Peace Like a River Davy’s Diary Entry Assignment

Peace Like a River Davy’s Diary Entry Assignment Words: 357

Peace like A River Writing Assignment Dear Diary, Tommy Basca and Israel Finch have gone too far this time. Dad should’ve beaten them unconscious when he had the chance. Why won’t he let me teach them a lesson? After what they did to poor, helpless Dolly, they deserve to be taught one. Attacking my girlfriend is one thing, but threatening my family is crossing the line. Who do they think they are? How dare they vandalize our house! But Dad still won’t let me go after them. I don’t know why Dad’s trying to hold me back, even though he knows that what they’re doing is wrong. The anger is just going to keep building up inside of me!

The fact that they kidnapped Swede just ticks me off. Even though they brought her back in one piece, she’s emotionally broken. What did they do to her? Did they hurt her? For crying out loud, she’s just a little girl! She acts differently now. She doesn’t want to talk about it, and she seems so distant. I’m worried that Swede will never be the same again. I’m afraid I’ve lost my dear little sister. I think it’s time to take action. I want revenge. Tommy and Israel are just asking for it. They did all those things just to provoke me, knowing that Dad would hold me back. But they’ve made it clear that they mean harm to our family.

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It’s the least I can do to defend my family – and our dignity. Roofing would be better off without those two, anyways. They cause nothing but trouble everywhere they go. Tommy and Israel have harmed what I love most – my loved ones. I want to show them how it feels. Give them a taste of their own medicine. I know that Israel’s most prized possession is his car. I hear he loves it more than anything; just like how I love my family more than anything. It’s time to hit him where it hurts…figuratively. After all, how many times do you let a dog bite you, before you put him down? -Davy

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