Positive Message Assignment

Positive Message Assignment Words: 341

I was hoping you would be willing to write me a better of recommendation. Recently, I applied to require a candidate with educational qualification in the area of using technology in the workplace. They have requested at least one recommendation from a professor, and I immediately thought of you since you are well known in the field of applied IT in relation to business. As you may recall, I took BUS JAZZ-Technology in Business from you in the two years ago.

In your class, students can learn technology and business management knowledge. As well as, the class is great helpful for us to figure out some problems in the workplace. At that time, I had some problem with attendance, classroom behavior, and the quality of your assignments, but now I feel very regret of my performance in your class and realized the importance of Technology in Business.

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When I apply for the company, I was aware of Business Technology will help me to improve communication in the oracle, which allows me get a benefit in preparing for this position. I applied for a company that is very important for me at the first time. The company mainly deals with mobile technology product and communications technologies. While the BUS JAZZ is applicable to this company. And the company is very need of talents in the field of technology in business. I hope that I will interview success with your recommendation.

If you are willing to write me a recommendation, please let me know. You can reply this E-mail directly or give me a call, my phone number is 909-480-1234. And I will stop by your office with the required paperwork. I appreciate your effort in writing this letter of recommendation for me during your busy schedule. It will be great to help me achieve my work dream. I will keep your mentoring and it truly had a positive impact in my life and I can never thank you enough.

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