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Preprinting Strategies 1. In academic writing, assignments may require students to present the results of their research without including their personal opinion. By avoiding first- and second- person pronouns, and writing in the third person will help one doing so. The use of first- and second- person also gives the writing an informal feel. When writing academically, the writer should always be formal. 2 www. Cooperation. Com/Moviegoers/Limitless. HTML a. In this movie, Jackie Cooper has the starring role and holds his own even in scenes with the legendary star Robert De Noir.

In this sentence the adjective legendary describes Robert De Noir. B. In the film Cooper plays Eddie Mortar, a down-on-his-luck aspiring writer. The adjective describes the writer as being aspiring. C. His girlfriend Lindy is fed up with his shiftless ways and breaks up with him. The adjective describes his ways as shiftless. D. When he takes the pill, his life becomes much clearer. The adjective describes life as clearer. E. It is not a great role and De Noir is only adequate in it. The adverb describes how De Noir acted in the role. . It is not a great role and De Noir is only adequate in it. The adjective describes the role as not great. G. In “Limitless” the story centers totally on his character and he rises to the occasion to give the role his all. The adverb describes how the story centers on his character. H. Eddie may be riding high for a while but there is always that possibility of him falling down or being brought down. The adverb describes how Eddie is riding. Overall, the critic used the adjectives and adverbs in a very descriptive and effective way. This class has already taught us that although we may have the imagination o write, we have much more to learn about proper academic writing mechanics. The most important lesson we have learned is to proofread carefully. When we first started our studies at the University of Phoenix, we were not aware of the significant difference between academic writing and casual writing. The difference between academic writing and casual writing is becoming clearer to us. The difference between the two is clearest when we receive instructor feedback. We will continue to pay closer attention to details in our writing.

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This is the way that we will change our focus in the true and also the way we will come closest to achieving our goals. 4 There are three key parts of a paragraph; the topic sentence or introductions, the body of the paragraph or supporting information, and the conclusion that summarizes the content of the paragraph. 5 It is important that the topic sentence and supporting points within that paragraph be directly related or else the writers message will be lost, and the reader will be confused. The writing will not flow smoothly, and the reader will be forced to work at trying to figure out exactly what they are reading.

Unless the topic sentence and supporting paragraphs do not connect or relate, the reader will be left confused. In the end, the reader may dismiss the frustrating writing altogether. 6 An evaluation is the writer’s informed judgment about a reading. The author did a great job summarizing and tying in what they have learned from the reading. The author was able to relate to the topic by adding an experience he or she conducted to the material. One thing the author could have done better was to point out why he or she thought it was a good overview.

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