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Physics End of Year Reflection Paper At the beginning of this course you were given some overarching enduring understandings and essential questions. These were: Overarching Enduring Understandings: Students will uncover and use appropriate scientific models to describe and quantify the nature and interactions of matter and energy. Students should understand that there is a network of rules and relationships that determine what will happen in a given situation Students should understand that physics principles are applicable to their everyday lives

Students should find that by studying the rules of nature, the beauty of natural world becomes more alive to them Overarching Essential Questions: 1 . How does physics serve to improve our understanding of physical 2. How do the principles of physics effect your daily life? Systems? 3. Describe something in nature that has become more compelling for you because of an understanding of physics principles 4. Is it possible to describe the whole natural world (chemical and biological) with a small number of physical principles? Explain! 5. Is physics a redundant science?

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Do we now have a clear understanding of the interactions between matter and energy on all scales? Is technological Assignment: Reflect on the overarching essential questions above. You must: 1 . Write a coherent (makes sense) and persuasive (sell me.. L believe…. Because…. ) paper using concepts, understandings and examples from class to illustrate your answers. 2. Present information in a logical sequence with introduction and conclusion 3. Keep your paper to two or three double spaced typed pages. 4. Include a cover sheet with the title “Reflection Paper” and your name

Rubric: Layout: Cover sheet, two to three double-spaced and in sequence presented below Introduction: Gets reader interested in your paper. 5 pants What was valuable that you learned Question 1: Persuasive Question 2: Question 3: Question 4: Coherent this year in physics? 10 pants Question 5: Conclusion: Sum up your answers. Should presidents take physics? Total 65 pants Note: For non-seniors your score for this paper will be counted towards 50% of your second semester exam grade so will count for 12. 5% of your total second semester grade.

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