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Our So Called High School Life By: Mekai Veterans say that the most exciting and happiest moments on a student’s life happen in high school. Honestly speaking, I don’t believe in this before. Ask me why? Easy, just because I can’t feel it! I thought, when I first had the knowledge about it, everything was absurd or let’s just say it’s true to “some” but not to “all. But lately, when I tried to reminisce my past years as a student, starting from kindergarten when I keep praying for fevers just so I can’t attend school, up to elementary when I’m still a “girl-in-pig-tails” and until now that I am already in my last year in high school, I’m quite convinced that the veterans are always right. I know some of you can already prove it but others may still ask: “Why do they find high school life exciting? Well, let’s start when we first step into high school and that was in first year when everything’s like a new world. A world where you no longer be treated as a child unlike in the lower years which makes us really sick and very tiring. It is the time when you take off your ribbons and put on your ties. It is a world of happy teenagers doing things on their own and learning to be independent. At this point in time, you’ll experience a lot of physical changes when girls-in-pig-tails turn into ladies and boys-in-dirty-knees turn into gentlemen.

This is just the beginning. However, high school life is not always fun. Remember that our parents sent us to school to study and not just to mingle with people. We cannot avoid problems related to school like having no assignments and passing late projects (yeah, right! ), brain-crashing and mind-sizzling examinations (oh, dear…), low and even failing grades (disgusting! ) child-sent-to-office and parents-called stuff (uh-oh! ) and a lot more!

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The bad thing is, some of us continue to experience the same problems each year. On a positive note, these problems add spice to our lives as high school students. We learn a lot from it as it is a part of our growing process. Those episodes help us prepare ourselves for a bigger world that is waiting for us out there – COLLEGE. But for now, while we’re still in this exciting phase in our lives, let us live it, enjoy it, and learn from it!

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