Perception theory in pract Assignment

Perception theory in pract Assignment Words: 246

This is the first of three written assignments that asks you to reflect on an aspect of human nature. By drawing on your personal experience at work or at school and by comparing experience to a theory presented in the textbook, you will be developing a professional skill called reflective practice. Reflective writing is a formal and academic form of learning – albeit much different than memorization.

To start this assignment, think of an example from the workplace that illustrates human perception and at least one common error of perception. Review the assignment marking guide. Organization of this assignment Name the topic of this paper and define key terms such as perception and perceptual errors. Explain how perception is helpful when it is accurate (true) – such as short cuts, quick assessment situations. Give an example from personal experience. Describe a situation (1 paragraph) in which observed others’ behavior or in which you are a key player.

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What is the behavior? Did a misunderstanding or conflict arise due to differences in perception or a perceptual error? Given that perception is unique to each person, explain the differences you observe in hindsight of the situation; relate these to attribution theory and perception. Conclude the inquiry with a reflective or insightful connection to the concept. What have you learned? What new idea has come to you by way of this thoughtful inquiry into theory and practice? Instructions 1. 5 to 2 typewritten pages

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