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Philosophy of Education Assignment Philosophy Writing your philosophy of education may seem to be a daunting task. However, if you remember that your philosophy of education is constantly developing, you should be able to see this task as a developmental moment, rather than as a chore. You must make appropriate reference to elements of specific philosophies of education (e. G. , constructivism, behaviorism, etc. ) and/or biographical experiences as evidence for and illustration of your statements.

You will find it lawful in writing your philosophy of education if you think of it in three parts. In your paper, you should indicate (briefly your thinking/beliefs about each section): 1) What you believe about: The nature of learners Teaching/your role as a teacher Schools The role of others (administrators, parents, etc. ) For example, are all students capable of learning? Do all learners have something to contribute, or is this purely the role of the teacher? Are learner’s innately curious or empty vessels to be filled with wisdom by the teachers, or from a textbook?

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Should parents participate in the schools or should education be left to professional teachers? 2) What is knowledge and what is worth knowing? -?I. E what you value and the goals associated with those values (your axiology) about: ; The purpose of education The content you will select The skills you expect your students to develop For example, do students need to be trained to be critical thinkers/problem solvers? Do students need to be trained, socialized, shaped, and/or controlled? What sort of conduct do you expect from students?

Do they need to learn a trade, a skill, how to follow rules, obey the law or perform a Job? Do they need to learn the content of various disciplines, facts, how to solve problems or how to cooperate in groups, make decisions, and interpret the world around them? Do they need to learn how to engage in social reconstruction? Should teachers actively involve parents and the community in their classrooms? Is life-long learning involved? 3) What methods you expect to utilize to accomplish your goals (an epistemology): ; Lectures Direct instruction

Cooperative groups Problem-solving Worksheets Ability grouping For example, will you always use one method? Or a mix? How will this help accomplish your goals. Have you read or experienced something that supports your belief? Give reasons. You snouts sudden your work to ten Drop. Your paper snouts De doodle-space and at least 1. 5 pages long in 12 opt. Times New Roman or similar font. You must submit your paper in Microsoft Office Word, Rich Text Format (. RTF), Adobe (. PDF). If you need help saving to any of these formats, please email me.

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