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Introduction and Background Project Concept and Design Project Financial Profile Introduction Introduction and Background to the assignment The project is to design a sustainable multi-storey apartment complex in Islamabad. The site for this project is located in Chak Shazad, opposite CllT campus on Park Road. The relatively flat site measures approximately 3. 91 acres and falls under the jurisdiction of CDA .

Water table was encountered at a depth of 180’+1- below existing ground level. Due to limits of the soil bearing capacity, the findings in the report recommend that a raft foundation be designed for a multi-storey building as have been the foundation design of other multi-storey buildings built in this area. The site is accessed by the 2-lane Park Road, which is a high speed road. Considerations should be given to a deceleration lane prior to entry to the site. ould be apartments for middle class to upper class type clientele with individual apartments to be for sale on an ownership basis. However, the developer, while wishing to maximize his profits, also recognizes that the housing complex should be istinctive, spacious, airy, daylight, convey an open feeling, a green/sustainable building and contribute to good living. The complex offering these valuable amenities contributing to good living, among other facilities, could be priced higher than other normal housing complex .

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In this area the setting is mostly rural but this is as a result more of it being undeveloped thus so far. In time to come, this area would convey an urban feeling due to the various educational and institutions and other buildings that would be added to the existing buildings. As designers, need to create a rural/urban feeling ithin the individual housing units. Special attention needs to be paid to designing a sustainable building design with respect to environment in Islamabad.

One of the mainstays of sustainability and green buildings is the location of the building site. This site is located in the suburbs of the city, and is unfavorable to sustainability due to the impact of transportation energy required to access this site from other areas. The availability of public transportation in this area is very limited and this site is mostly accessible by cars and a very limited and inadequate public transportation.

As compensation the developer envisages that this building would accommodate the owner’s commercial/community facilities such as a community hall, meeting rooms, gym, swimming pool, shops, a daycare center, gymnasium, common open outdoor spaces and an outdoor walking/running track, all of which would reduce the need to spend transportation energy on a daily basis. As architect/designer, need to develop a building program to include functional spaces, facilities and amenities. As developer, have to conduct a market pre- feasibility study which would ensure a good potential investment and rate of return.

Objective As designer and developer a blue print of the project needs to be designed. In particular following needs to be delivered: A pre-feasibility economic study to be included in the design brief. A building program outlining no. of housing units, size of units (one-bed, two-bed, three- bed, etc. and square footage) and all other amenities to be provided. Include also green/ sustainable features, which you would incorporate in your design. Key emphasis will be placed on the functional spaces and green effect of the project.

This will include community hall, meeting rooms, gym, swimming pool, shops, a daycare center, ymnasium, common open outdoor spaces and an outdoor walking/running track, all of which would reduce the need to spend transportation energy on a daily basis. The nature of this assignment required conducting surveys with the professional construction companies and developers. For this purpose I short listed 3 of the prestigious organizations currently engaged in similar projects. These included; 1. pak Gulf (PVt) Ltd. 2. Chaudhry Enterprises Real Estate and Developers 3. A1-Ghurar . ak Gulf (PVt) Ltd. Chaudhry Enterprises Real Estate and Developers F-7 Jinnah super Ibrahim Javed ( concern person) A1-Ghurar . Short questioners were designed which included the following The market price of land per yard in the vicinity Cost of construction for 1 5 stories Labour cost and availability Dual access to the location from Islamabad and Rawalpindi Social cultural aspect of target market Travel time Market growth Investor interest Assumption used: The blue prints to the project design are based on few fundamental assumptions. These include the following; 1 .

The approval for the construction / NOCS will be issued without any technical or financial delays 2. The material is easily available at a competitive pricing 3. Buys and nvestors are readily available 4. There is a constant demand in the market for apartment complexes Section – 2 Project Concept & Design Project Concept and Objectives A Multi-storey apartment complex needs to be designed keeping in mind that family space needs vary according to family needs and other requirements, the development of this housing complex should have a mix of size of apartments.

It is up to the designer to include units of varying combinations such as I-bedroom, 2- bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, etc. Also incorporate within the design community spaces offering various activities such as a community hall, meeting rooms, gym, wimming pool, shops, daycare center, common open outdoor spaces and an outdoor walking/running track. 2. 2 Components and Facilities at the Apartments The Apartments will comprise of following 8 main divisions; 1 . Deceleration Lane 2. Parking space 3. Outdoor landscaping 4. Security complex 5. Community halls 6. Recreational areas- Indoor and out door 7.

Shopping arcade 8. Apartment complex building Each division is addressed in detail in the following sections. The complex is planned as a mixture of different size apartments. This includes 1- bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedrooms, and 4-bedrooms apartments. The apartment acility is proposed to encompass the following units with the following bed allocation: sr. NO. Facility Qty Deceleration lane- as per by-laws of CDA 2. Parking space- Minimum of 2 for each residential unit 3. Outdoor landscaping 4. Security complex 2 5. Recreational unit 5. 1. Gym 5. 2. Swimming pool 5. 3. kids play area 5. 4.

Common open outdoor space 5. 5 walking / running tracks 6. Community halls / Meeting halls 7. 1. Shopping arcade 5 7. 2. Beauty salon 8. Multi size apartments 45 2. 3 By Laws applicable on the site: The construction site fall in the Jurisdiction of the CDA and therefore the by-laws of CDA will be applicable on this site. Some of the salient feature included in the said by-laws is stated as under ZONING AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS: -Building setbacks: Front 60′, Rear 40′, Sides 30′ -Max. site coverage = 40% -Max. no. of floors = 15 -Max building height = 190′-0″ from road level at entry/exit point whichever is higher.

A 4′-0″ parapet is permitted above the 190′-0″ height limitation. -Max. mumty area/ height = 4,000 sf/9′-0″ -Max. plinth height = 5′-0″ -Rainwater retention area on site of 20% of site area to a depth of 5′-0″. -Max. 3′ projection in setbacks permitted above openings windows, doors, etc. and/or for building aesthetics only). -Basements permitted for parking and services only DRIVEWAY AND PARKING REQUIREMENTS: A deceleration lane off Park Road to be incorporated prior to entry to site. -Ingress and egress driveways to be minimum of 20′-0′ for one-way traffic and 30′-0″ for two-way traffic. 9’x17′ right-angled parking space with 23′ perpendicular back up space. -5’x 17′ landscaping island after every 10 parking spaces max. in open areas. -Min of 2 parking spaces per residential unit. -Parking for commercial/amenity areas based upon occupant load. 5% of parking spaces to be 12’x 17′ accessible spaces for the physically challenged with a 5’x 17′ wheelchair loading area. One loading area may be shared by 2 accessible car spaces. -Van spaces of 10′ x 19′ as required for services. -Visitor parking: 10% of total no. of residential units parking spaces. -Vehicle circulation to be in forward motion only. Motorcycle spaces, 2 per each dwelling unit plus 50% additional motorcycle spaces for visitors and other amenities. -No stacked parking permitted for vehicles and motorcycles. -A 20′-0″ wide fire truck access lane with a minimum inside turning radius of 30′-0″. Fire truck movement to be in forward motion only or a cul-de-sac turnaround radius of minimum 30′-0. ” The fire truck access lane to be not more than 100′-0″ from the apartment complex perimeter wall. -Landscaped area of minimum 15% of the site area. -Landscaping setbacks: Front 30′-0″, Sides 15-0″, Rear 20′-0″ (driveways excepted). No parking permitted in landscaping setbacks 2. 4 Number of apartment complex: Based on my survey and discussion with the interviewed parties, I propose the following plan. This plan caters the needs of the project as are stated in the objectives. Description One Bedroom apartment (12th, 13th and 14th Floor) 15 Two Bedroom apartment (8th, 9th, 10th floor) 12 Three Bedroom apartment (7th , 6th and7th floor) 9 Four Bedroom apartment (3rd, 4th and 5th floor) Total The first two floors will accommodate for the meeting halls and recreational activities such as Gym and common outdoor area. . 5 Target Market The target market for these apartments is for upper and middle class. Initially we intended to cater both the middle and upper class but after meeting with the companies in this field, such as Pak Gulf, I have resolute to go with middle class ostly, people who are looking to upgrade their status from middle case to upper The one bed room (pent house / studio style) will provide for the need of working couples and also for international students. Where as the 2, 3 and 4 bed room will be located in the middle of the complex and will provide for families.

All the apartments will be designed with an independent look and feel to enhance their privacy and provide a posh feeling. Why Come Here From Urban Areas ? These apartments will be luxurious apartments like those in urban areas but here , cost of living is different, it’s lower than those . People will have to pay lesser amount for the same facilities , The cost of the land here is 20-27 Lac/kenal whereas it’s 80 Lac/kenal in urban areas . They would be able to get luxurious apartments by paying Just one crore as compare t03. crores price of apartments in silver oak. Here the Travelling time is Shorter , As if we consider Zero point or Convention centre as hub, the traveling time is about 20 minutes , Airport is at the traveling distance of about 15 minutes , would be able to get to Islamabad or Rawalpindi within 30 minutes. Educational institutes are nearby , as CllT and schools are Just opposite to the site , Beacon in Banigala etc. lt’s a facility for the students over here and for the overseas students as well who will accommodate in these apartments .

Will provide a security systems. Section – 3 Project Financial Profile This basically is the process of developing a financial model for the proposed apartment complex. The financial assessment incorporate various options which are under consideration viz-a-viz the ownership, management & governance and operating structure of the proposed project (see Operational Model Assumptions below). Key variables that are needed to be presented in the model provide links etween capital expenditure, debt, and Complex operating expenses.

Moreover, the model will also highlight the impact of expected demographic trends and market forces on the financial viability and sustainability of the project. The financial assessment is done in three stages which include (i) Development of Project Capital Cost Model; Determining the project’s Operational, Managerial, Maintenance Costs and integrating the financial model to include all cost aspects; and (iii) Determining the financial sustainability of the project based on various Operational Models. These costs are one off costs that have to be incurred to make the project perational.

The estimated project cost is PKR 239,800,000. This includes the cost of Land, Building, Civil & Electrical Works, Project consultancy fee and Other Miscellaneous cost. Land Cost has been estimated on the basis of average market price of land per acre which can be evaluated through consultation with the local real estate agents. An average estimate land based on the 3 interviewed companies is estimated to be Rs 20-27 Lac per Kennel. This translates into Rs 95 million. The Building & Civil Works comprises of cost to be incurred for developing the main infrastructure of each facility. Item cost PKR A.

Land Scraping and deceleration lane B. Building and Civil Works c. Elevators D. Civil Work, Electrical Works and Communication System Fire Sighting System Generators G. Tube well Waste Water Treatment Plant Management Fees and Other Pre Operating Expenses including booking 5,000,000 Interest During Construction (Optional) TOTAL PROJECT COST *The above figures are based on initial survey with the shortlisted companies and purely estimate and approximation based on Consumer Price Index of 2010. These fgures should be broken down over the life of the project and be subject to inflation s well for accurate results.

Operating Cost Operating costs are the routine costs required to keep the facility operational at pre- defined standards. These costs can be divided into direct operational costs and indirect operational costs or overheads. Direct Cost Direct Costs are those costs which are directly attributable to operations of the facility. Salaries & Wages cover the salaries of staff such as architect and builders and Thakadar (Construction Company) directly engaged in providing the construction. Daily salaries include a base salary as well as the consultancy fee harged based on the number of visits.

Other Direct Costs Other direct cost for the project includes the repair and maintenance costs of plant and equipment such as water treatment plant etc, in order to maintain operational efficiency and provide green effect. These costs will be low in the initial years as new plant will require less maintenance and will increase in accordance to the useful life. Indirect Cost These costs include all other costs that are not directly attributable to the complex operations. Such costs are normally fixed in nature and include security and marketing.

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