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Potential thesis examples include: the role of food in the construction of (feminine) immigrant subjectivity (in Lair and/ or Cached); spatial/domestic construction of immigrant subjectivity (in Lair and/or Cached); the role of trauma in the immigrant narratives (in Lair and/or Cached); he place of literature in the immigrant narrative (in Lair; Choke’s obsession with Nikolas Googol); intersections between Gogol’s The Overcoat and Laird’s The Namesake (common themes, the question of “finding oneself,” finding one’s subjectivity); the construction of the immigrant, racial “Other” in the immigrant narratives (in Lair and/or Cached); the problem of naming in Laird’s The Namesake; the sociopolitical context and its incorporation into Fuller’s memoir narrative; the inversion of the problem of racism in Fuller’s Don’t Let’s go to the Dogs Tonight; the intricacies and the shortcomings of the memoir narrative format (in Fuller); etc. In this assignment, you should provide a detailed analysis of the selected medium (short story, novel, poetry, film/film sequence).

You can cite passages from the theoretical essay/essays as they pertain to your argument/interpretation. No dropped quotes please; if you choose to cite a text, I expect a detailed elaboration to follow EACH citation. A separate Bibliography for all the B readings discussed in class is located in the Syllabus section of Blackboard. Please cut and paste these reading citations into your papers as you cite/paraphrase specific ideas/concepts. Please understand that the space of the paper is limited therefore lengthy general introductions would be considered a waste. Likewise, if you choose to analyze a film/ film sequence, do not discuss or reiterate the plot. Assume that I have seen the film.

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Please use the handout distributed in class [it is also posted in the Syllabus section use AT LEAST 2 library sources to support your argument and strengthen your paper. Make sure your analysis is fully developed and the paper has the required length. Please be aware that I recognize signs of cheating (length, margins, font, plagiarism). Creative titles, well-constructed interpretation, flow of ideas, paragraph structure, clearly stated argument are all crucial aspects of a well-written essay! Technical details: 6 – 8 pages long Minimum 2 library sources 12 point font – New Times Roman Standard Margins ML Format Include a Title – Please be creative!!! No cover page! Start on the very top of each page (length) May the Force be with You!

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