Post secondry education Assignment

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Role of post-secondary education system in career There is huge role of post-secondary education system in building career of students. “Well began is half done”, post-secondary programs available in universities and colleges offer students the whole theoretical as well as practical knowledge of education. Whichever career field students choose, these programs enhance the practical skills .

Being a technological era, student must learn these skills to apply in future at their work place, which is considered as a pre requisites in most of organization. These high quality publicly funded post-secondary education and skills training system prepare individual to succeed in the global economy. Canadian post- secondary education have always played an extreme role in ensuring students have the skills, knowledge and competencies they will need throughout their working lives. Technology is a vital component for success in education.

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In today’s date it can be noted that almost every college students have some kind of leisure devices including smart phone, gaming devices and laptop. Indulgence of students towards different gadgets has resulted in their faster understanding and better view of the real world. In addition, using computers and internet in classroom prepare students for future work environment, because Jobs that students will be hired for, require at least basic knowledge of computer at work place as well as communication and information processing.

Undoubtedly, Canadian education system provides good knowledge of technology in colleges, which is best way to deal with changing fast and fast industrial rising. Projects and assignments is fundamental feature of post-secondary education, which are an excellent opportunities for students to learn competencies required today’s workplace like critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal skills and team work.

The projects and assignments work closely with corporate partners and help students to become tomorrows leaders in technology and business. For example, in class presentations increase confidence level of students and prepare them to deliver professional presentations to groups, clients and superiors in the organization. Moreover, Working with a diverse team on group projects will help them to get experience of working with different kind of people which is necessary in almost every business organization.

For this reason, employers always seek to hire those employees who have good grades and experience of working as a team. Post- secondary education give training by providing basic knowledge of terminology of career field in which students want to go in coming future. For instance Co-operative education programs provide opportunities of learning and paid working experience t the same time, which will further enhance their professional skills required in big organizations.

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