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PERSONAL SKILLS – SELF DIAGNOSTICS 1) Personal SWOT analysis. Strengths. ·Confident – I feel that I am a very confident person, in a number of different aspects. I’m confident when presenting to a large crowd, confident in my academic ability, aswell as confident in putting my ideas across to another. ·Sociable – I am a very sociable person, and like to be around friends alot of the time. I am easy to get along with, and believe that people enjoy my company. I like to go out and socialise and play football on weekends with friends. Approachable – I am a very approachable person, my friends know they are able to come to me for anything, from advice for personal issues, to help with work. ·Caring – I am an extremely caring person, and care about how people are feeling, and always look to resolve any unrest between colleagues or friends. I care how people are feeling and I always look to make sure that everything is ok. ·Hard Working – I am a hard working individual, and this can be seen through my work and interests. I strive for excellence in all that I do, and care about doing it right.

From academic work, to the simplest of tasks. ·Team Worker – I am very good at working in a team, my part time job involves me working in a team, i play football which involves myself and my team mates to work together. i enjoy having to work together to achieve something. It gives you a feel good factor knowing you are able to achieve whilst working together. ·Ambitious – I am extremely ambitious individual, and very focused. I have my mind set on what i want to do, and how im going to go about it. I have set no limits of how far i want to go in life, and want to do the best i can. Literate – One of my strong points throughout my academic life, is that i am a very literate individual. English has always been a strength, and my grammar and spelling has always been of a high standard. This will help me in projects and presentations on this course, especially when using alternative synonyms and jargon to avoid repeating myself. ·Humour – I consider myself to be a slight joker, i am fun to be around and you will usually find me masterminding my next joke. i believe i am a funny person in general, so people tend to be easy around me and not feel uncomfortable if they do not know me. Balanced lifestyle – My work life, university and social life are balanced well. I have many interests in sport, learning and music, and i find it relatively easy to prioritise and balance different aspects of my life. I know what is more important if i had to make a decision. Weaknesses. ·Time Management – I find myself to be a poor time keeper, and my general awareness of time could be better. ·IT ability – I havent studied IT since the age of 13, and as i am now 21. i have poor knowledge of programs like excel. Although i am able to use other office programs like Word, and Powerpoint adequately. Motivation – i need to be interested in a topic/module in order for me to motivate myself quickly, its the first push i need to get me started. ·Unorganised – I am quite unorganised, and tend to misplace items. ·Peer Pressure – Being a typical university student, i can sometimes succumb to the preessure of flat mates peer pressuring into going on a night out, when i need to look after money, or get up early. ·Method of revision – i have multiple ways of revising work completed throughout the year, this can act as a weakness as it takes time for me to realise the best method. Too Sociable – Can be easily tempted to go out with friends. Oppurtunities. ·Get a degree – at the end of the 2 years, then a further top up 1 year, i will have hopefully obtained a degree in business. ·Work experience – working in the business sector helps me greatly in this course and gives me vital experience for my future career. ·Independance – living away from family, gives me great independance. give me the start i need, i have to start doing alot more things for myself, something which i never previously had to do. Working in a team – engage with team members to provided feedback about myself, can learn more about me ·Learn – Learn from others who are in the same role as me, but from different backgrounds and experienced different things in life. Learn about business and the world to further myself in my future career. ·Tutors – the tutors on this course provided a different view of business than my previous teachers, they have experienced university life and treat you as an adult, which in turn will make me work harder to achieve my degree. ·Start to achieving goals/dreams – by completing this course you learn valuable lessons that will put you on the way to achieving your goals in your career. e. g you just dont learn about textbook topcs, you partake in employability and information mamagement lectures which are both vital aspects in getting a business related job. ·Strengths – i believe the strengths that i possess provide me with a great oppurtunity to succeed in the future. Threats. ·External threats – as i work part time, this could affect my studies, as i am not able to give all attention to the course. Sociable – Again, as i am a sociable person, it could prove costly. i need to make sure i keep focused on the task of achieving my goal. ·Lack of Time – on the course, there are alot of assignments to prepare for in little time, need to make sure you utilize all free time. ·working in groups – if someone is underperforming in a group based task, it could affect your mark. ·Money – money can be a big threat, it costs money everyday to get to university. if i am not able to attend, my attendance will suffer, then inevitably so will my work.

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