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Workings sample assignments and delivery Ideas unit: 28 Planning an Enterprise Activity Delivery ideas Learners should be encouraged to gain an understanding of planning an enterprise activity in a highly applied way. Group working and discussion would be appropriate delivery methods, even where the learner’s own assessment evidence needs to be recorded separately. An enterprise activity does not have to be large. The activity can either be producing a product, for example greeting cards or gift wrap, or providing a service, for example selling Ice cream or car washing.

During delivery of this unit, learners should be given as much practical experience as possible. LOL Begin a tutor-led discussion on what is required for an enterprise activity to be successful. Ideas could also be generated regarding different types of products and services and how they could be provided. It is important to emphasis that the activity must be possible within the learner’s current skill set. These ideas could be explored individually or through group activity. Learners need the skills to be able to generate Ideas In groups using methods such as mind-mapping.

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They can work In groups to Identify a range of different types of products and services before choosing which Idea to pursue further In this unit. A question and answer session could determine the viability or appropriateness of different enterprise ideas. The strengths and weaknesses of the planned enterprise activity could also be explored through the form of a ‘Dragons’ Den’ type of presentation to a group, with peers commenting on the ideas and whether or not they think customers are likely to buy the product or service.

ALL Tutors could stimulate a group discussion about what Is needed to plan a successful enterprise activity. This does not need to be as detailed as a business plan but materials produced for business start-ups could be a useful point of reference. A plan for this unit could cover a description of the product or service, how It will be provided, when and how it can be sold and what the likely demand might be. For the enterprise activity as well as the tasks that need to be carried out before it starts trading. Business people or entrepreneurs could be invited to address the group on the subject of planning an enterprise activity.

Alternatively, learners could interview business people that they know and report back to the group what they found out about enterprise planning. Learners can watch clips of TV adverts and/or review advertising from a range of newspapers and magazines to understand how to include promotion and selling in their enterprise plan. Information could also be gained from a range of other resources, including books, the internet and media articles. Personal skills in selling and promoting could be observed through TV programmer such as Dragons’ Den.

Learners could investigate the financial aspect of their chosen enterprise idea wrought active research on costs via the internet or interaction with possible suppliers. Setting prices could be a result of research (such as questionnaires or a small-scale focus discussion), exploring what prices customers are prepared to pay for a product or service and finding out from business people how to set realistic prices for a product or service. In small groups learners can discuss long term goals and how these could be achieved. Individually, learners can decide on two long term goals they want to achieve.

This can be developed into group discussions on the importance of fleeting on failures as well as successes. Sample assignment Learning outcomes Assessment criteria 1 Know how to choose a viable enterprise activity 1. 1 Describe key aspects off viable product or service 1. 2 Describe why people might want to buy their product or service 2 Be able to prepare a plan for implementing an enterprise activity 2. 1 Describe the tasks that need to be completed to carry out the enterprise activity 2. 2 Present the timeliness required to carry out the tasks identified 2. Create a coherent plan for implementing an enterprise activity, including the tasks and Understand the risks involved in running the enterprise activity 3. 1 Assess main risks that may occur in implementing the enterprise activity 3. 2 Discuss ways to minimize the risks Scenario Enterprise activities offer opportunities to learn and develop the entrepreneurial characteristics of independence, innovation, imagination, risk-taking, creativity and leadership. To plan a successful enterprise activity you must be able to choose a viable product or service, draw up a realistic implementation plan and know how to assess potential risks.

Task 1 – Assessment criteria 1. And 1. 2 You need to identify an enterprise activity that you will be able to carry out by yourself or with a small group. To help you to plan the enterprise activity you will need to be clear about your product or service and who your customers will be. Prepare a Powering presentation to give to your group to include: a) A clear description of your product or service. B) What your product or service will provide for the customer. C) How you will provide the product or service. D) One type of customer who will buy your product or service. ) Why the customer is keel to buy the product or service. Task 2 – Assessment criteria 2. 1 and 2. 2 You now need to make plans for your enterprise activity. A) Use the following table to describe the tasks which need to be done: Enterprise Activity Task What this task involves Resources needed to complete the task administration time preparation of the product promotion of the service or product when the product or service will be sold. Task 3 – Assessment criterion 2. 3 You need to create a simple plan for your chosen activity which takes into account the tasks and timeliness you have identified in Task 2.

You can design your own plan or use the template below. Make sure you include details of the product or service, how it can be sold, and the resources needed to support the activity. Be prepared to present the plan too potential investor. Enterprise plan Enterprise name: Product/service Details of the product/service What equipment is needed What materials are needed Administration What needs to be done Finance Sources of finance Estimated costs for producing, promoting and selling the product/service (this should be included as a separate spreadsheet) Marketing and sales

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