 Use & occupancy certificate |3. 29 Final building inspection | |4. 1 Punch out walk-thru list |3. 0 Use & occupancy certificate | |4. 2 Touch ups |4. 1 Punch out walk-thru list | |4. 3 Move in |4. 2 Touch ups | |5. 0 Delivery & stock inventory |4. 3 Move in | |6. 3 Train all employees |4. 3 Move in | | |5. Hire staff managers | | |5. 2 Hire staff | |7. 0 Open store |1. 0 Document review phase | | |2. 0 grading and permit phase | | |3. 0 Site work construction plans | | |4. construction close-out phase | | |5. 0 Staff & training phase | | |6. 0 Delivery & stock inventory | Appendix D: Construction Cost Estimation Acme Home Improvement Estimated Cost: In order to create an estimated construction cost for Acme Home Improvements de Mexico, we utilized information that was provided from MarketWatch. com (2010) claiming that between eighteen and twenty million dollars had been invested by Lowes to open facilities in Mexico (para. 2).

We feel that much of this cost is relevant to merchandising. Therefore we used the same eighteen million dollar budget figure, and came up with an educated suggestion that slightly over 1/3 of that budget was used on the actual construction process of their new retail facility. To further get an estimate per square foot, $5. 5 million was divided by the total number of square feet, giving the Project Masters the estimated construction cost of $50 per square foot. Parking Garage Estimate: Project Masters may have slightly overshot the budget for the parking garage, however if monies are left over they may be used for under budgeting in other areas.

It is estimated that the parking garage will be 25,000 square feet per level, making the parking area 50,000 square feet total. To reach our estimate we took 50,000 sq ft and multiplied it by $50 a square foot, which equates to $2. 5 million dollars. ———————– SEAN RILEY Build Coordinator / Procurement Quality Controls TYLER FALCONE Finance / Project Controls MICHAEL WENTHOLD HR / Staffing LARRY WILLIAMS Project Champion This page is intentionally blank. This page is intentionally blank. CHANDA MORRIS Project Manager GINA DiMAGGIO Project Steering Committee ACME HOME IMPROVEMENT, INC. Project Sponsor This page is intentionally blank. This page is intentionally blank.

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