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Healthcare is facing problems with the information that is being entered into their management information system. The incorrectly entered or missed information is causing problems with the reports that the management of the company prints for purposes of audits, funding and other management decisions. To improve this situation executives decide to improve the situation by inviting employees to a retreat, by doing this the executives feel that the staff of Interest Healthcare will be receptive to the request for information to be entered correctly.

Results of presenting the information in the way that the executive staff did, tension has risen and the staff is still entering patient information incorrectly or missing key data for reports. 1) What are the potential sources of the problems? Interest Healthcare is facing three major problems with information that is being entered into the firm’s management information systems. The first problem that Interest is facing is that the hospital staff is not being careful when entering data into the firm’s management operating system.

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Secondly, when addressing the issue f employees entering the information incorrectly the hospital administration comes off harsh and accusatory. By doing this it places the employees in a defensive situation, because it comes off that the administration cares more about the numbers instead of the patient care. And the final issue is that by being seen as accusatory, morale has been reduced. To improve this the administration staff should implement a rewards system to boast moral and offer incentives to increase correct data entry numbers. )What information would you want to analyze? To bring the Interest Healthcare staff data entry standards up to what is needed to roved the correct information on the management reports, an analysis focusing on three main areas would provide the information needed to correct the inaccuracies on the report. First, looking into the issue of why the hospital staff is not being careful when entering information into the management information system.

By reviewing tans International ten national would De addle to leant TTY IT ten star Is Dealing inconsistent due to time pressures, needing more staff or lack of accuracy when entering information into the system. Secondly, finding ways to motivate employees to enter information correctly. This can come from incentives or more training from lack of understanding the system. Finally, looking into seeing if the issue is from a top-down approach in the organization. The problem might be coming from the top of the organization because of budget cuts, lack of employees or not having to implementing the correct training. ) What actions might you recommend to increase the accuracy of the data entry? To increase the accuracy of data entry with the staff of Interest Healthcare, would be to find inventive ways to show the employees that they need to stop looking out for their own self-interest but the interest of the company as a whole. The first step to doing this would be to create an effective retraining program that would allow long term employees a chance to increase their data entry skills and new employees a chance to improve on learning the operations system.

This training should be taught to management and front end employees, this way employees don’t build up resistance to any changes that need to be implemented. After training, put a rewards system into place. Small incentives can create a better working environment and this will allow employees to know that their hard work is being appreciated. ) How does your view of behavior affect how you might address this consulting assignment? Human behavior has a large effect on how to make changes within an organization.

Humans are generally resistance to change of any kind and to make sure that the changes such as making sure that the patient information is being entered into the management operations systems correctly can create resistance. When having an issue such as having to improve productivity, communication is a key to making sure that the message is being relayed correctly. When Sings accused the hospital staff of not understanding the importance of accurate reporting (Brinkley, Smith & Zimmerman, 2009, p. 8) a hostile environment was created, which put the hospital staff on the defensive because the message was relayed in the incorrect manner. By creating this resistance, the staff dismisses what the executives were trying to inform them of because they felt attacked by the way the executives handled the delivery of the information. Citations Brinkley, J. , Smith, C. , & Zimmerman, J. (2009). Managerial economics and organizational architecture. (5 De. ). New York, New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies.

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