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Philosophical Ideas In Education Assignment 2 Statement 1: Education Is the manifestation of the perfection already in man It means man Is not a biological animal abut pure social being living In a society as a responsible human being ,the ultimate goal of human. So education is something which is there within us It’s just how much we strive for it and how much we desire to learn something.

Always we need to listen to what our inner soul says because our inner selves will never do injustice to you. Education shapes and moulds the overall behavior of human being and nurture he potentialities of one. It is estimated as the right road to progress and prosperity which enables one to stand on one’s own legs. It provides oscillation of Ideas so as to develop an integrated being – one who has learned how to improve his intellect, purify his heart, handle his emotions and stand firm on moral virtues.

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The process of education is actually a process of purification. A process by which we realize the perfectionism within which brings out the strength within and makes one courageous and help us stand on our own legs in this society. Here lies the radical role of an educator, be It a parent at home or a teacher at school. Unfortunately In recent times education Is nothing more than a degree and marks. Marks have spoiled the true performance of the generation. Which Is why the Malaysia Government decided to have school-based assessment in the attempt to replace the current public examinations as teaching a language subject such as English, provides students a stable and continuous pressure-free assessment reducing the reliance on standardized examination, improving test item reliability, reflecting students’ ability, promoting leisure reading, fostering teaching, enforcing Independent learning, facilitating learning autonomy and empowering teachers In the evaluation process.

Statement 2: The perfect human being is one who has acquired both theoretical virtues and practical virtues al-Parable means that the perfect human is the one who has obtained theoretical virtue thus completing his intellectual knowledge and has already acquired practical moral virtues thus becoming perfect in his moral behavior. Using these theoretical and moral virtues with effective power, they are anchored In the souls of Individual members of the community when they assume the responsibility of political adhering, thus becoming role models for other people.

Theoretical and practical perfection can only be obtained within society. For it is society that nurtures the individual and prepares his mindsets. So In tans perfection tans pensioner expects Trot coeducation, are computational AT knowledge and virtuous behavior; happiness and goodness at one and the same time. In order to make sure that the individual is well-prepared from an early age to become a member of society, to achieve his own level of perfection, and thus to reach the goal for which he was created.

However, things in Malaysia does not goes with al-Affair’s way. The current curriculum in Malaysia does not provide the children the mastery of facts, principles and concepts of a discipline, emphasize the development of critical and creative thinking as well as providing the context for developing the character of the students. While according to AY-Affair, the whole activity of education is the acquisition of values, knowledge and practical skills leading to perfection and the attainment of happiness.

The social contract has become a major issue of content, contest as well as discontentment among politicians and leaders of Malaysia. Politicians are changing he education curriculum in our schools is, in fact, a social contract between the population and the government on how our future generation is educated. The teaching language of Mathematics and Science is not very important but the understanding of both these subjects are fact, principle and concept based subjects. Therefore, it is imperative that the emphasis is put on the delivery and understanding of the concepts.

By coupling the subject with languages they do not understand will creates a distorted perception that knowing and understanding the language is much more important than learning the subject itself. Take it for example , most of the primary school students are not well versed in the English language and this language barrier inhibits the mastery of subjects’ core principles and concepts. The lack of understanding further translates into the reduction of critical and analytical thinking of these children.

Also, the inability to speak up and voice their opinions in a language that is unfamiliar simply stunts the student’s emotional growth. The students will tend to become shy and lack the confidence to speak in public. Statement 3: Education should aim to raise the level of individual morality if he moral level of society is to be raised It means education had an improving effect on individuals, and promoted order and security throughout the land; hence it should be developed. The philosopher determined that the pillars of education should be moral instruction, which would have priority, and the imparting of knowledge.

The basis of Confucius teaching is the moral instruction, which take pride of place, since what was needed were individuals of outstanding virtue who would assist the prince in governing with integrity. Confucius believed that a good teacher should first and foremost be passionately an conscientiously committee to Nils/near work. HIS/ near own Knowledge must De broad in scope and fully mastered if his/her students are to benefit it. This applies on our newly implemented School-Based Assessment which required more of the teachers’ involvement then the old National-Based Assessment.

This emphasis on collecting first hand information about pupils’ learning based on curriculum standards. Teachers will plan the assessment, prepare the instrument and administer the assessment during teaching and learning process. Lastly, teachers mark pupils’ responses and report their progress intermediately. This will provide full understanding and teachers may correct the students on their shortcomings on the spot. Statement 4: Education should free people from false opinions and students should learn the truth on their own rather than by force.

Plato means education should correct ones’ thoughts then to fill it with false information/accusations and distorted one’s thinking. Students should learn on their own paces then to enforce it with ruthless aggression by all sides. Education should enlighten ones and broaden ones’ minds rather then to fulfill other people’s needs. In Malaysia, parents are sending kids to various types of classes due to their own interests then their kids’. Assessments will be given and kids are reluctantly going through it for information collecting for their various classes’ needs.

Kids felt pressure and they drifted far from the truth. It applies the same to our education curriculum in Malaysia. Politicians are changing it with their willpower to show how mighty they are onto while our children suffer in disguise. It is not wrong to change for the good but to change it in a drastic manner and short-timing with untrained workforce. Everything went wrong. However, to take matters by ourselves, we trained our children to cope with the current curriculum as young as 1 years old.

Sending them to various classes, ignoring philosophers’ teachings but to cope with the situations that are given. All philosophers have a thing in common, educator’s role. They believed a good educator can bring the utmost potential of ones. Education is a process while educator is the one who works things out. In conclusion, Malaysia’s education system is not perfectly planned. Recent trips to Japan by MOE. Juror Barr had broaden my scopes. Moral teachings were taught ND they have sufficient workforce to cope with their education system which has more human-touch then ours.

Educators were trained for at least more then 3 years to conduct a class while our workforce are too little to cover the whole population. As a result, unqualified teachers are out to the society and bad implementation were done. It teaches me that a well-thought education system required lots of time, resources and unity to plan and to prepare then implement, not a fire-fighting Job wanly always changes every years AT election. One word to conclude this article is, UNITY then everything will be fine.

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