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Pizza hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza. It was founded on June 15, 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in the hometown of Witching, Kansas. Transom Foods Limited (TFH) started its journey in 2003 as a franchise of Pizza Hut, the first International Chain Restaurant in Bangladesh. Type of service: Pizza hut stands for high Quality Fast food in a popular array of complete meals to enrich the consumer’s everyday life. They believe in using nothing but tasty, real ingredients that you feel good about.

They have different food items that can be enjoyed, such as: Chicken Rabbit, Cheese lovers, Veggie Lovers, Garlic Bread Cheese, Tropical chicken Salad, Creamy Spinach Mushroom, Chicken Supreme and many more items. Very recently Pizza Hut has also started their home delivery service in many parts of the country. Mainly in Dacha and Chitchatting city; pizza hut is taking online order for immediate home delivery service. Five SERVE EQUAL Dimensions: The five service quality dimensions that are linked with service quality and customer distraction are explained below in context on our chosen company Pizza Hut.

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Reliability Pizza Hut being a food outlet has made promises and is expected to deliver some services that any food provider should keep. Pizza Hut promises to deliver fresh and quality food to its consumers. The aim is to deliver food made of fresh ingredients. At SLIDES By hospitalizing Pizza Hut t should always be delivered on the promised time. The none delivery service must be provided within 30 minutes of taking the order. The menu is ruefully created and the food on the menu should be readily available.

All these factors determine whether Pizza Hut is reliable or not. Responsiveness A food service provider should be prompt in their service. It is the most important service dimension one expects from any food outlet. People want food they order to be provided on time. They want their queries to be answered. They want to be given importance and their complains heard. They go to a restaurant not Just to enjoy food but also to spend time with friends, family and to have a pleasant experience. So, the titers and other employees must be friendly, cordial and willing to help.

Empathy A food outlet like Pizza Hut can be empathetic. It can show that they care about their consumers. They can co-operate to make their special events like Birthdays and other Anniversaries special. They can also show that they care about the different taste of their consumers. They could add different menus (Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian menu for example). They can take customized orders before preparing the food. This is how they can retain the loyal customers and keep them satisfied. These things will show them that they have their best interest in mind.

Assurance Pizza Hut being a food service provider cannot assure people of their food quality beforehand. The only way people will know about their food is by tasting it. So, to give assurance to the consumers they can show how skilled their cooks are, they can train their employees well. They can train their waiters to be patient and considerate to every customer. They must have the knowledge to answer to all questions of the consumers. They must provide proper information about the food if they are asked.

They must know how to guide each customer to a table that will satisfy their need. These will instill confidence in the consumers. Tangibles People go to Pizza Hut to have a nice and pleasant dining experience. The tangibles thus should be sufficient and able to fulfill the needs of consumers. They may offer TV, music, Witt connection to consumers, a sate playing zone tort the ski environment should be clean, the utensils should be hygienic. The uniforms of the employees must be clean and tidy. The overall environment should be pleasant and eye soothing to the consumers.

Survey Findings and Analysis: We conducted a survey on the five dimensions of SERVE EQUAL in context of Pizza Hut. The questions asked for the survey purposes are attached with our assignment. From the survey we have concluded with the following results: This pie chart shows that most of the consumers of Pizza Hut strongly agree that it is reliable. Although few people disagree the fact. From the pie chart it can be said that the consumers of Pizza Hut are well assured about the assurance factors. They feel safe and are assured to get a good service at Pizza Hut.

No one disagrees about the high assurance level of Pizza Hut. This pie chart above indicates that the responsiveness of Pizza Hut has somewhat satisfied customers as most of them has agreed to the responsiveness factors. But some people also disagree to it as they sometimes have their customers wait for long. The pie chart shows that a huge portion of the consumers agree that Pizza Hut is empathetic to them. Most of the consumers of Pizza Hut are satisfied with the tangible cues of Pizza Hut as it has a nice and warm environment. Only a few people disagree to this. Recommendations:

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