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Parish Management Information System A Proposal Presented to the Project Management Panel Committee of the Information Technology Education Department Pillar College Sambaing City In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Lira, Oliver A. Means, Darlene T. Mukluk, Rankly H. Chapter 1 Research Description 1. 0 Overview of the Current State of Technology Now a days, computer Is one of the technologies that most people use In their everyday lives. The use of computer is one of the fastest growing and most important developments in our time.

People used computers to give easiest and fastest method of finding information. Most students used computers to their research work, assignments, projects, thesis and it is most effective technology because it gives us more knowledge and we can learn something from It. The advent of new technology gave rise to easy and hassle free Interaction between and among humans. Whether It is in business, science or whatever task a person takes on the quality and speed of carrying it out are enhanced with automation at the core of this efficient.

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Our Lady of Purification Parish Church, located at Sat. Maria, Sambaing City, was established on July 1935. FRR. Noises Guavas, the official priest in the Parish and Ms. Rose Leaders, secretary of FRR. Noises. The Parish offers various services like Wedding ceremony, Baptismal, Pamela, Confession, Confirmation and Funeral mass. Schedules of masses are posted in their bulletin by the secretary. These are the problems that the researchers encounter: the parish is only using canonical books in recording data.

Other information in the canonical book are missing like weddings, names of person baptize are incorrect, some records are not system is a hard time for them to manage transaction in the church. Therefore, the researchers want to develop an automated system for Sat. Maria Parish Church to easily manage transaction such as weddings, baptismal, confirmation, burial and others. Parish Management System will provide the parish with an affordable and easy-to-use tool that improves productivity and enhances efficiency on day-to-day activities. 1. 1 Research Objectives 1. 2. General Objective * The study aims to develop a Parish Management Information System for Sat. Maria Parish Church. 1. 2. 2 Specific Objective The study includes the following specific objectives to meet the main goal of the search: * Create a module that will manage files. * Create database to store records. * Design a well defined system architecture * Record and update the information gathered. * Test the system for different users. 1. 2 Scope and Limitation of the Research The study is about Parish Management Information System the researchers want to develop an automated system for Sat.

Maria Parish Church to easily manage transaction will be implementing specifically for Sat. Maria Parish Church. So It includes the records of the customer, schedules of masses, baptismal, death and manages records particularly in the Church. This system is intended to every customer that is using the church for their desire occasion. This will also identify other different database and modules. 1. 3 Significance of the Research The Development of the Parish Management System will help the Sat. Maria Parish Church to simply manage their transaction.

The main purpose of the study is to highly maintain the features of the Parish. The Parish will not be using the canonical book in recording the information of every customer. Finding lost records will be easy to find. Records in the canonical book will be store in a different database. Faster way f processing will be observed. Data would be processed and it is as reliable as ever. The user will be comfortable on the responsiveness of the system. Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature Most people know that computer is one of the technologies that most people use in their everyday lives.

The use of computer is one of the fastest growing and most important developments in our time. Most parishioners think the parish needs one, and most Pastors want one. Parish Management system is the first impression that potential visitors will have of your Catholic parish. Beyond that the researcher haven’t always provided a basic model of what a parish management system should look like and have. Well, that is until now usability is the process of making an automated system that can easily use by users. It encompasses the heuristics of the Parish.

An ugly, or sis-looking system, doesn’t attract or hold attention. It must follow the simple principles of design: color, appropriate use of negative space, a common theme, and good font design must all be taken into account. In addition to this from (Liturgical publications) “We use it to record our Baptismal, Confirmation and Matrimony books on the computer. It makes our work faster and saves time for manual searching. It also allows us to print presentable certificates. It gives us security using back-up facilities and it organizes our data. By doing this automated system, the researcher know that it has a difficult in designing the interface of the system But as the researcher research according to (Mary Ann Panamanian) “We use it for filing accounting records and printing documents. From the issuance of official receipts to the printing of checks and check vouchers. It is user-friendly and provides accurate printing of accounting reports. We also use it to record Baptismal, Confirmation, Marriage, Death and Conversion for easy searching and printing of certificates. Parishes as Communities of Faith If parishes are truly supposed to be devoted and faithful communities in real life. Parish Management System has many futures parish needs and is designed to be simple to update. There are lots of features that the system can have, but some others are only having few features. As the researchers see the automated system of other churches, they had a nice and many features. This automated system includes the history of the church, size and location, population, occasions, and schedules of masses.

Similarly it will help the Parish Church to promote tourists spots, but also the reservations of any occasions. Users can easily access the system through understanding the content. Here are some features that a parish management system must have a features of (open source catholic) “A calendar of events; anyone can add an event, and the event can be approved by whomever the parish designates with that authority. Pastor’s Blob (and associates, if need be); able to be easily updated by the Pastor, and with potash capabilities if he so chooses. Comments can be on or off.

IRS feeds are a must, easily available forms – for registration, baptism, etc. , Photo Galleries – parishioners might be able to upload their own photos from parish and school events to share with others” The Parish Management System will help the people to popularize the church through publishing their place not only to their home town but worldwide. It can help surfing. It intends the customers and other people to discover what the parish has. The website of the said church can also help the community to know how to use the World Wide Web to earn money with their reservations and to endorse their occasions worldwide.

People can easily view faster the information that they want to know by only searching the website of a church that they are searching and wanted to use in searching information about they need. Chapter 3 Research Methodology This chapter focuses on the development of Parish Management System for Sat. Data Analysis The researcher had brainstorming activity regarding the adequate information acquired from the interview and the examination on related literatures of the study. The researcher also studied on how these data can be configured in the proposed research.

Data Gathering The researchers gather important information by conducting interview or survey. The researchers also read articles that are related in the research. Database Construction In this phase, the researcher will design a database that would store information needed for the research. User Interface Design The researchers will create an interface design base on the flow of research. Implementation The researcher will implement the phases discuss above. This includes the design interface of the system and the database used. Final Testing It will test the overall functions of the system.

The researcher will test if there is an error in the coding, so that the researcher can fix any errors in the system Appendix I Current Outflow Diagram Record Information of the customer Sat. Maria Parish Church ODL I Canonical Book I Data are not clear anymore 2 Check the records 3 Offered services Incorrect names of person baptize Conflict of the schedules Weddings are not fully recorded Wedding Ceremony, Funeral mass, Baptismal, Confirmation, Confession Appendix II Proposed Data Flow Diagram DO 1 Inventory I ODL I Customer Profile I 4 Preparing minister Process customer registration

Parish Management System Add Customer Check availability schedule -masses -wedding -baptismal -confession -confirmation Customer 5 Customer bill Appendix Ill Function Matrix I Functions I I Transfer all files from the book into a database. I Certificate printing directly from the records I Consistent methods to enter, update, and retrieve data. I Post Date of Baptism, etc. I Problems I Certificates are not in order I 10 I Old personal files could not be read anymore I O I records are missing I O I I Names of person baptized are incorrect 1 1 10 1 Ill schedules I I 110 II 110 1 I Some Unorganized

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